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Beach vacation list: Essential items to bring to the Beach

Beach vacation list: Essential items to bring to the Beach

Summer is finally here and we can’t wait to enjoy sunny days on the beach with our friends. Swimming, surfing, drinking cocktails and walking our pets on the beach when the weather is beautiful is why we adore summertime. But when it comes to packing stuff for the beach time, people often say that is the most boring part and they just hate it.

summer items

No matter what they pack, people often forget to take some important or cool things to the beach. Beside swimsuit and beach towel, what are the essential items we should take to the beach? Times change, and necessities, too. Today, we can’t imagine spending time on the beach without our smartphone, camera and other unique gadgets. We want to create and memorize the best moments spend while having fun with friends on the beach. And if you wonder what to pack and take to the beach this weekend, we’ll show you 8 essential items you shouldn’t forget!

Waterproof phone case

As we previously mentioned, today, people can’t imagine spending time on the beach without taking selfies and posting them on Instagram. But even if your cellphone is considered water-resistant, don’t risk too much. Instead, take a waterproof phone case! The waterproof case features a simple snap and locks closure to keep out water and sand. And what’s more amazing? You will be able to use your touchscreen and camera. This means an unlimited number of selfies everywhere! Waterproof phone cases are unique products that can be your vacation savior, ‘cause it often happens that water damages our phone or we slip it in the sea accidentally. There are two types of waterproof cases. The first type is a regular case. The regular case is made to keep away water but most of those cases could be submerged into water. The second type looks like a dry bag and it’s perfect for water sports and enjoying. Most of those cases are the universal size and fit every phone. Just put your phone in a waterproof case, hang it around your neck and you are ready for taking selfies underwater!

Underwater digital camera

Taking pictures with your cellphone camera is amazing if your camera has high quality, but if you want to take an amazing professional look like pictures underwater, choose an underwater digital camera! The underwater digital camera is among the best gadgets you can take to the beach. Most underwater cameras are provided with an aluminum case, which means they are strong enough to withstand rough weather. More expensive versions contain Wi-Fi so you will be able to send pictures and videos. They are durable, easy to use underwater and you will take pictures like a pro.

Beach mat

When we go to the beach, blankets and beach towels are must, but it often happens that our towel gets blown around, filled with sand and dust and too wet to dry for the whole day. WildHorn Outfitters beach mat is definitely one of the best unique gift ideas for your friend obsessed with summer activities on the beach. Beach mat is huge but compact! It is made of parachute material so it can dry quickly while being easy to carry. As it is lightweight and compact you can pack it and wear it easily. There are sand weighs on the edges so you can forget about troubles with sand and blowing around in the beach breeze. Its unique design includes pockets where you can put your belongings.

Portable waterproof speaker 

Fun on the beach can’t go without listening to our favorite songs! If you and your friends like to listen to music while having fun in the water, then you should consider taking a portable waterproof speaker to the beach! This gadget is cool and very useful having, so it can be among cool tech gift ideas for someone’s birthday! APIE waterproof speakers are small but they have a really good sound quality and you can use it anywhere. Whether you’re in the pool, on the beach or paddle boarding you can take your phone in a waterproof case to the sea and play music over the speaker. No worries, speakers are waterproof and the batteries last about 10 hours, so you can relax and play your favorite song on repeat.

Portable lipstick-sized charger

A portable lipstick-sized charger? This could be the best gift for wife or your girlfriend! Girls like taking selfies and posting them on Instagram, but sometimes batteries don’t last long enough. Because of that, bringing a portable charger to the beach is a MUST. This charger is the size of a tube of lipstick and you can wear it in your pocket and a small bag. It also holds multiple charges and it can power up your devices fast by using standard USB charger cables. It’s compatible with smartphones and can charge an iPhone X or at least 80% to the Galaxy S10 and other flagship smartphones.

Blender bottle

You don’t have to be fitness and health-obsessed to enjoy smoothies and ice drinks on a hot summer day on the beach. Blender Bottle is an amazing product you can take on a road trip, to the gym or to the beach. The patented blender ball should be tossed into the bottle after your liquid so you can shake ingredients. This bottle is made of the double-wall vacuum and can keep drinks ice cold for up to 24 hours with zero condensation! It contains a detachable carry loop, which detaches at the base to secure the keyring or clip the bottle to your gym bag.

This amazing bottle can be found in our summer subscription box, with other unique products that will delight you.

blender bottle

First aid kit

The first aid kit should be your priority and number one among the essential things you take to the beach. Like every outdoor activity, spending time on the beach can be risky or unexpected accidents could happen. This is why it’s important to keep a little first aid kit either in your car or with you at the beach. To protect your skin from burning, always keep sunscreens with you. Prepare gauze, patch or tweezers in case you hurt your leg or stand on the urchin. Take some medicine against pain until you get to the hospital.

Beach chair

Enjoying the beach can be annoying if the sand constantly fills our towels and beach mats. Because of that, people like taking various kinds of chairs on the beach. Packable beach chairs with shoulder straps are easy to carry and perfect for comfortable sitting on the beach. Those chairs are designed to be carried like a standard backpack and anyone can carry them easily.

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