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How to have a great kids' party

How to have a great kids' party

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Many parents make the mistake of thinking that pizza and a big cake are enough for a perfect children's birthday. Lots of hyped-up kids will come to the birthday party expecting amazing fun with friends. However, if you still want to make it a party-to-remember, follow our cool tips below!

Let your child be the team leader.

Remember it’s your kid’s party. Let your kid be in charge. Let your kid pick the party theme, choose the invites, food, drinks and activities. Kids like to have a good time, and your kid knows better on what other kids like to do.

Don’t invite too many kids!

Unless you have a large estate and employees who will look after the children, do not invite too many children to the birthday party. Having fun is one thing, but since they are children, you still have a responsibility. Ask your child who he wants to call, and let him know it is best to have about 10 people. Of course, it all depends on the age of your child.

Create amazing party invitations.

Birthday invitations are never out of fashion. No matter how old we are, we all love to receive invitations and we gladly keep them. Texting or emailing a parent is perfectly acceptable, but make sure to give kids invitations.

In addition, you do not have to buy invitations, you can decorate them with your child. Just remember that every invitation must contain the following: Date and time, venue, and if any of the kids attending have allergies, intolerances, or customs (i.e. they don’t eat pork or beef, vegetarian).

Choose the perfect time.

Well, most likely you cannot throw a party at midnight as they are just kids, right? Make sure to choose the perfect time in advance. Children often have activities on Saturday mornings, and younger kids tend to need a nap. Also, having the party after school may not be the best option. Choose the weekend, but plan a month in advance.

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Find the best location.

Now that you have chosen the time and day, choose the perfect location. If the children are small and go to school, do not have a party somewhere where they will have to travel. If possible, make it at home or rent a space near the house. If there is no such option, talk to the teachers about whether it is possible to organize something within the school.

Don’t forget the decorations.

A fun and beautifully decorated space is what children adore on birthdays. If your kid has a favorite theme, movie, or superhero, you can search for such party decorations, including cups, balloons, plates, and others. Of course, balloons and funny plates are a must. You can decorate the party table, set a few piñatas, rainbow party streamers, tableware, cards, cakes, and more.

Keep the food simple and delicious.

Sushi, pasta, and exotic dishes are great for entertaining parents, but not for children. Kids love to eat things they're used to. We all know how kids avoid eating vegetables. So, make sure to keep the food simple and delicious.

Before you even start, ask parents whether their child is allergic to any foods or has any food phobias. Foods such as mini sandwiches, wraps, crisps, pizza, fruit salads, mini cakes, and chicken goujons are something that kids love to eat. Just remember to keep the sugary treats to a minimum to keep the party under control!

Free Family Celebrating Birthday in Garden Stock PhotoPhoto by Ron Lach 

Surprise kids with alcohol-free sparkling kids' champagne!

Want to make something special? Surprise kids with alcohol-free sparkling kids' champagne! Fake champagne (mostly apple juice) for kids is available in every supermarket. Kids' champagne is cheap, but it’s cool enough to make kids go wild! 

Play the kid's favorite music.

Every party needs good music, and we all know that kids adore music. You can simply stream a kid-friendly music station or prepare a list of kids' favorite songs. If possible, a karaoke machine would be great for both kids and parents.

Select good activities for children.

Do not force children to play complicated games or follow your list of activities, as they will lose interest. Musical chairs, egg and spoon race, what's the time Mr. Wolf, piñata time, playing with balls, and balloon race are all favorites among children.

If it’s on the budget, you can hire people to set up a simple face-painting station that will make kids go crazy. Whatever you choose, don't let the little things ruin your birthday! Bonus, simple things like balloons and balls will keep kids excited and entertained.

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Organize a birthday photo shoot.

No party can go by without taking crazy photos. How do you even remember a good party if there are no pictures? You, your friend, or some other parent can do the photo shoot. Kids will adore posing with crazy outfits, silly props, and face masks. You can also find great cameras on a budget that take instant photos that will further entertain children.

Gifts for guests

Making a party memorable means you have to give the guests something to remember. This does not mean that you have to give expensive gifts to guests, but sending your guests home with something special will make your party memorable. You can give some homemade cookies with sweet decorations, badges, special personalized cards, fridge magnets, or instant photos.

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What about parents?

And last but not least, what should parents do at kids' birthday parties? Of course, parties should be organized so that the children enjoy themselves, but this doesn’t mean that parents shouldn’t have some fun as well. Therefore, feel free to serve wine or beer, play video games or board games, or even involve them in making BBQ or playing with children.


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