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Budget (but expensive looking) gifts for Valentine

Budget (but expensive looking) gifts for Valentine

Who does not like Valentine's Day? Love in the air, couples walking down the street, flowers, chocolates, and presents, nobody is indifferent to it! Valentine's Day is coming up, and you have not saved much? Want to surprise your beloved person with some nice gift, but you don’t have a big-sized budget? No problem! If you are looking for a budget, but expensive looking gifts for Valentine, take a look at our interesting suggestions below! Whether it's a surprise for a boyfriend or girlfriend, you will surely find your favorite in our article. Enjoy!

Personalized chocolates for couples

Chocolate is probably the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Valentine's Day. Heart-shaped chocolates are perhaps the most common gift people give to a loved one for this holiday. Make your gift special and order personalized chocolates! Chocolates that carry a message dedicated to your loved one are a gift for both boyfriends and girlfriends.

Choose the type of chocolate that your loved one likes most. Choose chocolates in the shape of a heart or flower. Choose the package as desired. You can even put your favorite photo in a box. Personalized chocolates in a luxury package look expensive, and you can order them online with an initial price of only $20!

Brand lipstick

Valentine's Day brings a lot of kisses! If you want to surprise your girl with a gift that looks expensive, but you don’t have enough money, consider the following suggestion. Women adore cosmetics. You do not need to love cosmetics to know some of the most famous brands. But did you know that you can buy MAC, Chanel, YSL or Kylie lipstick for less than $30? This is a very luxurious gift that will delight your girlfriend, and you will not spend the whole fortune on it!

Brand parfume

The perfume is one of the best gifts you can give to a dear person for Valentine's Day. Men and women like perfumes. This is a luxury gift that you can afford for a little money. Of course, you can not buy the latest perfume at a low price, but there are many designer perfumes that your partner will adore! Versace, Vera Wang, Victoria’s Secret, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, offer a wide range of perfumes below $40. With this gift, you can not go wrong.

Scratch World Map

You may not have enough money to go with your loved one on the trip around the world, but you can surprise her/him with a very special map of the world! This is no ordinary map of the world. This is a scratch world map. Let your girlfriend scratch the country on the map that you have visited together! This will be her/his most precious gift and will be happy to use in the future. You can buy luxury gold or silver maps, or richly decorated for $35 change.

Expensive looking bag

You do not have to spend $1,000 on a bag to delight the person you love. Brands such as ALDO, Zara, Mango, CK and Forever 21 offer luxury, expensive-looking bags under $50. Whether you are buying a business bag for your husband or a modern bag for your girlfriend, pay attention to the following.

First of all, choose a high-quality material. Let it be leather. Simple leather bags look much more luxurious than fancy plastic bags. After that, choose a color and shape that looks like one of the world-famous designer bags. Pay attention to details. If there is a metal buckle or some silver detail on the bag, the bag will look expensive.

Touchscreen gloves

February is not only Valentine's. This is the month of cold and often snowy days. If your loved one likes spending time on the Internet or texting messages, this is the right gift for her/him. These specially designed gloves will warm your loved one’s hands when it’s cold outside while at the same time allowing her/him to stay in touch with you. Gadgets are generally expensive, but these comfortable gloves can be found below $30. These smart touch gloves look very luxurious and your person will love them.

Engraved glass

Valentine's Day is not a day when we only eat your favorite chocolate, but also when we drink our favorite drink. You surely know the favorite drink of your loved one. Depending on whether it is Champagne, Whiskey or Irish liqueur, select a set of glasses you want and engrave a special message.

Choose an elegant font for a gentle message to your girlfriend/boyfriend. You can simply engrave “I love you” and their name. Luxury gift boxes are often included in the offer. Bearing in mind that you can find a set of glasses with an engraved message for just $20, add a bottle of your favorite drink, or if it's expensive, a miniature of it. This looks like a very expensive surprise, you agree?

Photo: Toa Heftiba on Unsplash; Pexels, Private archive

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