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10 Thanksgiving Day gift ideas your host will love

10 Thanksgiving Day gift ideas your host will love

You're invited to a Thanksgiving party a few months ago, but you are still looking for the best gift for your host? It’s high time to find out since Thanksgiving Day is almost here. And this year, it’ll be celebrated on Thursday, November 28, which means you have less than 2 weeks to prepare the gifts. Your gift to a Thanksgiving party host should express love and admiration, but also something meaningful and special. Bring a smile to the faces of people whom you owe big thanks to this 2019! Take a look at our 10 Thanksgiving Day gifts ideas your host will love! Choose the best gift idea and stand out from the crowd this year.

Photo by Simon Maage on Unsplash

1. Thanksgiving homemade chocolates and sweets 

Some ordinary Thanksgiving gifts are always welcomed. One of the most popular Thanksgiving gifts is homemade chocolates and sweets. Even if you’re not so familiar with making chocolates, there are many simple and easy recipes you can try. And to spice things up, put them in a pretty dish or some fancy package. But if you don’t have enough time, you can find homemade chocolates in local stores. Available in sweet shapes, sizes, and different flavors, they can be the best gift for Thanksgiving host. 

2. "The Art of the Cheese Plate" Book

"The Art of the Cheese Plate" Book is the best gift for any Thanksgiving host or the best gift for a wife who adores cheese. A book offers clear directions and expert tips for perfect cheese plates and creative condiments. It’s full of recipes and creative serving ideas you can use this Thanksgiving to impress your guests. Besides, recipes are quick and simple, so you don’t have to be a professional to try them all. Although there are many recipes and serving tricks, you’ll get the chance to know more about Bûcheron with Tandoori Cashews, L’Amuse Gouda Signature with Coffee-Hazelnut Crisps, Marcelli Formaggi Ricotta Pepperoncini with Basil and Preserved Lemon Pesto, and others.

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3. Pumpkin Pie Goat Milk Soap

Although it looks yummy, it’s not a real slice of pumpkin pie! Pumpkin pie goat milk soap is a handmade and unique product, made with goat’s milk that looks adorable. It can be the best gift idea for Thanksgiving hostess, but also the best gift for women for every occasion. Goat milk is hypoallergenic and has many benefits for your skin. This soap is made of pumpkin puree, goat milk, almond oil, cinnamon essential oils, olive oil, coconut oil, and lye, so it smells wonderful! And it’ll look amazing standing next to the sink. The guests will be delighted. 

4. Thanksgiving flower baskets

Flowers have always been one of the best Thanksgiving gift ideas. But don’t just buy some random flowers. Use some imagination and creativity and make a Thanksgiving flower basket. Choose the flowers that reflect the colors of the fall. Take cornucopia flowers, seasonal burnt orange, fiery red, yellow and green blooms, lilies, red chrysanthemums, marigolds, and others to create a beautiful basket. Combine them with a simple bronze basket and it will be not only a Thanksgiving gift but the best gift for a colleague or your neighbor.

Photo by Carrie Beth Williams on Unsplash

5. Thanksgiving wine label

A bottle of good champagne, wine or whiskey is always among the best Thanksgiving Day gift ideas your host will love. But, try to turn it into something a little more festive! Order some nice Thanksgiving wine label and delight your host! Choose some sweet message and consider giving 2 bottles. One can be set aside for the hosts to enjoy later during dinner, and one can be kept as a gift. You can also engrave the hostname and the year to make it more personal. If you’re interested in more meaningful gift ideas, check our lifestyle gift boxes. 

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6. Tea Portable Infuser Bottle

Tea is our favorite hot beverage during cold fall days. Breo’s fall subscription box brings something amazing for tea lovers! You don’t have to drink tea only at home or in a cafe. With Sous Shop Portable Infuser Bottle you can drink your favorite tea wherever you go. This infuser bottle is made with borosilicate glass and stainless steel with a sleeve made with PU leather. You can carry up to 400ml of tea which is quite enough to stay hydrated at work.

The bottle also comes with a tea filter! Just open the bottom cap, add your favorite tea to the filter, and return the bottom cap before you put hot water on the top opening. But that’s not all! Choose this subscription box and you’ll get high-quality tea to taste. We got a tea tasting pack, which includes three packs of teas, along with a pamphlet that tells you how to make the perfect cup of tea. The tea packs we got are Roasted Almond which is a caffeine-free fruit tea, Nepal Mystic which is a premium black tea, and Ginger Grapefruit which is a flavored green tea. This can be also a great gift for Thanksgiving host who adores drinking tea.

7. "Give Thanks" Personalized Cutting Board

Another great Thanksgiving gift idea is a personalized cutting board with a message of gratitude. Not just a unique gift, but also something very useful for your Thanksgiving host. This cutting board is custom engraved and represents a memorable gift for any family and host on Thanksgiving. This will last many years as a functional kitchen tool and it’s also the best Christmas gift, wedding gift, anniversary gift idea or for any other occasion.

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8. Smart garden

If you’re not a fan of ordinary and plain Thanksgiving gifts, and flowers seem too old-fashioned, choose Smart garden! This is a modern way of gardening, and your host can grow their own vegetables and herbs despite living in a small apartment! Click & Grow Smart gardens are self-caring and make sure your plants get the optimal configuration of water, oxygen, and nutrients, while special LED grows lights provide them with the energy they need to thrive. No pesticides, plant hormones, or any other harmful substances! And also, no green thumb needed!! Choose from over 50 pre-seeded plant pods for your host and delight them. The best gadgets, such as a smart garden, can often be found in our subscription boxes.

9. "Spread Joy" Stamped Cheese Spreader

"Spread Joy" Stamped Cheese Spreader is both the sweetest and most useful Thanksgiving gifts you can choose. Find some nice quality cheese and pair it with this holiday cheese spreader. This is a unique hand-stamped, vintage and silver-plated spreader with a message “Spread Joy”. Definitely a perfect gift idea for Thanksgiving party host!

10. Apple Cinnamon Hand-poured Soy Candle

Cinnamon tea and scented candles that smell like apple remind us of the fall. Candles are always great gifts, but seasonal ones, such as Apple Cinnamon Hand-poured Soy Candle, could be a great gift for this holiday. This handmade, apple & cinnamon scented candle is made of premium 100% soy wax, all-natural wicks (no lead) and no artificial dyes or colorants. Besides, you can add unique calligraphy candle labels to personalize your candle for the host!

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