9 surprisingly simple hacks to make your home smell irresistibly amazing!

9 surprisingly simple hacks to make your home smell irresistibly amazing!

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Coming back to a fresh house is always lovely! Whether you're coming back from work or vacation, or you've recently renovated your rooms, a house that smells fresh and clean is what you want to feel. Sometimes, you might feel that other people's homes smell more fragrant and more beautiful than yours, just like when you smell perfumes on other people's skin.
Most respondents to a recent poll by the Good Housekeeping Institute Cleaning Lab told they wanted their homes to smell clean and fresh for family and visitors, but some smelled better than others. If you also think that you are not doing something right, read carefully below for our 9 surprisingly simple hacks to make your home smell irresistibly amazing!

For instant results: open the window.

There is not much wisdom in the first tip, but success is guaranteed. Every time something smells, open the windows first, right? No air freshener can beat clean and fresh air. If you have leftover cooking scents or lingering odors from home remodeling jobs like painting, opening windows can help you get rid of the smell. Open windows on different sides of your house if you can get a cross breeze. Even when it's below zero outside, opening a window for a few minutes can help.

Clean the furnishings and surfaces that are dirtiest.

Sometimes the smell of other people, pets, and even food gets into the furniture around yours. Consider which pieces of furniture are most often exposed to guests. Some of the most common pieces you should clean and wash first are hardwood floors, carpets, pillows, bed linens, curtains, blankets, and more.

A neglected stain in carpets might result in mold or mildew. Professionals advise getting your carpets and upholstery steam cleaned by a professional once a year. Mattresses and pet beds should be also cleaned regularly. If you have some materials that are difficult to clean, consult the cleaning service.

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Get rid of moisture.

If you clean everything regularly, and you still feel an unpleasant smell in the house, check all corners, mold may have appeared. Moisture is the number one cause of household odors. To check, use a dehumidifier, test the humidity in each room using a hygrometer, and see if any have levels higher than 60%. On the other side, if you’re already struggling with moisture avoid wall-to-wall carpeting or rugs (which can trap moisture), especially in areas like the kitchen and bathroom.
Think about storing moisture-absorbing items in smaller, wet spaces like restrooms and closets. Make sure the laundry is completely dry before stacking it in the cupboards. Rinse bath sponges and dishes after use. Check your windows to see if they are often damp due to the temperature difference. These small things can help you get rid of moisture and mold.

Did you throw out the garbage?

Most often, unpleasant odors come from garbage cans. Logically, everything you throw away usually has some smell, and some foods that have gone bad can make things even worse. However, garbage cans are a breeding ground for dirt and bacteria and must be washed regularly.

Also, check that the bin is not damaged, which is why the odors are spreading around. Check that the lid of the bin closes well and invest in a bin made of materials that do not absorb odors and liquids.

Refresh your trash cans.

There are surprisingly simple hacks to make your home smell irresistibly amazing and you can try some to refresh your trash can. First of all, try to wash the garbage can at least once a week. Then, you can buy scented garbage bags that will provide extra freshness.

In many stores, you can also find garbage fresheners with lemon and fresh scents that will neutralize bad smells from the bag. Also, sprinkle baking soda into the trash can as you replace the liner or add a thin coating of baking soda on top of the trash as it builds up to help it smell better.

Use fragrance diffuzers.

Diffusers visually beautify our space, and they also make it smell perfect, so it's no surprise that today they are the most popular way to add freshness to the home. Aroma diffusers are very different, but it is important to choose the most suitable diffuser for your space.

The Pura Smart Fragrance Diffuser combines smart functions with high-end, pure aromas to easily and beautifully scent your home. You can put it in any room in your home and adapt the fragrance's intensity to your environment. To obtain scent when you need it, set special timers and create custom routines that meet your lifestyle.

It has a nightlight, so you can establish dusk and dawn on the app, and you can also choose the color! When needed, you can set ambient lights and pick different scents for a relaxing time. Moreover, you may use two different scents in the diffuser if you get bored with one smell. All of Pura fragrances are made with natural components and are suitable for both children and animals.

Key features:

  • Formulated with clean, secure components
  • With typical use, fragrances can last up to 100 hours
  • Premium scents from well-known companies 
  • Smart features: adjust the intensity, use schedules and timers 

This smart diffuser may be found in the summer subscription box designed and distributed by BREO BOX. Breo subscription boxes include one-of-a-kind goods and the top technology gadgets for each season at a great price.

Invest in plants and flowers.

Plants are more than just nice to look at. Look for plants that have delicate aromas and place them close to areas that can have unpleasant odors. Some plants also have air filtration properties that can help freshen up your space. Besides, fresh flowers are the natural way to give your house a little fragrance. Instead of spraying perfume around the office, buy a small bouquet of roses or jasmine.

Candles are always a good option. 

Candles with scents have been used in rituals for millennia to promote relaxation and medical recovery. These days, we make use of them to set the mood, as decorative focal points, and for aromatherapy. Whichever fragrance you choose, make sure it is made from beeswax, vegetable, or soy wax, and it is advisable to avoid choosing any with metal-containing wicks.

However, if it is out of sight, it is not wise to leave the candle lit while you attend to other duties. In this case, choose the Pura Smart Fragrance Diffuser from the summer subscription box by BREO Box, and don’t worry!

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When in a hurry – use commercial air fresheners.

Let's be honest, sometimes we are in a hurry or we need the fastest solution to remove unpleasant odors in the house. In that case, do the proven thing: open the windows wide for a few minutes and spray commercial air freshener around.

Commercial air fresheners come in a variety of forms, including aerosol sprays, pump sprays, gels, candles, and plug-ins with essential oils like the Air Wick brand. Choose the scent of flowers and freshness instead of the scent of cake or cinnamon if it's summer to adjust the scent of your home to the season.

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