Absolutely the best way to store coffee

Absolutely the best way to store coffee

Quality coffee beans are the most common grocery item in nearly every home in America, and most people store them in a dry, airtight container. As coffee represents an essential part of our ‘good morning start’ and a delicious way to pump up some energy, it’s highly important to know how to store its beans properly. Air, moisture, heat, and light can damage your coffee beans so they won’t stay fresh and tasty for a longer period.

You must have heard that some of your neighbors’ store coffee beans in the freezer, but that can easily go wrong if you’re not doing it properly. First, you have to meet your coffee beans enemies well. Then, depending on ground coffee/whole beans, you should choose the perfect storage location and coffee container. Even if it sounds difficult and boring, once you learn how to store coffee properly, you’ll see how long you will enjoy its delicious flavor and freshness. And you won’t have to throw away lots of moist coffee grains. We’ll show you absolutely the best ways to store coffee beans in your home and enjoy their maximum freshness and real flavor. Follow our simple tips and enjoy drinking your favorite coffee every day. Find your best way to store coffee, but don’t forget to check our spring subscription box pre-order and get the best gadgets to improve your mood on rainy mornings!

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Know your coffee enemies!

Before you learn how to store your coffee beans, you need to meet their enemies first! Their biggest enemies are air, moisture, heat, and light. These factors can easily affect your coffee and ruin it really fast. Why? First, coffee is hygroscopic, which means that it absorbs water from the air, but also absorbs odors and flavors from their environment. When coffee absorbs water, it displaces the essential oils in the coffee and accelerates aging. Second, fresh-roasted coffee expels a lot of CO2. It's a natural byproduct of the roasting process. So, if you want your coffee to stay fresh for a longer period, you have to allow CO2 to leave while preventing oxidation. Oxidation accelerates with more surface area so ground coffee will oxidize much faster than the whole bean. You should know that your coffee likes to be stored in a cool and dark place to stay fresh. In addition to freshness, make sure to buy only quality coffee beans. Quality organic coffee beans can be the best gift idea for your coffee-obsessed girlfriend.

The beans quality matters

To find absolutely the best way to store coffee in your home, it’s important to understand that storing ground coffee and whole beans is a different thing. For example, ground coffee goes stale more quickly than whole beans, due to its higher proportion of the surface area. If you use whole beans within a month of roasting and ground beans within two weeks of roasting. Besides, the quality of beans really matters when it comes to storing. The broken beans oxidizes rapidly. With whole quality beans, you’ll enjoy their freshness and beautiful aroma. 

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Choose the perfect coffee storage locations

When it comes to finding the best way to store coffee, you need to choose the perfect coffee storage location in your home. Most people keep it in their kitchen, which is absolutely understandable because the coffee is brewing there. But that doesn’t mean that your coffee beans will stay fresh and tasty.

Let's take a look at some hints that can help you find the perfect location for storing coffee. First, make sure to choose a cool, dark and dry place, such as pantry or cabinet. Avoid storing coffee in the fridge or freezer because of humidity. Also, avoid keeping coffee somewhere warm, such as next to the oven. Instead, choose a counter that is out of direct sunlight and away from any heat source. It’s good to keep it on the shelves. Coffee experts say that the best way to keep ground coffee or whole beans fresh is to store the coffee on a pantry shelf in an opaque airtight container away from light, heat, and moisture.

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Pick the right coffee container types

Once you have chosen the perfect location for storing your coffee, you need to pick the right coffee container type. While most coffee addicts say that the best way is to simply keep the coffee in its original package, there are other great ways to keep it fresh and aromatic. Did you know that roasters are starting to use bags that come with zip-top seals? Even the most quality bags can be affected within just a few weeks. Besides, once you open sealed bag, coffee starts to lose freshness quickly. This is why vacuum-sealed containers, are definitely one of the best ways to store beans. Although they’re not cheap (up to $45 per container) they are durable and will serve you for a really long time. Just add the coffee to the jar, press the lid down onto the coffee to force as much air out as possible and lock the lid. These containers come with a one-way valve to allow carbon dioxide to escape but to keep oxygen out. If it’s not on your budget, you can use an opaque glass, ceramic, or non-reactive metal container with an airtight seal. Just make sure to keep them in a dark place.

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Keep beans in air-tight container at room temperature

To enjoy longer the coffee beans beautiful aroma and freshness, you should keep them in an air-tight container at room temperature. Temperature such as heat and moisture is your beans’ worst enemy. To preserve your beans’ fresh roasted flavor as long as possible keep them at room temperature, not somewhere cold, not somewhere warm. For example, a cabinet near the oven is often too warm, and the fridge is too cold. For a short period, you can keep coffee in its original package, but it’s not a perfect location for long-term storage. Quality coffee beans and mugs can be the best gift idea you can pick for your loved one.

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Be careful with freezing beans

You may have heard that people often freeze their coffee beans. But that’s not a good idea. If you’re not consuming the whole package with coffee fast, it will lose its freshness and aroma. So if you buy lots of coffee, you should be careful with its storing. As coffee absorbs moisture and odors, keeping it in your fridge means you’ll not be able to enjoy its beautiful aroma. What’s more, your coffee beans can smell or taste like some of the food from the fridge. As freezing your beans won’t change the basic brewing process, it’s ok to freeze whole beans for up to a month, but no longer. If you still want to freeze a large amount of coffee, make sure to first divide it into smaller portions, then freeze the portions in airtight bags.

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Does roast date matter?

Wonder does roast date matter? The experts claim that when it’s about filter-brewed coffee, the closer to the roast date, the better. Just make sure to let your coffee rest for a day or two after its roasted. If you’re an espresso addict, you should know that most cafés let beans rest about five days for espresso drinks. Why? Shorter period of resting will let customers taste a little extra salt due to carbon dioxide released, or notice small bubbles bursting in their latte art. Experts recommend three to ten days from roast date for filter-brewing and French press.

Don’t overbuy

Less is more when it comes to storing coffee. This means that overbuying coffee can lead to faster losing of freshness almost immediately after roasting. Instead, make sure to buy smaller batches of fresh coffee beans more frequently. This way you will consume only fresh and aromatic coffee beans. Still, don’t forget to get an air-tight container and avoid coffee being exposed to oxygen. If you buy whole beans, grind the amount you need immediately before brewing. 

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