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Don’t forget to pack these things before your next trip

Don’t forget to pack these things before your next trip

You have already packed your suitcase, but you feel like something is missing. It’s common to have a strange feeling that you forgot to pack something useful and important for a trip. It happens to everyone before traveling, even if they stick to the packing checklist.

No matter how many checklists you make and how experienced you are, there is always the probability that you will forget something at home. If this is something you hate and want to prepare well for on your next trip, here are some things you shouldn’t forget to pack before your next trip.

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Photo by averie woodard on Unsplash

Luggage tags

People often forget to mark their luggage before traveling. Even though you know what your luggage looks like, it often happens that your luggage is lost or replaced during the flight. In order to not lose luggage, don’t forget to pack luggage tags. Most suitcases already come with name tags and you just have to fill them in.

In case you don’t have luggage tags, make sure you get some before your next trip. Fill the tags with your name, email address, phone number, and any other personal information. This is a small, yet useful thing you should always take with you on a trip, regardless of the size of the luggage. 

Hand sanitizer & antibacterial wipes

Because of the impact of coronavirus, hand sanitizers, and antibacterial wipes have become an indispensable part of all kinds of travel. Whether you travel by car, bus, or plane, it is now more important than ever to maintain a high level of hygiene. Washing and disinfecting your hands while traveling will keep you safe from viruses.

The WHO recommends frequent hand washing to prevent illness, but water-soap hand washing isn’t always readily available, so keeping a hand sanitizer or antibacterial wipes in your handbag can help a lot. Make sure to pack an alcohol-based hand sanitizer before the trip. You can use antibacterial wipes to clean your hands or clean the germ-infested tray table on a plane. They don't take up much space, so they can help you a lot.

Reusable water bottle

A reusable water bottle is something that every traveler should have.  Not only is a reusable water bottle sturdier than a plastic store-bottle, but it also keeps your drink fresh and cool way longer, while also keeping the hot plastic taste away. Besides, you can always refill your reusable water bottle. You don’t have to look for a store and wait in line to buy a bottle of water. Just make sure to get an appropriate sized bottle that fits easily in your purse or bag. 

Photo by Globelet Reusable on Unsplash

Rain gear

Even if you’ve checked the 10-day weather forecast for the place you’re traveling to, you can never know for sure whether it will rain or not. Rain can change your mood and schedule during the trip, especially if you didn’t bring some rain gear with you. Don’t forget to pack some shoes, clothes, and a small umbrella or raincoat before your next trip. Various travel-sized raincoats can fit in your pocket. Who knows, it might save your day!


You packed sneakers, shoes, high heels, and now you need to pack slippers too. That really takes up a lot of space. Instead of packing various slippers, consider bringing flip-flops. Flip-flops are compact and lightweight so you can pack them everywhere. Besides, you can wear them anywhere, like in your room or at swimming pools, shared bathrooms, and wherever you need extra foot protection.

Phone charger

it is impossible to imagine traveling without a mobile phone. We use the phone to communicate with other people, take photos, listen to music, use online maps of places we travel to, and do many other things. To make sure your phone always has enough battery during the trip, don’t forget to pack a charger. But don't rely on a standard cable charger because you can not use it everywhere. For complete safety, while traveling, you need wireless chargers.

A wireless charger, such as Veho TA-8, is a unique product that works like an extension of your car and is a ultra-fast wireless charger. Veho TA-8 features Qi fast wireless charging and infrared sensor enabling, one-handed mounting, which allows you to focus on driving while it takes care of the rest. It’s compatible with all iPhones and Android smartphones with Qi wireless technology. Before you go on your next trip, get this amazing gadget and other unique products in BREO BOX summer subscription box!



Laundry bag

It's extremely annoying when you don't know where to put dirty laundry during the trip. Even if you manage to pack dirty clothes in your suitcase somehow, just one dirty sock or wet towel can turn all your luggage into a mess (not to mention the smell). Next time you go on a vacation, don’t forget to pack at least one laundry bag. You can buy some nice laundry bags for traveling at the dollar store. It is very useful, it does not take up much space, and it will separate clean things from dirty ones.

Small travel iron

No matter how precisely you arrange shirts and dresses in a suitcase when you arrive at the hotel, most things will be creased. This is why a small travel iron is something you shouldn’t forget to pack in your suitcase. A standard small travel iron has a few fabric heating levels and it is about the size of a computer mouse. It’s a compact device for travelers and businessmen who need to remove the wrinkles from clothing. Travel irons are among the best travel gadgets you should get in 2020.

First aid kit

It’s always better safe than sorry. Think about packing a first aid kit in your suitcase before your next trip. Wherever you go, you never know what can happen. If it’s a new location, maybe you won’t know where to get any first aid supplies if you’re in a hurry. Unfortunately, accidents happen no matter where you are, and this is why it’s a good idea to have a first aid kit in your bag. It doesn’t have to be a bag full of antibiotics, but make sure you have some basic items like painkillers, bandages, antibiotic cream, eye drops, tweezers, allergy meds, and such. 

Photo by Sebastian on Unsplash

Going out outfit

Whether you are going on vacation or a business trip, you never know if someone will invite you out. This is why it’s a smart idea to pack an outfit or two for going out. One formal dress and a pair of shoes won't take up much space in your suitcase, and you’ll be ready for potential special occasions and a night out.

If you bring only casual clothes, and someone suddenly invites you out for a drink, not only will you spend money and time looking for an outfit, but you will also be exposed to additional stress. Additional stress is something you don’t need at all while you’re on a vacation. 


While you can pay with credit cards almost anywhere in the world, don't risk it too much. You never know what might happen. Maybe the ATM breaks down. The restaurant may not allow card payments. You may need cash urgently. Besides, you can avoid possible ATM fees by withdrawing enough cash before you go on a trip. Cash is usually one of the only forms of payment that is accepted almost everywhere, and don’t forget to have some cash for tipping an excellent service. 


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