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Best budget-friendly fall activities every family should have

Best budget-friendly fall activities every family should have

Halloween, one of the favorite holidays among families, ended about a week ago. Fall is still lasting and you want to do some activities with your family, but feel like your budget is near the end, too? If so, we’ll show you a list of family fall activities you do on a budget and have fun! You’ll be surprised by how many fall activities you can do for a little to zero money this fall. From enjoying hot chocolate and movie night with a family to trying various outdoor activities, the possibilities are endless.

Photo by Jorge Flores on Unsplash

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Go camping

Fall is the perfect weather for enjoying outdoor activities with your family. Take advantage of the cooler, but sunny weather, and take your family on a camping trip! Camping is appropriate and interesting for all ages. Moreover, since fewer people camp in the fall, you’ll experience lower rates, but also fewer crowds and bugs, too! You can also check subscription boxes and get the best gadgets for outdoor activities.

Photo by Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash

Take your family to a football game

Everyone loves football! Fall is a good time to take your kids or family to a football game. It doesn't have to be a football game with the two most famous clubs. Instead of paying expensive tickets, visit a local football game. Whether it’s a local high school, college or a professional club football game, you’re going to have a good time with your family. This can be also among the best gifts for husband, on a budget. 

Have a fall family photoshoot

What are events and memories without family photos? Whether it’s a Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas holiday, capture all family moments. It’s always a good time for a fall family photoshoot. You can capture spontaneous happy moments while eating pumpkin-pie in the backyard or make a themed photo shooting to add the pictures to your holiday cards! Instant photo camera is perfect for this and also the best gift for family, on a budget.

Bake apple cider donuts

What can be better than enjoying cozy family evenings drinking hot chocolate and baking homemade cakes? Family, especially kids, adore homemade cakes and donuts. There’s nothing better than eating a freshly made apple cider donut. Instead of buying expensive cider cakes at local stores, bake your own! And if you want without cider, you can use apples and cinnamon. The perfect thing for cold weather.

Image by congerdesign from Pixabay 

Visit a national park

Summer is the season when most people are visiting national parks. This is why fall is the best season to visit a national park with your family. What more, the prices are lower! According to The Weather Channel, the parks with the most impressive fall foliage include Denali in Alaska, Glacier in Montana, and Acadia in Maine. It will be an ultimate experience for a family’s weekend. 

Host a bonfire in the backyard

Hosting a bonfire in the backyard is our favorite prepositions for fall activities with a family. You don’t have to pay expensive family trips to get the best fun. A family gathered together in the yard is the definition of pure happiness. Gather your family and heat up the fire pit for a bonfire. You can make hot dogs or roasting marshmallows with your kids on a cold evening. 

Make a family movie night

Cold fall evenings are the best for enjoying a cozy and warm room atmosphere with your family. Making a movie night at your home will be the best activity for your family. Find some holiday movies, grab the blankets and popcorns, and you’re ready! Instead of spending money in the cinema, make your own cinema at your home for no money at all! 

Go for a Zombie-themed run

Fall is the season when it often rains and it's cold outside. But that doesn't mean you need to stay in the house. Our body needs exercise and fresh air. Gather your family for some stretching up this fall! Zombie movies are adored by both adults and kids. And if we combine a healthy lifestyle and zombies, we get a Zombie-themed run! The Zombies, Run! Application lets you turn your ordinary boring runs into missions in a post-zombie world! You’ll have to outrun zombies while getting medical and food supplies for the other surviving humans – your family members. Moreover, you can sync your playlist up to it and listen to favorite songs while running! 

Make a Christmas wish list

And in the end, you must have in mind that, the winter holidays are approaching. Make a Christmas wish list with your family and kids. You’ll know what they want and maybe get some winter holiday gift ideas! Besides, you’ll know how much you can afford and save money for Christmas gifts.

Try some gardening family activities

Gardening with kids and family members is a great fall activity if you are lucky to own a garden. Planting a few bulbs is a fun way to be outside with family. As soon as evening temperatures are between 40 and 50 degrees, you can start planting bulbs. You can plant tulips, daffodils, crocuses, scilla, snowdrops, irises and others. Wondering how much it will cost? The cost of spring bulbs varies depending on the flower variety you choose, as well as where you buy them. Planting a 10-count bag of tulips can cost $8 to $15 or more.

But if you live in an apartment in the city center, get smart gardens! Smart gardens are an all-in-one indoor garden device, that allows you to grow your favorite herbs, vegetables, and flowers all year. Smart gardens have an intelligent light system and automatic watering pump, which is great if you’re living a busy life but also want to eat fresh and healthy food. Smart gardens are among the unique products that were found in our previous subscription boxes. And if you’re interested in getting such cool gadgets, check our fall subscription box. 


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