Eleven best gifts for sleepyheads

Eleven best gifts for sleepyheads

Wondering what to buy someone who likes to sleep? We'll show you the perfect gifts for sleepyheads! Check out our Eleven best gifts list!

1. Hoodie Pillow

Are you tired of poor quality neck pillows for traveling? Want something more comfortable during the trip and more privacy during airline travel? If so, this navy - Hoodie pillow for traveling, made of luxury memory foam is a perfect gift for you. As it fits for every neck, you can just relax and forget about headache and neck pain!

2. U Shaped Total Body Support Pillow

When it comes to extremely high levels of comfort during sleep, our favorite is U shaped total body support pillow. Not only does it provide optimum support for upper and lower extremities, but also a solution to fibromyalgia – a disorder that affects the muscles and soft tissue. Although it is specially designed for people with spinal disorders, this pillow can be used by adults and children who want a comfortable sleep, as well as a pregnancy pillow to support a woman’s bump. You can use this pillow to sit or sleep in various positions on the bed, floor or sofa.

3. Smart Home Light Switch Clapper

Forget about wandering around the dark room looking for the light switch. With the wireless wall clapper switch, you’ll change your everyday life. This is a perfect smart home technology device, with a 120 V wall plug, that fits all rooms in your house. Besides wireless home/away settings, this device has clap sound activation. With just one clap of your hand, you can turn the lights on/off. Cool, isn’t it?

4. The Runaway Alarm Clock

Are you of those sleepy heads who are hard to wake up? If you are one of those who postpone the alarm every 5 minutes, so they're always late, this product will change your habits. With a runaway alarm clock, you’ll get up on time because this clock is really running away! As it got wheels, this clock is able to jump from a 3-foot high nightstand and run in various directions in your room, while it keeps beeping until you get up and turn it off. Of course, you can set up and control snooze time. No worries for heavy sleepers, as this clock offers extremely loud sounds!

5. Flying Alarm Clock

Another cool gadget for heavy sleepers! Surely you won’t be able to ignore the flying alarm that beeps around your bed. So you’ll have to get out of bed and catch it to turn it off. No more heavy sleeping!

6. Laser Alarm Clock

Another cool gadget for heavy sleepers. If you want to turn off the alarm sound you’ll have to aim a laser beam at the red center of the target. Pretty hard, is not it?

7. Step on a mat – alarm clock

The principle is very simple. If you want to turn off the alarm you will have to get out of bed and step on it. This alarm is loud so it needs to sense your pressure for 3 seconds until it stops beeping.

8. Danger Bomb alarm clock

Danger bomb is a clever alarm clock which will not only force you to get out of bed, but also to think as soon as you wake up! If you want to turn off this alarm, you’ll have to follow the code which resets every day. You must choose between 3 different colors and the answer will be shown by the light of the color. If you fail to switch off the bomb, the clock will continue to make explosion sounds.

9. Pillow Talk Diffuser

Make a pleasant and relaxing sleeping atmosphere in your room with a pillow talk diffuser. Gentle notes of lavender and refreshing ginger will make you sleep like a baby. Our custom-blended essential oils will satisfy your taste whether you like wood or powder notes. Fragrances specially designed to fit into every corner of your home were put in glass vessels in matte colors.

10. Onesie pajama

Tired of your regular nightwear? Try onesie pajamas! This is adorable, fluffy one suit pajama, ideal for both men and women. Forget about wearing more pieces of pajamas, just zip up in a plush material soft to touch and keep warm.

11. Ostrich Travel Pillow

This interesting-looking pillow is ideal for traveling via airplanes, cars, and other vehicles. It’s made of microbeads and allergy-proof material to provide maximum comfort and safety during the trip. It contains also 5% elastomer that allows the pillow to adjust everyone's neck. Its comfortable texture will provide you a peaceful and quality sleep whether you are traveling or taking a nap at home.

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