How to create a cozy outdoor living space

How to create a cozy outdoor living space

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Many people dream of a comfortable garden with a hot tub or a large romantic balcony overlooking the city, but the small space, city life, or a small budget does not allow them to do so. Private outdoor space doesn’t have to be just a celebrity luxury.

Even a small balcony can give you enjoyment and privacy. If you like to spend time outside, making your space cozy will enhance the quality of your time spent outside the home. Check out our helpful tips on how to create a cozy outdoor living space and make your space ready for the upcoming summer.

Choose a spot.

If you have a yard but also a terrace or balcony, think about on what you want to focus. Of course, you have the most options when it comes to the yard or patio. Think about where you have more space, sunlight, less noise, and a nicer view.

Give yourself some privacy. 

You can't count on something being completely comfortable if it's a meter from the street or a neighbor's window. Therefore, take care of the privacy of your space. This does not mean that you need to build a wall around your home, as there are much nicer alternatives. Tall plants, bamboo, weatherproof textiles, fabric hangings, or even privacy screens made of metal or wood are some of the great options.

Invest in quality furniture.

If you do not have a fenced terrace or a space that is somehow protected from rain, snow, or strong sun, you need to invest money in primarily waterproof quality furniture. Many people do not have a basement, attic, or a place in their apartment where they can remove furniture when it rains. That is why you should consider what kind of furniture suits your space. Furniture made from materials like steel and polyresin wicker can last through many seasons.

brown wooden table with chairs and white textilePhoto by Luis VIllafranca on Unsplash

Cozy seating.

If you are renting space or do not want to buy classic furniture, look for comfortable pillows and stools for sitting. Lots of colorful pillows, in various sizes, materials, and softness, will make your space instantly cozy.

Make some shade.

Getting any kind of shelter will let you enjoy your balcony or patio in any weather and season. Strong shelters like patio covers can protect you from rain or shine. On the other hand, a pergola is a great base for an "outdoor room." There are also outdoor curtains and an umbrella that work as a privacy screen and shelter from UV rays.

Choose colors wisely.

Comfortable colors are those colors that are natural and warm, they make us feel safe and comfortable. That certainly does not mean that you should paint everything black, red, or orange. A well-chosen color can make your place cozy and peaceful. For the winter season, you can choose warm and autumnal tones. Also, white paint is often used to make the most of a small space due to its brightening properties. Any nude or natural shade will make the walls cozier. 

Set the mood by lighting up any room.

Lighting plays a very important role in creating a comfortable space. Candles and lanterns are what light the space in the evening. You can use lots of LED candles or dimmable electric lamps to create a cozy or romantic ambiance. If you want to add some festive atmosphere to your outdoor space, you should choose lights that come in various modes and last long enough.

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Incorporate an outdoor rug. 

If possible, incorporate an outdoor rug. Adding a rug is one of the most common ways to create a cozy outdoor living space. Rugs not only define an area but also make an outdoor room inviting and comfy. Choose a durable carpet that is easy to clean if you have pets or keep it in the yard.

Add blankets and pillows for extra coziness.

Rugs, pillows, blankets, soft chairs, fabrics, and soft seating combined are a guarantee of coziness. These are especially comfortable during the summer, when we all like to lie outside and chill. Also, when the summer evenings get strangely cold, we always have a pile of blankets to grab.

What about a fire pit?

When you hear the word "comfortable," you probably think of blankets and fire first, right? Well, if you have the conditions, consider making a fire pit. Luckily, there are cool gadgets such as portable fire pits that extend your time spent outdoors if you simply add a source of heat near chairs or pillows. Besides warming up, a fire is a nice place to gather around and drink a hot beverage or roast marshmallows.

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Surround your balcony with plants.

To make your balcony or patio extra cozy and private, surround it with potted flowers and high plants such as bamboo. In addition, if you put herbs around (like mint or lavender), you will get a beautiful scent! 

Get a sunbed or swing.

Save space in a small area by choosing a hanging chair. It looks cozy and lets you have additional space for pillows or a desk. If you have enough space, sunbeds are also a great option for seating, being cozy, comfortable, and stylish. Get a sunbed or swing and enjoy your relaxed space.

Regulate the temperature. 

The best way to keep your space comfortable is with temperature control. You will certainly not feel comfortable if it is too hot or too cold. If your balcony can be closed, make sure the temperature is comfortable. If it is completely outdoors, use a portable fire pit in the winter and a fan in the summer.


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