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Eleven amazing benefits of drinking tea you didn’t know

Eleven amazing benefits of drinking tea you didn’t know

It's been known that tea has many benefits to our body, the body, and the mind. This is why tea has been an integral part of traditional medicine, especially in many Asian countries. After being imported to Western from Asia, as a way to treat the cold and flu, tea has become more popular than ever. To date, nothing has changed.

Tea is still the most used remedy for fighting sneezing and cold symptoms. But these are not all the benefits of drinking tea. We’ll show you the amazing benefits of drinking tea you didn’t know. And you don’t have an excuse, no matter the season, tea is a great beverage, served iced or hot. Let’s begin!

benefit of drinking tea

Tea has anti-inflammatory effects

It is known that tea has anti-inflammatory effects. Just remember how many cups of tea you’re drinking when being sick. Inflammation is the root of almost all chronic diseases. But, the antioxidant polyphenols in tea act as inflammation fighters. The EGCG in green tea is as much 100 times more potent than the antioxidant power of vitamin C! Less lemonade, more green tea next time when you get sick!

Tea keeps you hydrated all-day 

Yes, the water is an essential thing for hydrating the body, but some scientists believe that drinking tea could be equally useful. Although high in caffeine, tea is still great for hydration as it provides a rich and flavorsome source of water. Still, don’t fully replace water with tea. To stay hydrated all day, subscribe to our newest lifestyle subscription box and get unique products for carrying tea.

Have the nicest smile as a benefit of drinking tea 

Drinking a lot of coffee, energy drinks and eating sweets have bad effects on our mouth and teeth. According to Japanese researches, tea can decrease teeth loss, because tea changes the Ph in the mouth and prevents cavities. As tea contains fluoride, it can also improve bacterial populations in the mouth and bolster tooth enamel. Drink tea and you will reduce the risk of periodontal disease, cavities, and possibly even oral cancer. Tea set can be the best gift for your wife or the best gift for your husband. 

Tea improves insulin sensitivity

Good news for those suffering from diabetes. Some types of tea, such as green tea, may help to reduce complications from diabetes. Tea can improve insulin sensitivity, protect pancreatic cells from further damage, and decrease inflammation. Drinking tea can regulate your blood sugar level and control diseases such as type 2 diabetes. Besides, black tea has been shown to reduce blood sugar levels after having a meal. 

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Tea reduces the risk of heart disease 

Living busy and stressed nowadays, requires people to sleep less and drink a lot of coffee and energy drinks, which have bad effects on their health, especially heart. Drinking tea can improve the blood flow around the body, by widening key arteries and reducing the risk of clots. Tea is full of antioxidants - ‘flavonoids’, which slow down the onset and risk of heart disease. Tea contains anti-inflammatory properties that help to soothe tissue in arteries. It also helps people to minimize the risk of the inflammation that can restrict blood circulation, to decrease high blood pressure and lower cholesterol, and decrease the risk of a heart attack.

Replace coffee with tea with less caffeine

If you drink coffee too much, it can have adverse effects on your body, heart, stomach, teeth and more. Try to do something better for your health and replace drinking coffee with tea. Herbal tea has no caffeine, while traditional teas have less than 50% of what coffee contains. This means that you can consume it without pesky effects on your nervous system. 

Lose weight just by drinking tea 

If you’re trying to lose some weight, and you don’t have much time to go to the gym, drink tea! Green tea is proven to helps weight loss thanks to its chemical composition. It contains amino acids that signal the body to burn stored fat. Green tea has enough caffeine to boost your energy so you can work more efficiently than usual. This statement is proven in Asian countries, where green tea has always been a popular weight loss supplement. For example, Wu long or oolong tea is a Chinese tea said to be the best for losing weight and boosting the body’s immune system. The difference between green tea and wu long tea is that wu long tastes sweet instead of grassy.

Tea boosts fertility

Tea can be a solution for those who fight against infertility. Some medical studies from 2018 have shown that infertility is heavily influenced by the degree of oxidative stress in reproductive tissues. Tea contains the polyphenols that have anti-inflammatory and potent antioxidant effects. Therefore, tea can improve fertility in both men and women. If you are planning to become pregnant, drink tea! Looking for health and the best gadgets? Check our subscription box. 

Drink tea and boost your memory power

Many scientists around the world claim that some kinds of tea, such as green tea, can strengthen memory cells in the brain, and offer protection from the development of dementia and even Alzheimer’s Disease. No wonder why seniors drink tea a lot.

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Drinking tea helps people to beat cancer

People who are treated for cancer eat only healthy food and drink a lot of tea. This is because Some high-profile studies have shown that drinking tea could seriously help chances of avoiding and fighting cancer. Reports indicate that prostate, mouth, and breast cancer cases are much lower amongst those who regularly drink five or more cups of tea a day.

Tea improves mental health

If you are drinking tea every day, you have a lower risk of getting a neurological disease and being overstressed. Green tea prevents cognitive decline associated with brain diseases such as Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's. Tea has natural calming effects on our body and mind because it contains antioxidants that work to prevent oxidative stress, which can damage healthy cells. Antioxidants in tea eliminate free radicals caused by pollution and other factors, which can cause oxidative stress. Oxidative stress may lead to dementia and depression.

Photo by Joanna KosinskaThuan Pham on Unsplash


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