7 of the best herbs and vegetables to grow indoors

7 of the best herbs and vegetables to grow indoors

Living far from rural gardens, we are forced to buy fresh groceries mostly at markets or local stores. Still, we’re not completely sure that we buy pesticide-free vegetables and herbs. This is why people want to grow their own plants indoors.

Growing herbs is not the same as growing houseplants. Herbs are mostly outdoor plants, but that doesn’t mean you can’t grow some indoors successfully. With super unique product - Smart Garden – you can plant your favorite herbs easily! Smart gardens are self-watering, self-luminous and a perfect gift idea for gardening beginners. If you want to play safe, there are herbs you can’t go wrong with.

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Let’s take a look at 7 of the best herbs to grow indoors and eat your own healthy food.

1. Basil

Basil is one of the most common herbs we buy in grocery stores. But have you heard that basil is one of the superfast indoors growing herbs? It takes only 8 DAYS to start emerging from the soil! Basil likes the sun and warmth, so make sure to put it in a warm and sunny spot, ideally near a south-facing window. When it comes to watering, give basil water when the soil is dry to the touch. To start using basil, pick leaves from the top of the plant because it keeps it growing closer to the base, preventing it from flowering.

2. Oregano

A pizza without oregano on top? No way. Making delicious pizza for your family is easy, but growing oregano, too. Oregano can be often expensive, but you can easily grow it in your apartment. This herb likes the sun very much, so make sure to provide it with enough sunlight. Once you put oregano seeds in the soil, it will take 5 to 10 days to sprout, and only 2 weeks before it’s ready to be harvested. Make sure you don’t overwater oregano because it’s more potent when dried. One more tip – don’t add fertilizers in the soil because it grows better without it.


3. Cherry

Cherry tomatoes are one of the most delicious, but expensive vegetables. The price is not their only problem, the ones we buy in the supermarket don’t taste completely natural and delicious. But as they are easy to grow indoors, you should forget about all the problems. Cherry tomatoes grow in a bush formation and you need to get the big pot to put a soil.

Cherries like wet soil. Take that soil and put it in a pot while creating a hole in the soil. Make few holes and in every hole, insert 2 or 3 seeds, and then cover all the holes with soil. If you don’t like dirty hands, you can use some tweezers to insert the seeds. When you plant the seed, you can cover it with a plastic sheet to speed up the process of germination and water cherry every day. When the seeds have sprouted, give your plant lighter because cherry tomatoes require a lot of light.

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4. Scallions

Scallions are delicious and easy to grow indoors, too. If you like onions, but you know their planting needs a lot of space, you’ll be happy to find out that scallions require less room for growth. This is why you can easily grow them indoors. You can plant scallions from the seeds, or you can buy them and plant by putting in the soil and covering them with it up to the top of the white bulb. But before you plant scallions, make sure they still have the roots attached or you won’t be able to grow them. Scallions prefer full sun, ample soil moisture, and well-drained garden soil. In two or three weeks, green stems that should be ready to harvest will appear.

5. Rosemary

Rosemary is a famous herb that gives a distinctively beautiful scent to our dishes. And not only to dishes but to your whole kitchen. It’s great that you can grow it indoors, too. Rosemary needs plenty of the sun so make sure you keep it near the window. According to professional gardeners, it's best to start cuttings indoors 8 weeks before the first scheduled frost, and wait to transfer to garden soil until it reaches 70°F. But, even if rosemary requires regular watering, you should be careful as constant moisture causes rosemary roots to rot. Don’t overwater rosemary and make sure the soil drains well.


6. Mint

From refreshing drinks and cocktails to light summer salads and fresh dishes, mint use is really widespread today. Why spending money on buying mint when you can easily plant it in your home? Besides, you won’t have to wait long to make a mint iced tea or smoothie, because mint is among the fastest-growing herbs. If you decide to grow mint, keep it in its own pot or container because mint grows quickly. In only 4 weeks you will have so much that you will need to put it in a larger pot. In about 6 months your mint will be 2 feet fully grown herb. Planting mint successfully means you should provide it a big area to grow, full sun and moist soil.

7. Dill

Dill is another amazing and easy to grow indoors herb. Not just that it looks beautiful, but it has a beautiful mild fresh taste. You can put dill in every dish you want to taste fresh. This herb is also one of the fastest to grow indoors. Once you plant its seeds, it will need about 10 days before the little sprouts appear. After only 10-14 days, you can start harvesting and using dill. One tip – if you keep it near the window, make sure to protect the dill from strong winds and coldness.

Smart garden

Click & Grow technology builds smart gardens that provide modern and busy people with healthy and fresh plants. You can use them everywhere in your apartment and improve air quality and grow your food. Indoor gardens are made for every age and experience level because they are self-watering, self-luminous and don’t require green thumbs! You can become a gardener with just one click and the smart garden will take care of your plants automatically and make sure they have enough water, light, and nutrients.

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The NASA inspired Smart Soil is designed to provide your plants with the optimal configuration of water, oxygen, and other nutrients. The special LED grows lights provide enough energy to make plants thrive. This means, your food is healthy and without any pesticides, plant hormones and other harmful substances. 

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