Gifts idea you can give to your blogging friends

Gifts idea you can give to your blogging friends

Being a blogger is one of the most popular and newest professions today. Successful bloggers usually make large sums of money, so they can afford whatever they want and fulfill all their wishes easily. If you have a friend who is a blogger or you are a blogger, and you wonder what is the best gift for bloggers, we’ll show you the ultimate list of gift ideas bloggers really want.

Gifts for bloggers don’t have to be something personal. They need a lot of things for growing their business. New equipment, camera tools, and the best gadgets for shooting can be a great gift idea for bloggers. If you’re looking for some gifts, check out our list below! 

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1. Computer chair

Bloggers often make their videos in their rooms, so we can actually see their “workspace”. They usually have a professional table and a comfortable chair. So, if your friend is a blogger, a computer chair can be among the best gifts you can buy. Bloggers simply need a professional and comfortable chair and table where they can spend hours editing their videos.

2. Website hosting

Networks and social media are the most important part of a blogger’s job. Website hosting provides a safe space for their blog to live on the internet. Just make sure to get access to their hosting account to pay for their website hosting directly. If you want this to stay a secret surprise, buy a prepaid gift card and include a personalized note that says the gift is for website hosting! This is actually a very affordable gift for bloggers.

3. Traffic subscribers’ system

Traffic subscribers’ systems are the best gift for a friend who is a blogger. Blogger’s main goal is to achieve more subscribers and followers. Traffic subscribers’ system is the best tech gift for bloggers that contains the exact strategies that grew subscribers and followers over 10,000 or more!

4. Conference pass and tickets

Bloggers adore conferences and meetings! This is why conference passes and tickets can be among the most unique gift ideas for bloggers. Ticket prices vary but anything from $150 for a one day conference to around $500 for a big event like BlogWorld. You can choose what fits your budget. Your friend blogger will appreciate this gift as it will help him/her to make a great investment in their business to network and socialize.

5. Software products

Various software products can be the best gift for wife blogger! Voice recognition software can be used in a blogger’s room, where a blogger can use it hands-free and speed up the video editing, record some important notes and it can capture the word you say and type it on a computer. Photo and video editing software are also important for bloggers because they can greatly benefit from owning Adobe Photoshop and other programs for editing.

6. Subscription box

Our favorite and very unique gift for bloggers is the subscription box.

The surprise is the main characteristic of many lifestyle subscription boxes.  People are addicted to surprises and excitement when they see both personalized gift boxes and mystery boxes. Besides, bloggers adore unboxing, and you can see millions of videos on YouTube about unboxing their stuff and recommending products.

Imagine receiving a box on your name and feeling like it’s your birthday every month! Subscription boxes create a “curiosity gap” which makes receiving the box each month more satisfying. And to be honest, we are all curious when it comes to unboxing our gift or something unknown within a box. Of course, you can go shopping and buy what you want but there is no surprise factor in that. And a little extra, you will usually receive teaser products or sneak peeks’ that will stimulate your anticipation and curiosity of being a customer. More satisfaction!

Can I buy a fall subscription box as a gift?

The most exciting parts of birthdays and anniversaries are unboxing the gift. It’s great when you buy something you’re your friend always wanted, but if you add some surprise and curiosity factor, you will delight your friend more and he/she will be more excited. So, the answer is YES. Subscription gift service can help you with getting this gift for bloggers.

You can definitely get subscription boxes as a gift. They will be provided with an amazing service, fabulous products all wrapped up in a specially designed lifestyle box. And every time you don’t have an original idea and imagination to create a cool gift, you can choose subscription boxes! A company will do the job for you and deliver it straight to your door. You can relax while your perfect gift box is being created. And also, these boxes will come with a card detailing each item in the box, why it was selected, something about each product and instructions on how to use products.

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7. Coffee gift cards

Bloggers adore mugs and coffee specialized cups. The best gift for bloggers but also the best corporate gifts can be the coffee gift cards. Coffee shops like Starbucks, allow you to buy the gift cards. A gift card to Starbucks will be very well-appreciated by bloggers. Anyway, who doesn’t like Starbucks?

8. Blogging courses

In order to improve their business and get more subscribers and followers, bloggers need to grow, learn, and improve their skills constantly. This is why blogging courses are the best gift for bloggers. There are many interesting courses for bloggers, such as courses for improving their business, blog academy or affiliate marketing for bloggers.

9. Bath & Body Works, aromatherapy candles

Well, bloggers need to relax after hard-working. Bath & Body Works, aromatherapy candles are the perfect stress-relief gift for bloggers. These candles are made from the highest concentration of fragrance oils, an exclusive blend of soy-based wax and wicks that won’t burn out. They melt consistently & evenly, radiating enough fragrance to fill an entire bathroom.

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