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10 Camping essentials

10 Camping essentials

Photo by Laura Pluth on Unsplash

What makes the essentials for camping? While some travelers want maximum comfort during camping, others are satisfied with basic things like tents and sleeping bags. If you are planning to camp soon, it would be useful to know what things may be important to you during your stay in nature.

We already know that a tent and a sleeping bag are a must, and if you are tired of reading the usual and boring suggestions, here are 10 camping essentials that will improve your quality of camping activities whether you are camping on the mountain, or the beach.

Water bottle and filter.

You can survive without your favorite pillow, but you definitely can't do without water. It may sound obvious, but a water bottle is the first and most basic thing you need to take with you camping. Getting dehydrated in the wilderness can be life-threatening, so make sure to bring at least one water bottle.

Also, sometimes we have access to water that may not be good to drink. In that case, take the bottle with you, as well as a water filter to clean potential bacteria or any chemicals in the water.

Coffee and tea-making gadgets.

You don't have to give up your morning routine of drinking coffee or tea just because you're camping. There are amazing coffee-making gadgets for the outdoors at affordable prices you can get. In addition to travel mugs and portable coffee makers, the Duo Pot is one of the best gadgets to enjoy coffee or tea during camping.

Featuring an award-winning design, the Duo Pot provides a dripless spout and glazed interior for easy cleaning. Just drop the filter into the pot wait for tea leaves to fully expand. Then, flip the filter and set it atop the pot and you will get a 250-micron, paperless mesh filter for pour-over coffee. This amazing product can be yours if you order now BREO BOX – the coolest subscription box.



Pillows and blankets.

A tent is usually the first thing we pack for camping. Still, the tent serves to protect you from rain, wind, or maybe wild animals, but in itself is not comfortable for sleeping. Therefore, be sure to bring sleeping bags, blankets, or pillows for the trip. Having a pillow or favorite blanket while camping will make you feel cozy and comfortable – like at home.

Fire gadgets.

It is very important to bring something like a lighter or match to camp so that you can light a fire. However, in some conditions, it is impossible to light a fire when it is raining or there is strong wind is blowing. Still, there is one potentially life-saving item to help you – water/wind proof matches! You can order such resistant matches online and you can go camping without worries!

Also, if you are planning a barbecue around the fire, a gadget like the LED GrillLights Grill Set will be sure to give you the best view of your meat. The LED lights are built into the handles of the GrillLight LED Grill set and are also waterproof. Get it in our fall subscription box!

Hot chocolate and marshmallows.

Roasting marshmallows over a campfire is a must! Just light a fire, grab a marshmallow, put it on a stick, and it’s ready to roast. Whether you are on a romantic camping trip with a loved one or sitting by the fire with friends, this delicious treat will make your evening perfect.

Hot chocolate is also very easy to bring, as it usually comes in small packets. Your favorite cup and hot chocolate will keep you warm, especially if you camp during the winter.

Survival bracelet.

One of the coolest gadgets that can save your life or help in many situations is a survival bracelet. There are many survival bracelets on the market that are usually universal in size and very affordable.

Most often, this type of bracelet contains a fire starter, mini knife, an emergency whistle, reliable compass, needle, thread, LED light, and more. Wear this multi-tool around your wrist, making it easily accessible and it won't take up space in your backpack!

Solar charger.

In the past, people used to carry walkie-talkies or phones for camping, but nowadays they carry smartphones, tablets, Bluetooth speakers, mp3, laptops, or anything that can be charged. Because of the modern way of camping, we often need power banks, but they need to be recharged, too.

This is why you must get a solar charger. Solar chargers will charge your devices efficiently, and they will charge themselves in the sun. Usually, about an hour of charging in the sun is enough for about 10 minutes of talking on the phone.

First aid kit.

Surely you have first aid in your house or car, so why not have it during camping? First aid is essential everywhere. Simply, even if you go to the safest place, there is always a chance that you will get injured. Also, you will not only need first aid for life-threatening injuries, but also minor scratches and cuts.

If you don’t have a first aid kit at the moment, you can make your aid kit. Just use a small waterproof bag and pack bandages, antiseptic, scissors, gauze, soap, wipes, basic hygiene, hand sanitizers, pain relievers, and more.

Photo by Mat Napo on Unsplash

Sunscreen and bug protection.

Whether you are camping in summer or winter, you always need protection from strong UV lights. Just as you protect your skin from the sun, you must also protect it from insects. Make sure to bring a bug spray to avoid mosquitos and other insects. But if you’re not a fan of bug sprays or creams, you can get a portable scent-free insect repellent and protect yourself.

Toilet paper.

If your camping backpack has space for a speaker, a book, or some completely unnecessary things, then make sure there is some space for one toilet paper. Toilet paper, wipes, and hand sanitizer can help to make you feel clean while camping. Although many claim that they do not need it, there are still more who think that toilet paper is essential for camping.

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