Halloween snacks: the spookiest food ideas

Halloween snacks: the spookiest food ideas

Halloween is coming and we are all infected with holiday euphoria. This is because Halloween is a holiday where we can use our imagination to express our creativity through costumes, the decoration of our home and also food!

Whether you’re celebrating Halloween at home with your family, with friends at the party or on a vacation, don’t miss the chance to make amazing festive treats and snacks. We’ll show you creepy and spooky food & drinks ideas for every budget, so you can impress your family and friends this Halloween. Forget about traditional pumpkin dishes and prepare for some creative Halloween food ideas! 

halloween food ideasImage by Ylanite Koppens from Pixabay

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Bloody potato pancakes

Boxty on the griddle,

boxty on the pan,

If you can't bake boxty

sure, you'll never get a man.

Seems familiar? Boxty pancakes are the traditional recipe that combines raw grated potato, leftover mashed potato, and flour mixed with milk, baking powder, and egg. But as you prepare these pancakes traditionally, you can use maple syrup or any syrup of strong red color and use it to make blood drops and marks over pancakes.

Photo: Food Network Magazine

Kimchi-chile sauce Brain dumplings

Make the brain out of dumplings! You can take Halloween food to the next level with brain-shaped dumplings. Just make sure to prepare them ahead of time and freeze for a spooky look.

Photo: TR Davis on Unsplash

Toffee apples

One of the traditional recipes, you can decorate in a creepy look. These are the apples with a coating of hard crackly toffee, made from sugar syrup that is heated to a hard toffee temperature. This consists of sugar, water, cinnamon, and red food dye. But if you don’t want to make them regular, you can draw a shape of evil face and baths before you make a glaze.  

Photo: Emilian Robert Vicol from Pixabay 

Spider cookies

You can use various recipes to make cookies. We suggest using peanut butter cookie recipe and make spiders. Just make sure to add spiders on cookies when they’re cold to prevent melting. 

Cheddar Witch’s fingers

This is one of the creepiest Halloween food recipes. Although it takes 55 minutes to prepare, believe us, it’s worth your time. Use cheddar to create scary fingers shape but keep the dough cool as you work with it to prevent stickiness.

Photo: Pinterest Leigh Beisch

Spider bowl with hummus

This is a simple but attractive Halloween dish idea. Buy a few black plastic bowls from the dollar store, and tape a black pipe cleaner legs under the rim. Then use glue dots to attach a couple of large eyes and fill with dip. We suggest hummus, but you can add whatever you like.

Photo: www.thatswhatchesaid.net

Bat cake

What is Halloween without bats? Use a simple chocolate cake recipe, we suggest dark chocolate. You just need a shape of a bat to cut the cake. Piping bags and tips are found in craft stores or specialty baking shops. And they’re not expensive. Be sure to cut the cake rounds in the prescribed order so that the bat’s head with ears comes out as 1 of the cuts.

Cheese and pretzel broomsticks

More witches! Cheese and pretzel broomsticks are very popular, but if you haven’t made them yet, now is the time. These broomsticks are cute, healthier than cookies and easy to made leaving no mess around your kitchen.

Photo: www.parentmap.com

Frankenstein cookie bars

Create cookies using green tea! Make small cookie bars and decorate them with the green tea flavor! They are easy to make and kids can help you paint Frankenstein cookies in green and add candies to make eyes.

Photo: www.tasteofhome.com

Mozzarella eyeballs

Mozzarella eyeballs are so scary snack idea that your friends will not believe just how real these mozzarella balls look! For this recipe, you’ll need garlic and red pepper and fresh Italian herbs. Just buy a plastic skull from the dollar store, then sliced the top off of green olives with pimentos and put them on top of mozzarella balls.

Photo: recipes.sainsburys.co.uk

Mummy cookies

Witches, spiders, bats, zombies are a common food topic, but let’s try some mummy cookies! Use refrigerator cookie dough and canned white frosting to make the bandages. Thick the frosting with powdered sugar and use a flat piping tip. Visit local stores to find bloodshot candy eyes or simply make them. You can use lollipop sticks and a piece of floral Styrofoam to display them. Easy and effective!

Photo: www.detectview.com

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Dragon’s breath cocktail

Spooky food is awesome but don’t forget to make some spooky drinks! Dragon’s breath cocktail is the coolest drink for Halloween you can make. This is a refreshing, delicately sweet drink, made of red citrus. Hint: use crushed or pulverized ice and packing it tightly in the glass to ensure you’re able to “float” your red wine on the cocktail mixture.

Swamp potion

Swamp potion is non-alcoholic Halloween punch you mix Kool-Aid with green sherbet. If you can’t find green sherbet you can add vanilla ice cream instead. To make it sparkly, you can add some Sprite. Interested in healthy lifestyle products? Check our lifestyle subscription box and subscribe.

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