All you need to organize a last minute  New Year’s party

All you need to organize a last minute New Year’s party

Throwing a New Year’s party is exciting and fun, but only when you have enough time to organize everything in time. If you’re facing with preparing a last-minute New Year’s party this year, you’ll need some expert tips and tricks. Finding the best decorations, making the food, buying enough drinks, creating a music playlist, cleaning the house, thinking about the entertainment and more, are some of the biggest tasks you’ll have to complete in just a few days.

Despite the stress and nervousness, you’re feeling right now, you should know that NY is one of the easiest holidays to celebrate. Just think about it. New Year’s Eve is basically all about sparkles, alcohol, and dancing. Yes, you don’t have much time, but you don’t need to spend much money on decorating and other things, too! Follow our tips, stick to them and you can organize a memorable New Year’s party this year!

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Send digital invitations

Consider hosting a last-minute New Year’s Party? Great, but keep in mind that this time, you don’t have enough time to create invitation cards or personalized holiday cards for your guests. But you can go digital! Instead of invitations, send creative e-invitations! First, put together a text of invitation with all the details. You should put everything in one document, including location, the time, dress-code, what to bring, or some other important info. This will make things easier for you as a host, and you’ll have enough time to organize other things.

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Focus on one room
There are only a few days until your New Year’s party, and you don’t have enough time to clean all the rooms, decorate your home and move out of the furniture. So, try to focus on one room, usually the biggest one. Decide which room you want to host your party and start with preparation. First, clean that room thoroughly. Then, move out of the furniture you don’t need. But make sure there is one big table for food and drinks, and also sofas, chairs and other things for sitting. Once you finish the cleaning, start decorating!

Create a festive “photo shooting”

A memorable New Year’s party is nothing without pictures. And everybody loves posing for a New Year’s photos, so make sure to organize a festive photo shooting! You can use an extra phone camera, tablet or professional camera around your home and take pictures of you and your guests enjoying the party. If that fits your budget, you can get an Amazon Echo Show and let Alexa take the photos by saying “Alexa, take a picture.” What’s more, you can use a drone with a camera and take the holiday shooting to a whole new level! You can give your guests some festive costumes, masks, hats, and others to pose for the camera. 

Make a great playlist

What is a New Year’s party without music? First, make sure you remove the furniture from your biggest room and set enough space for a dancefloor. You should think about creating a great playlist on time. But don’t make your party awkward or boring with a short playlist and songs that only you like to listen. All the guests should enjoy it. Of course, you can’t satisfy everyone’s taste and wishes, but you can create a playlist with songs from each decade and shuffle them! This way, all the guests will enjoy it. Just make sure that songs from this decade don’t start playing until after midnight.

Don’t forget to buy champagne
Maybe there isn’t enough time to buy everything you want, but there is still enough time to buy some nice champagne! Champagne is an absolute must item for a great New Year’s party. But, make sure you have enough champagne for everyone. Think about the final number of your guests and decide how much you should buy. Find some nice champagne glasses, and decorate them with some snowflakes stickers or red ribbons. You can also decorate them with guest’s name tags, and make some personalized glasses. It’s up to you and the time you have.

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Make the best cocktails

Since you’re preparing a last-minute New Year’s party, and you don’t have enough time to hire professional mixologists and bartenders, think about the best alternative. You can provide a self-serve bar, where your guests could mix and make their drinks, or you can give your best to make the best cocktails ever! If you’re not familiar with making cocktails, you can practice with some basic drinks and cocktail recipes. Just one hint, you can use the TeslaX Lighter to flame orange peel for cocktails! It’s the flameless plasma lighter with a soft-touch ignition, which will blow you away! It’s simple, eco-friendly and windproof design, is what distinguishes it from others on the market. No flame and no harmful gases. The proven leader among unique products, and also available in our winter subscription box. 

Do some Last-minute decoration

When you're hosting a party, decorations are always essential. Even if it’s a last-minute party, you can still find amazing decorations and festive items to make your home look beautiful. First of all, you can use all the Christmas decorations you have. Then, use various lights and candles for spicing up the atmosphere and making it cozy. You can get some flashing LED balloons, snowflake stickers, stars confetti and other items to decorate your main room. Use a long dining table and enough chairs for all guests and set up the food, drinks, snacks, plates, napkins, and others. Make sure to arrange the food in nice bowls and dress up the table with a New Year’s tablecloth. You can also place some candles, flowers, and greeting cards for your guests.

Light up the atmosphere

Festive lights are a New Year’s trademark. But light is also a key to setting the amazing atmosphere in your home for a party. Lights in the shape of smart bulbs, Xmas string lights, net lights but also, various candles, will make your home look magical for a New Year’s party. Leave the lights on your Christmas tree, and decorate the main room for a party with various lights. For example, arrange candles around the party table. Use fake candles (those with batteries) and place them randomly in your home.

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Finger food is key
Last-minute parties are not reserved for tons of homemade food and making delicious meals. There’s just not enough time for that. This is why finger food is key. Of course, nobody expects a sit-down meal at a New Year’s party. But you have to prepare some kind of food. Make sure there is some meat, cheese or pizza. It would be great to have some snack staples like chips, pretzels, dips, salsa, bread, crackers, but also sweets such as brownies, cupcakes, baked treats of cheesecake. Since it is a last-minute organization, you can ask your guests to bring some food if they want.

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Make a gaming corner

Most people like to play games while being at parties and celebrations. And yes, nothing keeps the party going like playing fun games with friends and family. Besides, board and video games can break up any awkward silence or boringness. If you have an Xbox or PlayStation you can set them up in a room for your guests. Using two controllers, your guests can compete in games such as Just Dance, Guitar Hero or Crash Racing. But if you don’t have such a console, you can play some board games, or one of the popular games like Never Have I Ever or Escape the Room. Think about getting the best gadgets for having fun with your guests at the party.

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