Eliminate boredom with these tips

Eliminate boredom with these tips

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Who would have thought that boredom could be one of the main problems we face? To prevent the spread of coronavirus and avoid infection, many people now tend to stay at home and do not enjoy the activities that they once did.

However, being stuck at home for weeks, not to mention months, can lead to boredom. A 2017 study has shown that from 30 to 90 percent of Americans reported feeling bored at some point in a typical day. Also, young Americans seem particularly vulnerable, with surveys showing 91 to 98 percent reporting daily bouts of boredom. “Doing nothing”, “studying” and “working” were the activities most commonly associated with boredom.

While for most people boredom is just a passing feeling, for other people, boredom can be a danger. For example, easily bored people are at higher risk for depression, anxiety, drug addiction, alcoholism, compulsive gambling, eating disorders, anger, and more. If boredom is something that bothers you these days, here are some tips on how to eliminate boredom and enjoy quarantine at home:

Find what's under the boredom

Before you start doing various activities to eliminate boredom, find what’s under the boredom first. As we mentioned above, boredom can lead to depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and more. This is why you need to find out why you are bored every day.

Maybe there’s some big problem beneath the surface, and maybe it’s not a big deal. No one can tell you exactly why you are bored, you have to find out for yourself. Sometimes the boredom you’re feeling is just caused by lack of sleep. Take a short nap and think about boredom later.

Decide what you really want to do 

“Doing nothing” is what actually leads to boredom. This is why you have to decide what you really want to do today. Don’t be lazy. Don’t check your social media accounts every 5 seconds. Decide to do something meaningful today. The first step to killing boredom is to find out what you really want to do. This does not necessarily require a great effort. You can bake cookies, draw, make origami, or write a song.

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Re-design and clean your home 

Sometimes a little physical effort is needed to get rid of boredom. If you’re feeling bored today, there is something around your home that needs work. It’s the perfect time to re-design or clean your place. If the very thought of cleaning your house when you're bored terrifies you, try to do some small, useful work. You can re-organize your closet or bookshelves, or buy some Xmas decorations to re-design your home for the holidays.

Learn new skills

Out of boredom, something beautiful can appear. Instead of boredom, choose quality time. Use that time to learn something new. Acquiring new skills and knowledge can kill boredom and improve your life.

For instance, learning a foreign language is better than “doing nothing”. Learn to paint, play an instrument, take online Italian cuisine classes, or even learn a programming language. The possibilities are amazing and can bring you many benefits to your job or life.

Stay active

Boredom is no excuse not to get up from the couch all day. Your mind may be bored, but your body wants you to stay active. Exercising or meditating is one of the effective weapons against boredom. This is extremely important now when we spend our free time at home instead of outside.

But you don’t need to go outside to stay active. Do 10 minutes of aerobic or meditation workouts and that will boost your energy and endorphins. You will stay active and your brain will be stimulated to come up with new ideas. Besides, there’s nothing wrong with walking outside with a mask on. However, you can always find out how to exercise indoors on the Internet.

Make a movie night

A movie marathon with the family is quality time spent. It will also help you forget about boredom. If you’re feeling bored these days, make a movie night. You can re-watch your favorite movies or find something new to watch with family members. But if nothing comes to mind, you can always stream many movies for free through services like Netflix.

Try gardening

Gardening is a great way to avoid boredom. This activity can be good for your physical and emotional wellbeing, whether it’s indoor or outdoor. According to USA studies, gardening improves your mood and increases your self-esteem.

When people spend time in a garden, their anxiety levels drop and they feel less depressed. If you are lucky to have a backyard, possibilities for gardening are endless. But if you’re living in an apartment, you can choose a smart garden. Smart gardens are great for indoor gardening, and you can start by planting some herbs like basil, which you can use later in cooking. 

Make plans for upcoming trips

Unfortunately, many of us are forced to stay at home instead of traveling due to the coronavirus pandemic, but that doesn’t mean you can’t plan new trips! You may be stuck inside, but now you have much time to plan trips and events for the next year. Let’s be optimistic! Check out music festivals, summer trips, or other great events and plan everything to the details. Not only will you not be bored, but you will be very excited.

Make gifts 

Everyone feels bored sometimes. If your friend or family member feels bored, and you want to help him, make him a gift. Holidays are almost here, so now is the perfect time to think about gifts. 

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