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Practical Gift Ideas for Entrepreneurs 2021

Entrepreneurs and businessmen are people who know what they want and what they need. For this reason, it is very demanding and complicated to find a suitable gift for entrepreneurs. To pleasantly surprise an entrepreneur with a gift, you must either know him well or know the latest tech trends. If an entrepreneur is about to have a birthday and you want to surprise him with a practical gift, our article can help you a lot. Let's get started!

To Stay in Touch: Wireless Charging Power Bank.

We believe that no person is comfortable when the battery on their phone is running low, especially entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs and businessmen are often on the move, and using the internet drains a lot of battery power. For this reason, wireless chargers can be a great and practical gift for them.

Power banks and portable chargers are very practical gadget for all people. When managing a startup, devices like phones, tablets, and laptops quickly become an essential lifeline to carry out tasks. Wireless chargers provide added convenience and flexibility throughout the working day which is exactly what an entrepreneur is looking for. 

Keep it Classy: Business Magazine Subscription.

If you want to keep it classy and surprise an entrepreneur with something practical on a daily, monthly, or annual basis, choose a business magazine subscription as a gift. Magazine subscriptions are great gifts because many entrepreneurs don't have the time to subscribe to magazines on their own. Business magazines will provide entrepreneurs with the latest information and ideas that are useful.
Also, many business magazines can be the perfect fit for the entrepreneur you’re going to surprise. It’s a cool and practical gift for anyone who wants to keep up with business trends. Lastly, if subscription gifts look cool to you, check out subscription boxes!

Entrepreneurs always prefer to have the best gadgets and cool tech things, so consider getting him/her BREO sub BOX. BREO BOX represents a seasonal subscription box for both men and women, designed to include the coolest and most unique products that you probably never knew you needed. You get the chance to experience the latest tech, gadgets, and other unique products to enhance your lifestyle.

For Smart Office: Smart Plug.

Wouldn't it be fun to be able to control the devices in your office with your voice? Smart plugs can make your space smart, but also provide you with fun by utilizing them and a voice assistant such as Alexa or Google Assistant. This way you will be able to turn on the lights or the microwave from your office chair.

Besides, entrepreneurs can use smart plugs to feed their pets while they’re away. There are automatic feeders that they can pair with smart plugs to feed pets remotely. Automatic feeders are programmable and have a WiFi connection, so they can control them via a mobile app. By plugging the power adapter into a smart plug, they will be able to turn the pet feeder on/off remotely wherever you are. 

Casalink Smart Wifi Plugs (2-pack) is a WiFi-enabled smart plug that is practical and designed to keep you connected to lamps, bulbs, fans, devices, and all the things you use often in your home. Plug the device you want into Casalink, view on the mobile application and set a schedule, or automatically control it. Whether you forgot to turn off the lights or the computer, or you want the iron to heat up when you get home, a smart gadget can do it for you - you're just one click away from it. Get it in our winter subscription box.

To Keep Office Clean and Safe: Lume UV.

Now during the coronavirus pandemic, it is very important that the offices are constantly clean and disinfected. Because of this, a gadget that will serve to disinfect the workspace can be a very practical gift for entrepreneurs.

Using disinfectants can lower the risk of getting an infection. Lume UV Wand is the best gadget you can afford this winter. It’s 99% effective against germs and bacteria! Just press the power button turn on the UVC LED lights and simply wave the wand over the surface you want to sanitize, about 1-2 inches from the surface, and germs and viruses are gone in 10 seconds!!

Besides, you can use it outdoors too. Lume is lightweight and easy to carry outside so you can disinfect shopping carts or restaurant seats. This amazing product can be yours if you check our winter subscription box pre-order now!

Lume Uv wand

Coffee Cookie – The Best Gadget for Coffee Lovers.

We're not sure if an entrepreneur could start the day without a cup of coffee? Coffee is a great way to kickstart the day and be more productive in the morning. Let's assume that the entrepreneur you want to surprise already has his favorite coffee mug.

If your entrepreneur has a favorite coffee mug, another one would be a useless gift. But there is something he can use with his favorite mug: The Coffee Cookie. It’s the world’s first rechargeable gadget designed to keep coffee hot on the go. This amazing product doubles the length of time your beverage stays at your preferred temperature, and it’s easy to use. Just place it on your favorite mug and you’re ready to go.

Coffee Cookie is about the size of a macaron and USB rechargeable. You can use it multiple times during the day with a 1hour charge. It fits in most standard cups and no cleaning is necessary! Surprise entrepreneurs with this gadget and other unique stuff in a winter subscription box.

Entrepreneur's Favorite Gadget: Earbuds.

For today’s entrepreneurs, it is very important that they always have quick access to technology. Wireless earbuds are the perfect entrepreneur gift because they guarantee hands-free access to calls, the internet, and music. Not only are they a great gadget for any person who loves technology and is on the go, but they are also very stylish and you can find exactly the ones that match the style of the person you are buying the gift for.

If this is your choice, we recommend The Palladium by LSTN Sound Co. The Palladium by LSTN Sound Co. can be yours for an even lower price with the winter subscription box!

Using the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, these earbuds are IPX4 water-resistant, have over a 3-hour battery life per charge, one step pairing, and crystal clear built-in microphone. They come in multiple ear tip sizes so that comfortable wearing in the ears is guaranteed. Hurry up and get the BREO BOX  and surprise your loved ones with the best gadgets and very unique products.

For Stylish Office: Essential Oil Diffuser.

Essential oil diffusers are practical and beautiful gifts that create a lovely scent and decorate your office. Diffusers create a beautiful scent that spreads throughout the office without giving off smoke as incense does! A stylish oil diffuser adding a beautiful aroma to your office will delight any entrepreneur or client.

Besides, oil diffusers are not meant to be just a part of décor. They can deliver aromatherapeutic benefits to the body and mind. Many people find that aromatherapy with certain essential oils can help promote relaxation and relieve stress and anxiety, which is exactly what entrepreneurs need at the office.

Something Special: Personalized Pen.

A gift for entrepreneurs that will never go out of fashion is a personalized pen. A personalized pen is a great practical gift for entrepreneurs of all ages and businesses. They are very useful, but also stylish. Every entrepreneur needs a pen for signing contracts and writing notes, even in today's high-tech business world.
A quality pen with custom engraving is a classic gift for every professional. You can engrave anything, starting with a name, initials, or an inspiring quote. This kind of gift is also affordable as you can pay around $10 each for a basic plastic pen and can run up to $25 to $35 for high-end pen sets with engraving. Moreover, personalized pens are a great gift for every occasion, such as signing a new contract, landing a new job, getting a promotion at work, and others.

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