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8 unique and uncommon, maybe even weird gift ideas

8 unique and uncommon, maybe even weird gift ideas

Are you looking for unique gift ideas for your alternative friends? Imagine getting your friend gift subscription boxes with some weird stuff that will blow their mind! 

Since we all like unique, custom made and special gifts, it’s not strange that we can find unusual and weird products on the market. For some products, you could not even imagine that they actually exist and people are buying them! Unusual and bizarre gifts are our latest trend, so don’t miss the chance to get some of 8 amazing gift ideas from our weird list below!  

weird gift

Teardrop Storm Glass - Weather Predictor

Thinking about what’s the weather like outside, but feeling lazy to go to the window and check? This interesting and creative product acts as a weather predictor. When the weather changes, the crystals in the bottle start to move. Crystals can predict sunny, cloudy, stormy, foggy and snowy changes. Besides, it looks mysterious and aesthetically beautiful in your room.

Teardrop Storm Glass - Weather Predictor

Kymera Magic Wand Remote Control

Looking for some best tech gifts for your friends? They never have enough gadgets! With Kymera Magic Wand Remote Control you can’t go wrong! You only need to flick and swish with a wand and control almost everything that can be remotely controlled: television, DVD players, and other electronics. Use some magic to change channels and impress your friends!

Magic Wand Remote Control


Are your friends fun of horror movies and books? If so, then a chattergrub is a perfect gift for them. You can fill out their room with this bizarre biological item and feel like a mad scientist! This little terrible creature in the jar is made of clay and looks very realistic and scary! But take care, don’t buy this weird gift to a friend who’s scared of horror movies. He’s going to have nightmares. 


Portable sauna

A portable sauna is among the best unique products for people who love spa, fitness and healthy life. Give your loved one a luxury moment with this steamy portable sauna. You can relax your body and mind at home, without going to the spa center. Besides, this special kind of sauna has open space for your hands so you can surf the internet or read a book outside the heat while relaxing. A product is available here.

portable sauna

Custom Voodoo Doll

There is always one period in a kid’s life when they are obsessed with magic, ghosts, and voodoo things. But voodoo dolls are something that adult weirdos like too. If you want to make a joke with your friends or even a boyfriend, think about getting a custom voodoo doll! You can find this extremely entertaining gift on this site and show your boyfriend who’s boss!

custom voodoo doll

How to Poo At Work

Have you ever imagined that a book like this exists? Well someone obviously thought of that. Many people are afraid to poo at work or at public toilets. How to poo at work is a hilarious and weird book that will delight all weirdos and help them to overcome this fear! The book discusses all possibly wrong situations when you have too poo at work. You’ll find out how to deal with these situations and how to get out of going if some of the colleagues follow you in!        

The ultimate guide to going to the toilet at work is really one of the best unique gift ideas! Check here if you want to surprise someone with this book!

how to poo at work

Circular Saw Pizza Cutter

If you’re looking for best gift for husband who adores cooking and is a real pizza making master, this circular saw pizza cutter is the right choice for him. People are often struggling with cutting pizza with a regular cutter which is not suitable for it and sharp enough. The Circular saw pizza cutter will make your man feel manlier when cutting a pizza.

circular pizza cutter

The Pet Cube Bites

Among many unique gadgets you can find today, you may have heard of the Original PetCube camera, but the PetCube Bites camera is something really fantastic! This is a new version of a pet camera, which allows you to launch treats at your pet just using a smartphone. So, when you’re away from home or at work, your dog won’t be lonely. Just run the app on your phone and throw your dog a treat to catch!

pet cube bites 

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