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Hacks to keep your clothes looking like new

Hacks to keep your clothes looking like new

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Ever wonder why your mother's sweater, which is at least ten years old, still looks like it just came out of the store? Although initially, you would assume it's because the brand is high-quality, it is usually because of the way the garment is maintained.

Lack of maintenance skills merely results in the need to purchase new clothing, which costs money. Now that the holidays are over, you surely need to save money. Below is a collection of "hacks to keep your clothes looking like new" that we have put together to guide you. Check it out now!

Purchase only high-quality clothing.

The first tip may sound too obvious, but it's true: it's better to buy one quality polo shirt than three for ten dollars that will be ruined after three washes. Clothes that are made well will endure many years of use. Although natural fabrics like cotton, wool, silk, linen, and cashmere typically cost more, they are considered a better option when looking for durable clothing. Avoid purchasing clothing that has more than 20% synthetic fabric. 

Read the washing instruction labels carefully.

Don't take washing instruction labels for granted. Up to five symbols that indicate how to care for the fabric should be included on every clothing label, together with information about the fabric's origin. Pay close attention to the washing directions on the labels of your items.

Care labels guide us on how to wash, iron, dry, and store clothes. Today, our clothes are made of so many different inventive fabric combinations that taking the time to read labels becomes inevitable if you want your garment to look like new.

Wash clothes inside out.

It may sound weird, but washing your clothes inside out can help keep them looking like new for longer. Before placing your items in the laundry, make sure to flip them all inside out. Clothing can endure a lot of damage in just one spin cycle.

This way the inner side of your clothes will sustain most of the harm rather than the display side. Additionally, washing something inside out can help keep the beans, buttons, and sequins from coming loose or sliding off. Also, washing clothes inside out helps prevent color fading.

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Avoid using hot water.

Hot water has the most cleaning power and removes most of the germs on clothes but it is not the best solution for washing delicate pieces. Hot water can shrink some types of fabric and cause vivid colors to fade. Some synthetic textiles, like polyester, nylon, and vinyl, can also be harmed by hot water. The cloth can be destroyed by heat, which damages the fibers. For delicate materials, such as anything made of lace, wool, or silk, cold water is frequently advised.

Invest in good detergent.

Your clothing should be effortlessly stain-free, look clean, and smell fresh after using a good detergent. There are many various kinds of detergents on the market now that can fit your family's preferences, budget, and laundry needs. Some detergents reduce shrinking and staining because they are created specifically for fragile materials.

Also, you can use liquid detergent instead of powdered because it is gentler on clothing. If you need a specific detergent, say for black clothes, find which detergent of that type gives the best results.

Avoid exposing clothes to direct sunlight.

Clothes fading quickly can also be caused by exposure to intense, direct sunshine over long periods. Continuous sunshine exposure can progressively fade colors since sunlight is a potent natural bleach. Don’t let your clothes spend all day outside. If you choose to dry your clothing outside, keep them in a shaded spot where there is still a strong breeze. Also, avoid drying your clothes close to windows as it may speed up the fading process.

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Brush out your clothes. 

We all have favorite clothes in our closets that are very delicate to wash and maintain. Almost any fabric, including your linens and beloved sweater, can eventually become coated in lint and pill balls. But that doesn't mean it's time to get rid of it, you can still freshen it up with the Smartek Fabric Shaver.

The Smartek fabric shaver easily removes lint, fuzz, and pills from your favorite fabrics and garments. The Smartek Fabric Shaver does what no lint roller can do: it eliminates stubbornly pill-prone regions of clothing, linens, and upholstery, leaving only smooth, the brand-new fabric behind. The Smartek Fabric Shaver is perfect for wool, cashmere, and silk because it is safe to use on finer fibers and won't stretch out your fabric. The handle is easy to hold and light enough for you to carry around or bring on your upcoming trips! 

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When necessary, hand wash your most delicate items.

Some materials simply cannot withstand the power of the washing machine. So, if you have some clothes made from silk, wool, cashmere, and lace, it is better to do some hand washing. Besides, hand washing can increase the garment's lifespan and save water! The amount of water used by washing machines is enormous (around 20 gallons per load). 

Buy a mesh laundry bag. 

Sometimes you just can't do it all by yourself and you need a little help. In this case, your best ally is a mesh laundry bag. Before putting your garments in the washer, place them inside the mesh bag.

A mesh laundry bag might help shield your garments from harm if you're washing delicate materials on the standard cycle or just want to keep them extra safe. You won't have to worry about any snags, tears, or twisted clothing when you stuff the bag with your belongings and toss it in the laundry. Mesh washing bags are also reasonably priced. At most laundry stores and any larger supermarket, you can discover good deals.


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