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13 Ways to find a memorable gift for anyone

13 Ways to find a memorable gift for anyone

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We don't buy a gift to show off. We buy gifts to create memorable moments. And how do we find a memorable gift? Easy, just follow our steps below. 

Don’t buy what you like.

The first and most important rule is - buy a gift for others, not for yourself. People often buy what they like and imply that others will like it too. Why would someone be thrilled by a kimono because it thrills you? You won’t be able to find a memorable gift for anyone thinking this way. 

Take your time.

The second thing about finding a memorable gift is that you must take your time. You may already have in mind what you want to give to a dear person, but do not rush. Who knows, maybe something better will come to your mind. Maybe you find that gift at a better price or a better version of the gift - this particularly applies to gadgets.

Make a list of all the things the person is interested in.

If you already have a budget for a gift, take a piece of paper and pencil in hand. It's time to write a list of things that the recipient is very interested in. Write down as many things as you can.

Anime, Italian cuisine, knitting, painting, Game of Thrones, cats, pyramids-literally write everything that comes to mind in a few minutes. Then single out the things that the person likes the most. Think about what the person already owns and is related to that topic? Let's say a person loves coffee, what do you think they need for coffee? This way, you will easily reach the ideal gift.

Quality Time.

You know, sometimes the perfect gift is nothing material, but rather, the time the recipient spends with you. This is especially true for couples and family members. You may not be able to go on a coronavirus trip now, but there are still a million things you can do together. Have a picnic or spend an interesting day in a national park. Choose something you both enjoy and let the adventure begin.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

What thing are they saving money for?

Be smart. Think about it, what has your friend been talking about for months? What is he saving money for? There must be such a thing. If your budget is enough for that - great, and if it is not, it is completely okay to offer part of the money to help towards your friend's wish. Not only will the person be glad that you offered something like that, but that you listened to them when they talked about their desires.

A gift card is a friend in need.

Some people do not feel comfortable giving money to others. For this reason, it is always a better option to give a gift card. When you buy someone a gift card, you’re giving them a choice to buy exactly what they want. It’s a perfect way to provide a flexible gift that anyone can enjoy. Just wrap it in a fancy gift card holder and add a special note.

If you are not sure about the type of gift, consider a topic.

Not sure if you should buy someone a T-shirt, coffee, salt, headphones, a picture, or a skateboard? Are you sure that person loves all those things, but you don't know what a gift to remember would be? In that case, think about the topics that get them excited. A T-shirt with a print of your favorite band or a book on astronomy is a fantastic gift in that case.

Photo by Ravi Palwe on Unsplash

Don’t buy an experience or a trip if the person doesn’t have the time or days off to do so. 

Giving someone a trip to an exotic island or acting classes is fantastic if that person has time for it. What’s the point of giving someone a trip they didn’t plan and have no days off for it? If you are already planning this type of gift, make sure you find out if that person has something planned for those dates.

Gift practical plants, not luxury flowers. 

Luxurious and exotic flowers are something beautiful, but they last a short time. If you want to be a great gift-giver, choose practical plants over flashy flowers. The flowers will wither and the glow will disappear, and the recipient must then throw away the gift. Well, that's not such a good gift, is it? Plants are gifts that can last forever. Even small flower pots can be kept in the apartment. 

Photo by Kaufmann Mercantile on Unsplash

Did nothing work? Ask them what they want.

If you are convinced that you have tried everything and you are spent on all your ideas and nothing has worked, then you have only one option left – ask them what they want. People want to be unique and surprise someone with an extraordinary gift, but sometimes it’s a better option to ask what that person needs. While there will be no element of surprise, a person can have the hype of getting what they want for a very long time. It’s the simplest way to make a person happy with a gift.

Don’t overthink it and stress yourself.

People think too much about the perfect gift for all occasions starting from a Birthday, Valentine's Day, Christmas, weddings, and even promotions, making it unnecessary stress for themselves. Due to too much thinking and hurry around to buy gifts, people often fail and buy an unnecessary gift or even a bad gift.

But, think about it: what are the chances of really buying a terrible gift for someone you know? Even if it is a chocolate, a drink, or a book by a writer he does not know, the recipient will feel some level of appreciation. The whole point is to show attention, so don't stress yourself. 

Always make sure the gift is nicely wrapped. 

And of course, when choosing a gift, don't forget to wrap it nicely. Beautiful decorative papers are available everywhere and suit every budget. In addition, if you do not have the skills, you can pay a professional to pack your gift.

Still, you can be creative and wrap the gift in something crazy or unexpected. Imagine the recipient getting a bag of chips or coffee, and there is something inside that he wanted. The element of surprise will also lead to great laughter.

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