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Average person forms a first impression in just 27 seconds! Take a look at our tips and see how to make a great first impression!

Average person forms a first impression in just 27 seconds! Take a look at our tips and see how to make a great first impression!

Did you know how great first impression can help you get the job you want easily? Sometimes just a first impression can be enough to win a loved one. You must have met a friend who made a great first impression on you. So, what's the secret of a great first impression?

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According to Sylvia Ann Hewlett, author of the book “Executive Presence”, says a great first impression is not about your body shape or clothes, but polish, grooming and being well put together. Her book is a research-based on 4,000 professionals from the US, including 250 senior execs. The top five answers on what makes a good first impression in business were: 

  1. Looking polished and groomed.
  2. Being physically attractive.
  3. Dressing in simple clothes.
  4. Standing Tall.
  5. Looking youthful.

Well, you may agree with this research, but you, like others, have a personal preference when it comes to the first impression.  Still, there are proven ways you can make a great first impression whether you are going to a job interview or a first date. Take a look at our tips and see how to make a great first impression. 

Keep your face neat.

There is no doubt. When we meet someone we first look in his face. Logically, the face is part of the first impression. But only a neat face is part of a great first impression. To stay clear, you don’t have to be extraordinarily beautiful, you just need to keep your face in its best form. This is easy if you take care of yourself. Whether you have a full-grown beard or short facial hair, ladies like the neat and polished look. This requires grooming habits. If you like the clean-shaven look, use the right lotion, cleanser or other skincare products to make sure there will be no post-shave bumps or red marks on your face.

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Show your style.

Your style is a great part of a first impression. Not the most luxurious clothes can help you make a good impression if you don’t know how to wear it. Don't risk being ridiculous. Think about your style. Does it reflect who you are? Does your style show how confident, classy and creative you are? You are what you wear and how you wear it. Be unique but also show who you are. Sounds hard? It’s not. The secret is in detail. You can wear the simplest clothes ever, but a woman will always notice a nice hairstyle, eyewear, watches, jewelry, and clean shoes. Find high-quality products and items in our subscription boxes

keep your style

Wear clean shoes.

No matter how handsome you are, dirty shoes will say a lot about you. Style, condition, but most importantly, cleanliness of your shoes is something other people will include in a great impression of you. Wearing a new suit with shoes that you forgot to clean can only indicate that you aren’t taking care of yourself. Be sure to remove dust because there are no excuses for dirty shoes.

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Keep an eye on your attitude and behavior.

Let’s see what science says. According to the British Psychological Society, the greater the eye-contact, the greater the perception of intelligence is. If you add a smile, you’ll show how confident and friendly you are. Real confidence wears a smile. Statistics have shown that your target for the meeting is 80-85% eye-contact. More than that can appear aggressive. After eye contact and smile, comes the handshake. Whether you’re handshaking with a male or female, make it last from 3 to 6 seconds. More than 6 seconds or too strong and watery handshaking is unpleasant. While you’re doing this, introduce yourself.

Have a pleasant smell.

Honestly, women can smell good perfume for miles away. But it’s not everything about good perfume. To achieve a great first impression, make sure you are fresh and not sweating too much. Once you’re clean and fresh, you can put some nice perfume, but don’t overdo it. Try to smell neutral, fresh or splash a perfume only 2-3 times. Studies showed that women rate a male’s scent as the #1 factor when finding a potential partner, so make sure you get a good cologne to impress your lady.

Pay attention to voice and vocabulary

You don’t need to have a deep voice and to be Shakespeare to make a great first impression. But, yes, women will pay attention to your voice and vocabulary. Good accent, the tone of your voice and expanded vocabulary will improve your impression on others. Remember how British accent is adorable to many Americans? Besides, great vocabulary means you need to read good books. And don’t forget, swearing in front of the people you just met is huge – NO!

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