Easy goals to accomplish before the end of the year

Easy goals to accomplish before the end of the year

New Year is almost here! But, you don’t have to wait for making a New Year’s resolution list to accomplish your goals. And, to be honest, usually, most of New Year’s resolutions and goals aren’t fulfilled because we don’t stick to them. The reason why we don’t stick to them is that we often set up some unreal goals or something we aren’t able to achieve. Since there are a month and a half until the New Year, you still have enough time to accomplish some goals! That’s quite enough time to accomplish several small goals or a big one.

When it comes to New Year, the most common resolutions and goals are losing weight, quit smoking, saving more money and others. If we’ve mentioned some of your goals, then you should know they require months and maybe a year to accomplish. Think about some simple and real goals to accomplish before the end of the year. And if you can’t decide, check our list!

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Get a planner

If you decide to accomplish a few small goals, you can easily forget to follow the steps to achieve them. Start accomplishing goals before the end of the year, with getting a planner first. Get organized! Write down your goals, and decide the steps to achieve each day. Cross out each step you take and accomplish, so you can follow your progress until the last day of the year. There are many cute and personalized planners you can buy and use as a tool to accomplish goals before the end of 2019. And if you like personalized stuff, check our lifestyle subscription boxes.  

Spend more time on doing things that make you happy

This is a simple goal to achieve, and even though it may look plain and unattractive, it can beautify the end of the year for you. And, definitely improve your life in the New Year. If this year was stressful and not so great, don’t give up. You still have enough time to do the things that make you happy. That doesn’t have to be something big or expensive. Go for long car rides. Learn a new language. Sing in the rain. Paint, write, dance. Enjoy whatever makes you happy. And don’t forget to make others happy. Find the best gift for the husband or the best gift for his wife. Search for unique anniversary gift ideas, or surprise your employees with the best corporate gifts.

Attend lots of concerts

Winter holiday time is when most concerts happen. And there must be the one you want to attend. You certainly have favorite bands and artists you haven’t seen live yet. Instead of wasting money on tons of clothes, attend lots of concerts! Concerts are always part of our happy memories. Besides, you can see one of the local artists from your hometown live and support them. 

Create a morning routine

If you’ve been lazy the whole year, you still have enough time to change that. Set up a goal to create a morning routine. Make sure to go to bed earlier and get a good sleep. Try to wake up at the same time every day. Repeat your new morning routine and you’ll see how better and organized you’ll be. Besides, no more rushing in the morning. And you won’t be late for work again. 

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Update your Linkedin

Instead of posting tons of selfies on Instagram and Facebook, do something good for your career. Update your Linkedin profile. There must be new work experience and skills you’ve learned this year. Refresh your profile by adding these things and let others see your professional growth. Even if you’re not looking for a job, it’s always good to have an updated business profile. 

Save some money

Black November and Christmas sale is almost here, and you want those dresses you’ve been looking at for a while? Try saving $20 a week for the next 6 weeks and you’ll have an extra $120 before the end of the year to buy something you want. And, if your budget allows you to save more, that’s awesome! Try not to overbuy these weeks and it will payout.

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Drink more water

Are you one of those who often forget to drink water, too? Well, drinking enough water and staying hydrated all day is a problem for most people today. And no, coffee and energy drinks don’t count. Try to drink 64 ounces of water per day and before the end of the year, you’ll have more energy, get clearer skin and feel better.

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Learn a new skill

You absolutely have enough time before the end of the year to learn new skills! You can take an intensive language course, learn how to paint, skateboard, or anything that interests you. The possibilities are endless, but make up your mind fast. Also, you might find your new hobby along the way! That doesn’t need to be something about skills, you can learn to do yoga and do something great for your body, not just mind. Our subscription boxes often provide the best gadgets and unique products for yoga lovers.

Clean your closet

Winter sales are almost here, and your closet is in a mess. Set up a new goal – “Clean your closet NOW”! Get your closet in order right now and get rid of things you didn’t wear this year. Make more space for new clothes and see what you really need. Besides, starting your day with an organized closet will allow you to prepare easier for work or night out.

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