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Clever seasonal clothes storage tips everyone should know

Clever seasonal clothes storage tips everyone should know

Summer is almost over and it's time to store away our T-shirts, skirts, and dresses. Unless you have a room-size wardrobe, storing seasonal clothing can be a real nightmare. A regular closet isn’t made to store four seasons tons of clothes. As it holds clothing for the current season, you need to change clothing when the next season comes.

Although changing summer clothing for family’s winter jackets, boots, knitwear, and other cold-weather accessories are complicated, boring and require a lot of time, relax. We are going to show you some easy and useful, clever seasonal clothes storage tips everyone should know! Besides, you’ll see how products in BREO BOX lifestyle subscription box can ease your storing process and save your time and space.

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1. Wash and clean clothing before you store it away

The easiest way to damage your seasonal clothes is to store them dirty and damaged. Before you start to store your clothes away, make sure you launder and dry clean everything to avoid possible issues. Whether it’s a summer or fall clothing, most of them need to be washed and dry cleaned according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

This is because body oils, perfume, and perspiration can create stains and odors, which will be hard to eliminate after a few months. Untreated stains can become darker with time, too. Besides, that attracts insects and moths, you surely don’t want in your closet.

2. Find perfect places to store seasonal clothing

There is no point in storing away seasonal clothing if you aren’t doing it properly and store them in the right place. Clothes and shoes require dark, cold and dry places. This means the basement and attic are not the best ideas for storing seasonal clothing due to humidity and pests. But, you should also avoid areas near heating sources. Let’s see a few places you can use for storing your clothes safely. 
The first thing you can do is to fill high spaces. If you have empty high spaces you can hang or store seasonal clothes there. Install a hanging rod or storage rack can help you fill empty space, store clothing and use it easily when you need it. 
You can try a rolling garment rack. Rolling garment rack is very popular nowadays, especially for storing seasonal clothes. This is an inexpensive investment and it can easily store coats, sweaters, and shoes. What’s cool about this item, is that you can easily roll it around your house from room to room, whenever you need to clean, renovate or store away clothes. 

Another useful thing is storing clothes under the bed. This refers to people who have big beds with drawers. If you consider buying a bed like this, it’s not cheap but it can help you to save space in your home and store seasonal clothing easily.

3. Declutter your closet

So, before you even start storing your clothes, think about what you need to store. It’s important, to be honest with yourself. The basic rule about decluttering your closet is to get rid of everything you didn’t use and wear this season. Think about why you didn’t wear those clothes.

Is it because you don’t like it anymore? That doesn’t fit you anymore? It’s old enough? Maybe not your taste now? There are many reasons and the fact is you didn’t wear those clothes this season, and you probably won’t be wearing them next, too. So, why making a pile of clothes to store if you don’t need them anymore? You can donate all the clothes and shoes or even sell good pieces. You can make a shopping list and get new clothes that now fit your taste.


4. Choose the right boxes and vacuum bags

The right boxes and vacuum bags are perfect products for storing seasonal clothes. Don’t even think about using cardboard and plastic boxes to store clothes for the next season. Insects, moths, and pests can get in there and damage your favorite clothes. The fact is, nothing keeps pests and problems away like vacuum-sealed bags. Besides, they are great for saving space in your home.

FRESHeTECH Clothes Vacuum and Bags Travel Kit is the perfect product you can get to store seasonal clothing! What’s more amazing, you don’t have to search for them everywhere since you can get them with other unique products in our newest fall subscription box!
This set includes 4 space saver premium vacuum bags and portable vacuum. As they have a compact size, you can bring it with you everywhere. You can use it in your suitcase to save space for other products. With these storage bags, you can carry more clothes on your next trip! You’ll get 2 larges 27”x19” and 2 small 23”x15” vacuum bags. They are ideal for storage under beds, and basically anywhere you need more space.
These storage vacuum bags are easy to use and you can pack as many clothes as can comfortably fit in one. You can simply put 3 AA batteries into one of vacuum storage bags, seal the top using the provided bag sealer and place the handheld vacuum on the top of the nozzle. Then, press the button to activate and the bags are ready to store your clothes or fit your suitcase! The included vacuum for storage bags can reduce the volume of soft materials by 70%.

Besides, since there is no air in vacuum storage bags, your clothes will be free from insects, pests, dust, humidity, odors or discoloration. You will not only save space, but your clothes will stand safe and fresh until the next use! And if you need more help for your upcoming vacation, check out our tips for packing your suitcase!

5. Keep Moths away

Once you finish with storing your seasonal clothes away, you should take care of the pests, moths, and insects. Moths can easily destroy your clothes, but you can prevent this by using lavender or cedar sachets. Lavender smells nice and it will keep your things safe until next season.

But, be careful. Many children and pets are naturally attracted to this kind of protection with deadly results. You should also avoid using mothballs because they give off hazardous gasses that are harmful and smelly, too. Whatever you choose, keep in mind that storage chemicals should be used with care and according to directions.

6. DON’T store tips.

Here are some DON’T tip for storing your seasonal clothing, you may not know. Don’t store away damaged or any clothes that need repair such as a broken zipper. Don’t consider storing away anything in need of mending or tailoring like ripped pants. Don’t store faded, pilled or clothes that need a shave. Clothes like these won’t look any better when their season comes again, they can only look worse.

Where to store your boots?
If you wonder where to store your boots, you should pick the dry and dark place, too. But, the important thing with storing boots, is to store them properly. This means you should keep your boots looking sharp and help them to not lose their shape. You can do this by filling them with foam pool noodles or Styrofoam parts. This will hold their shape even if you store them in boxes or containers.


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