Become a gardener with just one click- Smart garden

Become a gardener with just one click- Smart garden

Today more and more people choose to live in urban areas (according to researches about 55%) because of job opportunities, education, better healthcare, and other reasons. But no matter where they live, people want to eat healthy and delicious food. Living far from rural gardens, we are forced to buy fresh groceries mostly at markets or local stores. Although most of us get vegetables and fruits that way, we often wonder are they healthy and pesticide-free. Because of this, many people want to grow their own food.

smart garden

Click & Grow technology builds smart gardens that provide modern and busy people with healthy and fresh plants. You can use them everywhere in your apartment and improve air quality and grow your own food. They are self-watering and self-luminous which means you won’t have to pay a lot of attention to them every day. Smart gardens maybe can’t replace the real ones at this moment, but they’re certainly our future. They have a huge potential and great solution for all busy entrepreneurs and businesswomen that don’t have enough time but want to grow their own healthy food.

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Always fresh spices without going to the market

Do you hate to go every morning to the market after fresh vegetables? Do you hate dirty clothes and hands after getting vegetables out of the garden? If your answers are affirmative, smart gardens are the solution. Using smart gardens forget about dirty hands and soil everywhere. Besides, you’ll always have fresh spices and vegetables at your home, without going to the market. With smart gardens, you won’t have to run to the local store because you don’t have enough oregano for pizza and your kids can’t wait.

smart garden

Make your little garden wherever you want

There are many people who live in cities but would love to have their own garden. Not every New Yorker can afford the space for gardening. With Click & Grow technology, you can make your own garden anywhere in the apartment. Smart gardens are the best solution to those living a fast lifestyle but want to eat healthy food and grow their own. You have endless possibilities of growing your own food, creating your peaceful small oasis or make your dorm feel like home.

Become a gardener with just one click

Indoor gardens are made for every age and experience level because they are self-watering, self-luminous and don’t require green thumbs! You can become a gardener with just one click and the smart garden will take care of your plants automatically and make sure they have enough water, light, and nutrients. The NASA inspired Smart Soil is designed to provide your plants with the optimal configuration of water, oxygen, and other nutrients. The special LED grows lights provide enough energy to make plants thrive. This means, your food is healthy and without any pesticides, plant hormones and other harmful substances. If you’re interested in this unique product, check and get advanced Smart Garden with a modular lamp arm, updated LED’s and 3 complimentary basil plant capsules so you can start planting immediately. Consider buying this garden? See the offer here or pick one of our boxes to subscribe to.

Easy for beginners.

Relax, you don’t have to be a professional gardener. Everyone can use smart gardens. Click & Grow smart technology is easy and user-friendly. With this technology, your indoor plants can thrive without water for weeks or even a month. Don’t be afraid if you forget to add some water after a week, your plants will be fine. But despite this fact, there are some things required. Let’s see:

  • You need to select the right pot size and make sure there is at least one drainage hole.
  • Select a good soil mixture (you can add coconut fiber or small pebbles to strike a balance and allow air circulation)
  • Put them in a lighted place because plants need 4 to 12 hours of direct sunlight
  • Add water when required (after a week up to a month)
  • Regularly prune the plant, and make sure that some weeds and pests don’t damage the plant

Wondering what to plant as a beginner? Herbs and vegetables to grow for beginners are red hot chili peppers, oregano, leaf mustard, and a red basil plant. Smart gardens are among the most unique gift ideas you can choose for your friends and family.

Plant whatever you want!

Have you ever tried planting your favorite flowers but failed? With Click & Grow smart technology, you don't have to be talented for gardening. You don't have to choose what to plant because you can plant anything! Your only task is to choose the pods of your favorite plant. And if you want to play safe, try growing oregano as it is considered one of the best herbs to plant for beginners. If you want to take gardening to the next level, you can pick experimental plant pods! The experimental plant pod contains an advanced version of Smart Soil that will boost the growth of any plant you want to experiment with. Besides, you can save time and money and get plant pods you want to be delivered to you hassle-free by choosing Click & Grow Plane Pod Subscription.

Get kids to like eating vegetables

No more arguing over broccoli with the kids! With smart gardens, you’ll get kids to like vegetables easily! Smart gardens are easy to use, and if you let your kids plant vegetables they will feel happiness and joy of growing and eating their own food. Whatsmore, kids will feel like grown-ups and ask to plant various herbs. So, if you have this problem, consider buying a smart garden because it’s the best gift for your wife to solve the eating vegetable problem with kids!

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