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9 ways to make your Instagram account impressive

9 ways to make your Instagram account impressive

Who would say that Instagram will become a profitable place to do business, not only posting and sharing pictures? Today, unlike other social media platforms, Instagram has the biggest influence on people. The latest statistics have shown that the brand is receiving about 60 times more interaction per follower on Instagram than they would on Facebook, and nearly 120 times more compared to Twitter! This is the reason brands and entrepreneurs consider Instagram as a serious content marketing and audience building tool. Instagram also helps ordinary people to become influencers, bloggers and social stars and earn money.

If you plan to grow your business on social media and improve your Instagram feed, you’ll need some professional tips. Of course, keeping your account public so that more people can see your content, and posting only high-quality images and videos will bring you more followers. But, instead of hiring pricey digital marketing managers and companies, use our tips for free, and increase the number of your followers!

Photo by Charles on Unsplash

1. Post only the best photos and videos

If you take a look at the influencers and celebrities you follow on Instagram, you’ll realize that they’re posting only high-quality photos and videos. Simply, nobody likes poor-quality photos, blurred pictures, bad compositions and capturing from weird angles. If you want to improve your Instagram feed, post only the best photos! For this, you’ll need a good smartphone camera, or even better professional camera and the best gadgets for shooting. Forget about taking pictures and videos with the front camera. The back cameras have more pixels, better quality, and cool photo editors. Honestly, if you want to take seriously awesome pictures, you need to invest money in your equipment. 

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2. Post multiple pictures at once

Remember being in doubt whether you should post one image, two or even more? There are also situations when we can’t choose the one to post because there are many beautiful pictures. Although it’s not recommended to post multiple pictures at once often, there are occasions and situations when this is a great option to increase the number of followers. For example, pictures from fashion week, traveling, showing your products from many angles, as well as other details. Multiple-image posts can contain up to 10 images, and users can swipe through them left-to-right. Besides, this is a way better option than spamming users with tons of the same topic related pictures on a day.

3. Create the best pictures and videos with drones

Although high-quality cameras are great for shooting, try to take capturing pictures and videos to a whole new level! When it’s about improving Instagram feed, pictures and videos are the most important. One way to enhance the Instagram feed is using drones for taking pictures and videos! There are millions of ordinary selfies and landscape pictures. People like to see interesting and outstanding pictures. Today, drones are affordable, and you don’t have to be a professional drone flyer to use it! With a drone camera, you can capture pictures from a great height and different angles. And you don’t have to hold a long selfie stick or ask someone to find the angle you want! For example, Coca Cola and Red Bull are using drones for digital marketing on Instagram! Use some Instagram drone hashtags to additionally increase the number of your followers!

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4. Pick the right time to post pictures and videos

Before you decide to post some pictures or videos on Instagram, think about choosing the right time. Yes, the time is money, but it doesn’t mean you should post one picture for a minute. According to experts, the best way to attract followers on Instagram is posting at optimal times, when you get more impressions. And how to know when is the right time to post? Check your Instagram insights and find out when the majority of your followers are online. Just click on the profile tab and then the bar chart icon to check this out. Wonder why the time is important on Instagram? For example, if your followers are most active in the morning, try posting interesting content early. And if your audience is more active during the night, avoid posting pictures during the day, because they won’t see them.

Photo by Georgia de Lotz on Unsplash

5. Be interactive

Just because you own the best quality camera so you can take and post great pictures, doesn’t mean you’ll increase the number of your followers. You need to be more interactive. First, think about posting pictures with interesting content based on what your audience likes. Also, your audience will visit your profile more if you engage them in your posts, answer them in the comments, through direct messages or interact with them in a live stream. Make sure to reply to comments on your posts, tag people, places and allow the audience to ask you questions. You can also prepare some giveaways or post some pictures of your followers on the Instagram story to show appreciation. Also, pick one of our subscription boxes and unbox live to engage your audience.

6. Natural light is better than filter’s lights

Think about how many times you’ve heard this. Even if there are various filters, brightness and light editors, pictures taken during the day with natural light are always the best. This is because pictures taken with natural light have usually higher quality and a more detailed environment. Besides, those pictures will also look better when you apply Instagram filters! To improve your Instagram feed, take pictures and videos in the morning or at the end of the afternoon. And if for some reason you need to stay at home, you can take pictures near your window!

7. Choose a unique theme and filter for your profile

This is a really important tip for improving your Instagram feed. Imagine having a dark theme and dark filter pictures, and you’re trying to sell food products or recommend tropical destinations. You have to admit that’s so wrong. Think about your business and who your targeted audience is. Your theme should be your or your business’s visual personality. Depending on that, choose dark, light, grunge, boho, fancy, tropical, colorful, minimal and other themes. Instagram has also great filters to help you create your own and unique theme. For example, for dark themes use a dark filter pack, and for a vintage theme, use a fall filter pack. Besides, a theme is nothing without a filter. Just try to use the same filter on your photos, all the time. This way you’ll easily create your theme and visual identity. Posting high-quality pictures with the same filter will make your feed look unique and consistent. And for additional follower’s increase, choose unique products and the best gadgets for shooting.

8. Take editing pictures to the next level

Editing is a really powerful tool when it comes to improving your Instagram feed and getting more followers. But before you start to edit your pictures, make sure to always check their background. This is a really simple tip, but it can transform your feed faster than anything. Make sure to have clean backgrounds of your photos. Messy and colorful background can distract from your main subject. Unless you’re a travel blogger or influencer, make sure to have clear, white or similar backgrounds related to your theme. Photo editors can help you create amazing pictures. But applying proper composition techniques will make them more outstanding. Photocomposition is how you arrange the visual elements in a photo. For example, the rule of thirds represents a photo composition technique, when you can divide your pictures into thirds, both horizontally and vertically, and place your product where the lines intersect.

9. And finally, choose hashtags wisely!

Once you’re done with taking and editing pictures, you need to write an appropriate caption. But hashtags can help you to gain more followers because through them, the more people can actually see your post. Although you can use up to 30 hashtags in one photo, you need to use those relevant to your post. Make sure to include the really popular ones, but also choose some unique hashtags related to your profile. Moreover, you can also make your own hashtags or put a spin on a trending topic. The more hashtags you post, and the more hashtags are related to your pictures, the more audience you’ll get. 

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