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9 Gifts for your health-obsessed friends

9 Gifts for your health-obsessed friends

Today, it's almost impossible to walk the streets without seeing at least a few billboards promoting wellness, fitness and a healthy lifestyle. You may even have friends who have bought some healthy products that are advertised on TV so they recommended you to try them.

Fast lifestyle and a stressful job have turned many people into health-obsessed persons. If you have a friend or a beloved person who is dedicated to a healthy lifestyle and you're wondering what to give him/her for a birthday or any special occasion, check out our list of 9 unique gift ideas for your health-obsessed friends!

1. Nutrition facts food scale is definitely among our favorite fitness gift ideas for health-obsessed people. But it doesn’t matter if your friends are professional athletes or people who want to take care of their health. This scale is among the best tech gifts you can buy for your friends. At an incredibly affordable price, you can improve and change the lives of your dear ones. Whether it's about kids or adults, eating healthy food is very important for our health.

This scale shows detailed nutritional information in order to help you prepare healthy meals, gain or lose weight or control portion size. You can weigh ingredients and calculate the nutritional information of any ingredient you want. It’s made of the sturdy, easy-to-clean tempered glass top and it works on AAA batteries. Unlike other scales, this one shows and tracks a daily percentage value, as it displays the calories, fats, carbs, sugars and more in 2,000 foods, adjusted to your portion size. No more wasting time searching for nutritional information of your food on the Internet. With Nutrition facts food scale, you can check everything easy and fast! You can find this scale in our Spring 2019 Edition box

2. A Nutribullet

This product is among the most popular ones when it comes to wellness, fitness and healthy lifestyle. A Nutribullet is more than just a blender since it breaks down food ingredients and extracts their maximum nutrition. It’s user-friendly and easy to clean. Starting from 600-watt motor power, this high-speed product makes perfect healthy meals and smoothies. It contains detachable built-in cups in which you can store meal and save it for later in your fridge. If you have a small kitchen and a little time for preparing meals, Nutribullet doesn’t take much space, but prepares your meals fast! Nutribullet nutrient extractors break down the cell walls of fibrous plant foods, releasing important vitamins and minerals, while reducing beneficial fiber, pulp and seeds.

3. Dynamax Medicine ball

You must have heard of many medicine balls, but you going to love this one. Dynamax medicine balls are old-school, non-bouncing training balls that are offering innumerable opportunities to add variety to workouts. What’s more amazing, balls are made in America using 70% post-consumer materials. They are available in various weights, from four pounds to 30 pounds, they are moisture and scuff resistant, so they’re not changing their shape after using. The difference between a regular medicine ball and dynamax medicine ball is that regular one has a heavy duty, vinyl coated nylon cover, while dynamax has a soft feel. Designed to create the most efficient flow of directed motion possible, Dynamax Medicine Ball is a perfect gift for all sports and healthy lifestyle fans.


Books are always among the best gifts you can give to your friends. And if your friends love to read, while also leading a healthy lifestyle, think about buying this amazing healthy book “Understanding healthy eating”. This book is very well explained and easy to read, and according to readers – simply the shortest way to understand how to approach healthy eating.

By reading this book, your friends will learn the basic concepts behind eating for health. They will get guidance on how to improve their current diet in a slow and sustainable way for better health effects. Very useful and interesting. One more tip: No need to go around and searching for it. You can find this book in our Spring 2019 Edition box.

5. A Fitbook

We all know there are millions of healthy lifestyle books and smartphone applications, but we’re often in doubt about which one to buy and use. Which is the best? Which will show effects on our bodies? The Fitbook has a 12-week layout where you can write down your daily workouts and eating habits! And while writing down important information (measurements, trackers for nutrients, vitamins, water, and sleep) this book will provide you with plenty of inspirational quotes along the way! Stay healthy and motivated every day!

6. A Veggie Spiralizer

You must have seen a bunch of commercials with kitchen appliances and tools that will supposedly help you lose weight or lead a healthy life. Some of them you surely tried out and they didn’t work. But, a veggie spiralizer is the ultimate kitchen tool for healthy lifestyle fans! This product can create beautiful shapes from potatoes and carrots or amazing zucchini noodles! You will no longer have to make interesting forms of vegetables for hours to convince your children to eat vegetables. Quickly, easily and easily, you will create healthy and nice meals. Have fun and eat healthily, why not?

7. A Kombucha Brewing Kit

Teas, juices, and smoothies are everyday MUST of all health-obsessed people. A Kombucha brewing kit allows people to make their own fermented tea at home. Besides the beautiful taste, this tea provides benefits to your health and body. The kit includes a 1-gallon brewing jar made of thick glass, Brew Notes to keep track of each brew's details, custom pH test strips and a temperature gauge to monitor progress, as well as a 16-page post-brewing guide with also organic sugar, an organic tea blend, and a Kombucha culture and liquid starter. It’s provided with many instructions and totally easy-peasy for beginner brewers. This kit could be a little pricey, but if got sick and exhausted, you can make your own tea instead of buying overpriced juices at grocery stores.

8. Adjustable Balance Stool

This is an active alternative seat, a perfect gift for all those who spend time at work sitting behind a computer. Sitting on a chair full-time at work leaves consequences on your body. The active cushion of the chair works as an active seat, which causes micro-movements to strengthen the core, improve posture and boost circulation. With adjustable hydraulic lift, this chair can adjust from 18" to 23" to fit most standing or standard size desks. So, you can basically use it in your workspace. The balance stool's stable 360-degree swivel base provides easy and free movements. If you also have a favorite colleague at work this could be a perfect corporate gift.

9. Triggerpoint Grid Foam Roller

One of the favorite gifts for all who suffered an injury or chronic pain issues, while also being recommended by a physical therapist is the trigger point grid foam roller. With a weight of only 2 pounds, this item is powerful enough to support 500 pounds! It can increase oxygen and blood flow in the patient while reducing muscle knots and tightness. You can also use GRID for self-massage, as it has a three-dimensional surface with a variety of widths to replicate the feeling of a massage therapist’s hands. Amazing product.

Images: breo box archive, Unsplash, Pixabay


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