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9 Accessories every man must have

9 Accessories every man must have

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

There are many gadgets and products of new technologies that a modern man should possess, but there are certain things that every man should have, regardless of the times he lives. If you want to find out which things a real gentleman owns, we have prepared a list of accessories every man must have, and you can check if you own any of them.

1. Sunglasses

Fake eyeglasses are popular with young men these days, but anything fake doesn’t look that good actually. Every man should have quality sunglasses. Think about your style of dressing, but also about the shape of your head before buying. Generally, rounder faces look better in more rectangular glasses, while faces with sharp features look better in round glasses. Beautiful and quality sunglasses will help you look better.

2. Wallets

You will agree that it is somehow ugly and unhygienic when a man keeps money and cards in his pockets, with also looking messy. Wallets are one of the must-have men's accessories. Whether it is leather or plastic, brown or red, small or large, the wallet always fulfills its purpose and goes with your style. If you hate wallets, use a cardholder instead.

Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash

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3. Hats

There was a time when a man wouldn’t leave his home without a hat. If you care about being a real gentleman, but also a man of style, you must own at least one hat. Hats are available today in all sizes, colors, shapes, and designs, so every man will be able to choose one for himself.

However, it is not enough to just wear a hat, but you must know how to behave when wearing it. For example, you should remove your hat as you enter a building, a restaurant, home, theater, etc. Also, the fedora is the best to wear with a suit.

4. Belts

Belts are accessories that probably every man owns, but they are a classic accessory that can say a lot about your style and reputation. Natural leather belts, which are made from 100% animal hide, are expensive but can remain scratch-free and very usable even up to a decade.

Belts are great gifts for men of all ages, but depending on how they look, they can also separate the “men” from the “boys. However, belts always make great fashion accessories and complete both casual and formal looks.

5. An instantly recognizable scent

Women adore when men smell attractive and some scents are proven aphrodisiacs. Every man should have his own instantly recognizable scent. Find your ideal perfume or cologne, something that will leave you noticed and remembered.

You may not have known but perfumes that contain a note of vanilla are one of the most popular men’s perfumes. According to Craig Warren, director of scientific affairs at the Sense of Smell Institute, of all the materials that go in fragrances, vanilla is the most liked globally.

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6. Necktie  

The tie is one of the must-have accessories for men. Did you know that neckties are the most famous gift given on Father’s Day? Investing in a good tie is the same as investing in good shoes or a suit. That is something that every true gentleman should have. Neckties are available in a variety of colors, sizes, designs, materials, and styles so that every man can find something for himself. Every year, Americans spend approximately $1 billion to purchase 100 million ties!

Photo by Morgan Rovang on Unsplash

7. Umbrella

Caps and hats are cool, but that won’t save youq from a heavy downpour. If you get caught unexpectedly in a downpour, you'll wish you brought an umbrella. In the past, gentlemen often carried an umbrella as an accessory, but a modern gentleman should be prepared for rainy days, too. However, every man should have a quality umbrella that suits his style, not one made of plastic. Every man simply needs a super-powerful umbrella, such as The Raintorch.

The Raintorch is a high-quality umbrella featuring a handle with a built-in flashlight! With such an amazing umbrella you will feel safer on rainy nights due to increased visibility (battery lasts: 192h). Also, this umbrella has a reinforced fiberglass & metal framing system designed to withstand high-speed winds. Moreover, it is easy to carry as it weighs less than 1lb, and the system one-click open/close means no more pinching fingers.

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8. Leather dress shoes

Shoes tell a lot about a man. Today, men usually wear sneakers, but leather shoes (especially black ones) have been the main formal footwear of gentlemen for centuries. Leather dress shoes never go out of fashion and are a must for any festive occasion. This is why leather shoes are among some of the things every man should own. 

Quality leather shoes cost a lot, but they last for many years. Every man should own at least one pair of leather Oxfords shoes. They are classy and will contribute to your gentlemanly style, so you will be ready for any special occasion.

9. Bottle of whiskey

"For relaxing times, make it Suntory time." - the top of Bill Murray’s most memorable lines while advertising whiskey. 

Every man deserves his ‘relaxing time’ and what can better relax a man than a glass of quality whiskey? Although most men choose the beer, a carefully selected bottle of whiskey is a true gentleman's choice. Whiskey has long been considered a gentleman's drink, but that’s not all.

Drinking whiskey can reduce the risk of having a heart attack or stroke. Also, a shot of this drink increases the blood flow to ALL of the organs, helping men who sometimes suffer from erectile dysfunction. Whiskey is easier to store than wine and it can be kept in most environments, therefore it is one of the best gifts for men.

Photo by Anastasia Zhenina on Unsplash  

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