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How to declutter things from your life to be happier in 2021

How to declutter things from your life to be happier in 2021

declutter in 2021 to be happierPhoto by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash

It’s 2021 already and it’s high time to declutter things from your life to be happier! No matter which decluttering type you choose, it is important that you can do it efficiently and quickly. Here are some useful ways to declutter things in your life and get amazing benefits: 

Declutter your phone.

How to declutter things from your life to be happier in 2021? Well, start with the thing you’re using the most – your phone. Your phone must be the thing that makes you satisfied and happy most of the time, but it can also make you sad and bored. If your phone is still hiding old messages and pictures of your ex, get rid of it.

The same goes for people who are no longer your friends or just being emotional vampires. Besides, your phone certainly contains some old-dated or unused apps that take precious space. Take an hour to declutter your phone. Clear cash & cookies, history, delete old messages and bad pictures, uninstall unnecessary apps, and make space for new and happier memories.

Use the four-box method. 

Before you start to declutter, make sure to explore and find useful hints and tips on how to successfully declutter your home. We’ll recommend one useful way to help you start decluttering if you’re a total beginner. First, get four large cardboard boxes. Make sure they’re in a good condition and at least medium quality.

Photo by Lia Trevarthen on Unsplash

Once you get the boxes, label them: trash, donate, keep, or re-locate. This is an easy way to get organized and effectively get rid of things you don't need. For example, you found an old keyboard that still works. What will you do with it? In which category does the old, yet still working keyboard belongs?

It's simple. If you didn't use it last year, you won't use it this one either. If the keyboard works, then it is not for throwing away, nor for moving. Therefore, it goes in a box labeled donate. Stick to this method and you will effectively declutter your home. 

Declutter your home.

When it comes to decluttering things to be happier, decluttering a home is a really important task. Your home is the place where you spend the most time, so it is very important that you feel good and happy in it.

Think about how to be happy in a pile of unnecessary and old things, garbage, old things and clothes that you keep for years, and have never used? Such things can only give you a headache when you need to clean the house. Also, broken things can irritate you, or even do some damage in your house: the batteries break down, old clothes can attract moths.

How to start decluttering? Follow the four-box method we’ve mentioned above and get trash, give away, keep, or re-locate boxes ready. Start decluttering room by room and put things into the right boxes. Start with the living room, then kitchen, closet, bathroom, garage and other. Get rid of the broken things, things you don’t use and things you’re never going to use- be honest with yourself! Moreover, you can consider feng shui and find out how to make your place happier.

Photo by Lucas van Oort on Unsplash

Declutter your kitchen.

What’s wrong with decluttering your fridge? As it is necessary to declutter your home and throw away things you don’t need, it is desirable to do the same with food. People often assume the kitchen as a clutter-safe space, although the refrigerator and cabinets have tons of unnecessary things.

If you want to get rid of things you don’t use and don’t need, but also to remove negative energy from the kitchen, declutter your kitchen. First, clean out the fridge and throw out anything expired or that hasn’t been touched in months. Do the same with cabinets, throw away anything expired. But that’s not all. Get rid of broken glasses or mugs. Cracked or broken glass is believed to trigger the negative energy in the house.

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Books decluttering. 

Books decluttering? Why not? Unless you have a large library at home in the form of a room, bookshelves can often collect dust, garbage, and tons of unnecessary paper and books in small apartments. Besides, we all have the books we bought but we’ll never read.

It’s nice to keep your favorite books or some collectors edition, but books you’ve never read, books that are heavily damaged, or books you don’t need - you won’t need them this year either, for sure. Before you start wiping the dust off the shelves, think about separating all the books that fall into the categories we mentioned. This way you will declutter your bookshelves and make more space for new books that you’re planning to read.

declutter booksPhoto by Jeroen den Otter on Unsplash

Donate things.

Donating has a positive effect on our lives. If you’re done with decluttering things in order to be happier in 2021, consider donating them to charities. Money is not the only way to help someone. Many things you don't use would mean a lot to someone.

When decluttering your home, use some boxes for new clothes or things that are in good condition. If you’re wondering what to donate, you can donate anything that is not heavily damaged, useless, or personalized. For example, you can declutter your kitchen, wardrobe, garage, living room, and donate things such as clothes, shoes, tools, appliances, gadgets, and even food.

Are you done decluttering? It’s time for new purchases!

What’s the best thing when it comes to decluttering? New purchases of course! But wait a minute, this does not mean that you should buy everything from the winter sale. Ask yourself a question before you make a purchase: Is that something I really need?

Obviously, you’re going to buy new things – things that you actually need. If you buy tons of new clothes after decluttering, you’ll accumulate a new pile again. What’s the point of decluttering if you buy some things that you’re never going to use, just because they’re cheap? Think about buying something you really need or something meaningful. That’s the only way to being truly satisfied.

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