10 really cool wedding gift ideas

10 really cool wedding gift ideas

You are invited to a wedding and thinking about what to give to the newlyweds who can afford everything? If you do not want to buy ordinary gifts, we’ll show you amazing and extraordinary wedding gift ideas you can choose to delight newlyweds and stand out from the crowd! 

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1. Honeymoon notebook

A wedding is a special event for both newlyweds and their closest persons. It is time when they share special moments and want to remember them forever. This is why people take many photos and videos on the wedding day. But without a written word, the photograph is nothing. Help the newlyweds to memorize and keep their special moments forever with a specially designed Honeymoon notebook. The honeymoon notebook is similar to a photo album, but with empty pages for leaving sweet notes and messages. Newlyweds can write and put pictures about the wedding day, honeymoon traveling, special moments and keep that forever.

2. Virtual reality headset 

Thinking about wedding gifts, what can be the best gift for the groom or bride who likes gadgets? Oculus Go Standalone virtual reality headset can be the best gift for newlyweds obsessed with the latest technology trends. While on honeymoon, they can take a break and relax with this virtual reality headset that provides more than 1,000 3-D virtual reality games and experiences. This can be also the best gift for husband, or anyone obsessed with video games. 

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3. Coffee maker

If the newlyweds are coffee lovers, then an excellent coffee maker can be the best gift for them! With a good coffee maker, they can brew their coffee and enjoy a premium coffee taste every day of their new life. The coffee maker can be the best gift for wife obsessed with fancy coffee blends. And you can find it in our lifestyle subscription boxes.

4. Tandem bike

This is our favorite when it comes to the best wedding gift ideas. Tandem bike is among the most unique gifts you can buy to delight newlyweds. If the couple is a fan of cycling get them a tandem bike and let them enjoy exercising and fun together! They will learn to ride in sync, as tandem bike requires both riders to hone their communication skills and trust each other. This will also be a great activity for newlyweds on their honeymoon. 

Photo by Adolfo Félix on Unsplash

5. Click & Grow a smart garden

Newlyweds will appreciate Click & Grow smart garden more than any other regular kitchen gadgets and appliances gifts! If the couple lives in the city who and love gardening, but have a small apartment and doesn't have enough space to grow their food, click & grow a smart garden is the best gift for them! Smart gardens are the future of gardening as they are self-watering and self-caring. They are one of the best gadgets when it comes to gardening. Newlyweds can grow their food. They were an exclusive part of our subscription box.

6. Personalized Star Map

Personalized gifts are the best gifts for newlyweds. They are much meaningful than regular gifts and show the couple how much they mean to you. A personalized star map is an astrology star map that reflects the universe's placement on the couple's first date, wedding day, or a special event during their relationship and locations. All special moments written in the stars! Newlyweds will be delighted! Looking for more personalized gifts? Check our personalized gift box ideas.

7. Subscription box

The subscription box can be a brilliant present idea for newlyweds who have everything. Besides, you’ll stand out from the crowd. The chances are very low that one of the guests took a gift like you. The surprise is the main characteristic of many subscription boxes. People are addicted to surprises and excitement when they see both personalized gift boxes and mystery boxes. Besides, we all adore unboxing, and you can see millions of videos on YouTube about unboxing stuff and reviewing products. Subscription gift services can suit any budget and offer the recipient something to look forward to all year long. Newlyweds will receive gifts every three months which makes this gift more exciting! 

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8. Couples spa day

Newlyweds are often exhausted after wedding preparations and the wedding day. Get them a relaxing experience before the honeymoon – a spa day. They can enjoy spa treatments for couples and massages that are romantic and intimate but also relaxing. Depending on the spa you choose, they’ll be able to enjoy soothing music, aromatherapy and candle lighting, saunas, pools and others.  

9. Airbnb gift card

The best gift for newlyweds who have everything can be an Airbnb gift card. Honeymoon is the most exciting part of the wedding day. They can use Airbnb gift cards on honeymoon or any trip and any place in the world! An Airbnb gift card can cover the expenses of their trip and it’s very practical as the couple can choose their dream accommodation. Besides, these gift cards don’t expire, so the newlyweds can use it for their anniversary, too. 

10. Lux bottle of their favorite drink

Lux bottle of newlywed’s favorite drink or some rare liquor bottle is always a great wedding gift. It’s both a classic and modern type of wedding gift, and the couple can keep that bottle or use it during their honeymoon or first anniversary. You can buy a good whiskey, scotch or good wine with tags on the bottle telling them what a milestone to drink it for (anniversary, first baby, new apartment, etc.). A bottle of good wine has always been one of the best anniversary gifts. Especially if it’s about limited edition and very old wine collection. Even if that person isn’t much of a drinker, he/she will appreciate receiving a bottle of vintage champagne that’s appropriate to open on a special occasion. 

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