10 Incredible ways to celebrate Easter at home- 2021

10 Incredible ways to celebrate Easter at home- 2021

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You thought this Easter was going to be boring due to the current restrictions on group gatherings from COVID-19? Luckily for you, you thought wrong. With fun activities, a good mood at home, and delicious food, this can be one of your favorite Easter holidays. Here are 10 incredible ways to celebrate Easter at home this year: 

Decorate Your Home 

Just because your Easter egg hunt is canceled, doesn't mean you can't organize it in your house. But first, you must do the most important thing - decorate your house! Guests may not be coming over, but your family should spend Easter in a beautiful atmosphere. Decorate your home with bunnies, baskets, carrots, balloons, Easter themed wall décor, or anything colorful. You can decorate your doors, windows, handles, as well as rooms.

Pay special attention to decorating the Easter table. The family will spend the most time at the table, so make sure it looks beautiful. Decorate the table with colorful napkins, utensils, cups, chocolate bunnies, Easter eggs, and baskets, or even mini bouquets! A beautifully decorated table will make the whole family be in a good mood and happy on Easter.

Enjoy making delicious Easter food

The most important thing for Easter is Easter eggs. Although boiled eggs are delicious, everyone enjoys more beautifully painted and decorated Easter eggs. Coloring Easter eggs is good for all ages and brings the family together. You can paint eggs in the usual way or use acrylic paints, stickers, labels, or sparkly glues to decorate them. But that’s not all. No Easter meal is complete without delicious treats. Make sure to get bunny or egg-shaped mold so you can make delicious muffins, cupcakes, pralines, or anything your family will adore.

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Turn the Easter egg hunt into a Easter treasure hunt! 

Kids love hunting Easter eggs, but that’s what they do every year. Try to organize an Easter treasure hunt this year! Make this tradition more exciting this year by putting notes on the eggs until the children reach their Easter treasure. Also, anyone can participate in the search for the Easter treasure. 

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Play Easter games

Make this Easter fun. Play a variety of games with your family. Easter egg hunts can be done indoors or outdoors if you have a backyard. You can also try a bunny hop race or Easter egg toss, guess the number of jelly beans or Easter egg basketball, you can also play scrabble with Easter-themed words with older kids, or make an Easter piñata! Surely, you can always have fun playing the usual board games.

Give Easter gifts

One of the most exciting moments of Easter is giving Easter presents. People mostly enjoy gifts that are thematically related to this holiday, such as chocolate in the shape of rabbits or eggs, Easter baskets, Easter clothes, jewelry, and more. Still, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, it’s not easy to get amazing presents this year, either because money is tight or you’re unable to visit regular stores and buy them.

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Get Easter outfits

Easter is one of the most colorful and fun holidays, so why not make your outfit look the same? Dressing in an Easter costume or clothes with rabbit motifs will also have a positive effect on your mood. Wear soft rabbit ears on your head, wear colorful clothes with Easter egg or rabbit motifs, wear T-shirts with Easter scarves, or even a Rabbit onesie! Whatever you feel comfortable and smiling in - this is the right outfit for you.

Easter family photo shooting 

Easter is the perfect opportunity for family photos. I know, each of us has thousands of pictures on the phone, but family photography, especially for the holidays, is something special. Such pictures are usually kept in a frame somewhere in the house. Get dressed up in Easter colors and motives, put a smile on your face and you’re ready. You can make family photo shooting more fun by finding cute outfits for your pets and decorating the space for shooting with baskets, eggs, bunnies, and others.

easter photo shootingPhoto by Hannah Tasker on Unsplash

Send Easter cards 

Sending Easter cards is not just for kids. Thanks to greeting cards, you can surprise anyone – anywhere. You can create greeting cards yourself, or you can buy ready-made ones. Fortunately, there are Easter cards for all ages. You can find cards for kids, teens, grandparents, artistic cards, or personalized where you can put your picture. If you are not so good at expressing feelings and wishes, you can find greeting cards with Easter wishes already written. This way of greeting is much more personal and beautiful than a simple virtual message.

Easter video party

We can still celebrate together and stay connected through technology. Invite family or friends for an Easter video call. Unfortunately, we are not able to spend Easter 2021 like before. Many people are finding themselves separated from loved ones this year, too. However, don’t let the virus stop you from celebrating with them! You can still celebrate virtually! Have a pleasant chat, host a virtual party, play online video games, or do anything you can as if you were in the same house! 

Deliver an Easter basket to neighbours

Due to the obligatory social distancing, we are not in a position to celebrate Easter as before with our neighbors. Still, you can show respect and gratitude to your neighbors on Easter. You can take the Easter basket to their door. It doesn't have to be a big basket. Put a few eggs, a bar of chocolate, and an Easter card. You can also pack bunny-shaped chocolates, muffins, carrot pie, or anything your family is enjoying on Easter. Wear a mask and leave the basket in front of their door.


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