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Five golden rules you need to know about giving

Five golden rules you need to know about giving

Whether it's a birthday, a party, graduation, a New Year's Eve celebration or a holiday, people are competing in who will buy a more original and better gift. It's the same old story every year. We spend hours and days looking for the best gift for husband, the best gift for wife, kids, friends, colleagues, and so on. We're wasting our time looking for original and expensive gifts instead to focus on what the recipient likes and what he/she needs.

If you are trying to find the most interesting gift ideas, take a moment to discover the five gift rules and end up with a perfect gift idea for the next celebration! We will present the 5 golden rules that are easy to remember, you have no excuse but to start doing!

gift rules

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1. It’s not your birthday.

The first and most important rule in which people usually fail is to choose a gift for themselves instead of others. Even if you consider this obvious, people just can’t stop forgetting about this rule. Remember, if you want to buy the perfect gift, don’t buy it for yourself. It’s not about you, it’s about that special someone. Just because you like cooking or listening to hip hop, doesn’t mean that the recipient loves them, too. How would you feel if your comic book-obsessed friend gave you a comic book and you don’t even read them? You would feel stupid and you’d think that your friend didn't know you at and didn't even care about your birthday. Besides, spending a lot of money on buying luxury gifts won’t make you stand out in the crowd, but it will show that you didn’t put much effort into the gift. Anyone with a lot of money can buy an expensive watch or jewelry, but is it really something that a celebrator likes?

2. Choose something meaningful over something expensive.

Instead of searching for the most luxurious gifts, try thinking about something meaningful. It’s high time to break old habits of buying expensive and meaningless presents that no one wants. The research done by has shown that 41% of respondents said that they prefer gifts that are personalized over expensive ones. Gifting is about caring. Choosing a gift means you care about who will be receiving it. Think about what they like and what they need. Maybe you’re able to fulfill their wish by giving them something they want the most. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Maybe they need a new edition of their favorite book or big chocolate cake from the local store? Sometimes a frame with pictures of moments you were sharing together is more meaningful and priceless compared to an expensive bracelet.

3. Think before choosing a gift.

You know how they say - the road to hell is paved with good intentions. If your friend has gained some weight and you want to help him/her lose weight, it doesn’t mean that you need to buy a book with recipes for weight loss or funny gifts for fat people. Although your intentions were good, your friend may be offended and embarrassed. This is why you should think before you buy a gift. Although we are all different, here are some examples that you should avoid when it comes to gifts

  • Weight loss books, products, mugs with jokes and exercise equipment
  • Just about any “How to” books
  • Outdated movies and gadgets
  • Budgeting tools for those who have trouble with finances
  • Alarm clock for those who are constantly late
  • Books, videos, or products that conflict with that person’s opinions and views

4. Make it personal!

If you want to delight your special person, make the present more personal! You don’t have to be the most creative person in the world to surprise someone with a personalized gift box. Think about your special moments with the recipient. You can choose to take photos of the places you have been together or write down jokes and nicknames you gave to each other. Just take some time to design your gift box. You can wrap the box in lovely paper and add a gift card with a personal note. This will show the recipient how much you care about him and make your gift even more special.

personal gift

5. Regift rule(s).

What do you think about regifting? It’s a great way to save some money, and a cool thing if you don’t have enough budget to buy a gift.

If you consider regifting for the next celebration, make sure you follow the rules below! First rule about regifting is to know WHAT can be regifted. It’s not cool to regift everything. It’s not okay to regift food. Regifting drinks, such as a bottle of wine is okay, but don’t try to regift old cookies or chocolate. This also applies to outdated gadgets, opened CDs and something from second-hand. New household items, bath products, unopened gift boxes, new books, clothes with tags, unopened perfume are something you can regift. If you want to regift something you’ve received, make sure you rewrap the whole present – the box, the gift paper, and the packaging. Don’t regift something your friend won’t like. Imagine how would you feel if you got something really meaningless? If you are not sure that your friend is going to like the gift, you can regift it to charity. The most important thing about regifting is to remove the signed gift card or the price tag.

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subscription box

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