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How to avoid burnout at work

How to avoid burnout at work

We all have good days and bad days at work. It’s okay to feel unsatisfied and negative while working at times, but constantly feeling nervous and stressed leads to burnout. Everyone has a breaking point at work. Whether you like your job or not, exhaustion, a lot of work, the tension between colleagues or working under stress can leave you unmotivated and drained. All that can lead to having burnout.

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This year, The World Health Organization has pronounced a burnout as a legitimate “occupational phenomenon” mental syndrome. And if you don’t learn the ways to avoid burnout, in the long run, it can cause depression and some severe effects on your mental health. Follow our tips, and find out how to avoid burnout at work! And don’t forget about the pre-order of our winter subscription box!

1. Learn the signs of being close to burnout at work

To avoid burnout at work, you need to learn the signs of being close to it. Don’t mistake a burnout for stress or nervousness. Let’s see the most common symptoms:

Having a negative and critical attitude at work.

Wanting to leave once you get to the office.

Not having the energy at all.

Having insomnia.

Being absent from work a lot.

Having feelings of emptiness.

Getting headaches, illness, or backache very often.

Being irritated easily by team members or clients.

Blaming others for your mistakes.

You're thinking of quitting work.

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2. Sleep more!

One of the biggest symptoms and triggers of burnout is insomnia. If you don’t sleep well, or you’re sleeping just a few hours a day, your brain can’t function properly. Getting less sleep than you should lead to serious issues such as lack of judgment, hypertension, depression, diabetes, or even increased likelihood of car accidents. This is why sleep is crucial to reduce the chances to have a burnout at work. Science has shown that adults need 7-9 hours of sleeping nightly to work optimally. A wristband fitness tracker is one of the best gadgets you can buy to track your sleep and daily activities. You can also try our lifestyle subscription boxes with unique products. 

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3. Start saying “no”

It’s great to be a kind person, but we all know that the good girls have gone bad. Constantly saying YES and not refusing to work overtime or more than you should, will lead to burnout. it’s important to say no to some things in your career if you’re going to stay engaged and energetic at work. Stick to important projects and avoid doing unnecessary things. Learn to say NO.

4. Tell your closest person how you feel

It’s not a good idea to keep everything within you. If you don’t have a psychologist, talk to your loved ones about how you feel. Your partner, best friend, or family member, can be of great help. Opening up to them about how you feel will not make you a burden to them. Instead, they will be glad to hear how honest you are with them. That can only increase the trust and the connection of your relationship. Besides, you may get some good advice to prevent burnout at work.

5. Stay away from negative people

You must have heard of the terms "toxic people" and "energy vampires". They are representing negative people in our environment. They can also lead you to burnout at work. Negative colleagues will down your mood and drain your positivity. Limit and reduce the time you’re spending with persons like these.

6. Find meaning in what you do

To avoid burnout at work, try to find true meaning in what you do. What’s your purpose? Why are you working? To achieve what? Ask yourself questions and repeat the answers when you’re feeling bad. For example, Researchers Cary Cherniss and David Kranz found that burnout was “virtually absent in monasteries, Montessori schools, and religious care centers where people consider their work as a calling rather than merely a job.” If you like your job, practice this. But, a meaningful job with long stressful hours means only one thing: find a new job.

7. Know your breaking point

Knowing your breaking point is extremely important to avoid burnout at work. If you feel that your blood pressure is rising, that your heart beats fast, and that you can’t control your nervousness anymore, you need to stay away from colleagues. Most people will tell that it’s barely impossible to control yourself and that burnout is almost inevitable. But if you know when you’re close to burnout, leave the office for a break, take a day off, have a cup of tea, or anything that will calm you down.

Photo by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

8. Reward yourself – with a subscription box

Burnout at work can be a terrifying thing. Even if you’re trying to relax and reduce stress, you can still feel unsatisfied, sad and worried. Especially, if you don’t like your job. If you’re working hard every day, reward yourself! Not just this month. Every month! Choose a subscription box and feel like every month is your birthday. Imagine being close to burnout and a subscription box came as a surprise! People are addicted to surprises and excitement when they see gift boxes and mystery boxes.

Breo box provides an amazing subscription box service for everyone. A company will do the job for you and deliver it straight to your door. You can relax while your perfect gift box is being created. And also, these boxes will come with a card detailing each item in the box, why it was selected, something about each product and instructions on how to use products. And don’t forget to check our latest winter subscription box!

9. Practice KonMari method at work

What is a KonMari method? KonMari method is called after Marie Kondo – a guru for decluttering and cleaning methods. This method lets you to mindfully choose the things that you want to keep in your life. Start with your workspace! Declutter your folder cabinet and digital mailbox. A mess in your workplace as well as an inbox filled with e-mails, trigger your stress and emotional burnout in the long run. Improve your working system by decluttering physical and emotional distractions.

10. Do YOGA

It’s not strange that many employees with highly-stressed jobs are doing yoga. Many companies offer lunch-time yoga practices because it reduces employee’s stress. Even a short yoga practice helps to regulate the heart-rate variability (HRV). Your heart rate will be lower and your body will respond to stress more flexibly.

Besides yoga classes, you can buy stress-balls for your workspace. Stress-ball is the best corporate presents, great to show your employees how much you care about their health. You can find high-quality stress balls at a low price and release your employees from stress. Whether you’re working remotely or from your company’s office, meditation and doing some yoga can help you relax your body and mind, and certainly, avoid burnout at work. 

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11. If nothing works, take a vacation

Unfortunately, for some people, good advice is not enough to avoid burnout at work. In that case, take a vacation. If you have tried everything to prevent burnout, but still feel stressed you should time out. There is nothing more important than your health. You can ask for a few days off or go on a vacation with your loved ones. Whatever you choose, it can bring you only benefits. Airbnb gift card can be the best gift for a husband who’s constantly under stress at work and wants to avoid burnout.

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