How to be happier in 2020

How to be happier in 2020

Every New Year's Eve we make wishes and New Year’s resolutions. But if you look back at the whole 2019, and think about the resolutions and wishes you made, be honest, how many things have you accomplished? Was 2019 happier than 2018 for you, or not? If not, can you tell why? One thing is for certain: it’s not because of bad luck. It’s because you haven’t stuck to all your goals and resolutions.

Since the New Year is about to start in just a day, you’re probably thinking about how to be happier in 2020. Well, you’re not the only one. We all want to be happy. Yet, at the same time, we’re not working on it. Instead of working hard to achieve happiness, we are waiting for the „right moment“, or blame bad luck for our failure. But if you want to be truly happier in 2020, follow our simple tips consistently and you’ll increase the amount of happiness in your life. Good luck! 

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Remember the positive things from 2019.

To start being happier in 2020, you must remember and appreciate the positive things you experienced in the previous year. It’s simple. Every region in our brains can be strengthened through practice. Try to remember all the positive things and train your brain to think more positively. But don’t forget to remember the negative things too. Through them, you can realize how strong you are, and maybe learn from some mistakes. Nothing is just white or black, things are often like more of a grey color. So, before you enter 2020, get the best out of the negative and the positive moments. And in order to create more happy moments in the following year, choose our subscription box and experience surprises every month!

Appreciate little things.

You’re never going to be happy if you think that happiness means only having great and expensive things. The key to true happiness is in the small things. Remember rich people who have everything but complain that they are not happy. Happy people notice and appreciate the small things. For example, when the barista makes you a heart shape on your cappuccino foam when strangers show you kindness when someone holds the door or elevator for you when your coworkers surprise you with a motivation card, and others. Try to find joy and smile through those little moments of happiness. Remember when you were a kid, and someone surprised you with your favorite chocolate. Sometimes we forget what happiness is. So, next time your loved person surprises you with something, don’t take that for granted. Don’t take anything for granted. Learn to appreciate little things in your life and you’ll be much happier in 2020.

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Stop acting like a victim.
Victims are not happy. Some people like to act like victims to achieve something. They think some heroes will appear when the time is right and save them from misery. The truth is – you are your hero. There won’t be some other hero to save you. Only you can make your life happier. Victims blame others for their failures and sadness because it’s easier for them to blame others instead of working on their success. Just because they think they’re powerless to change their circumstances, they’re constantly waiting for someone to rescue them. And usually stay disappointed. If you want to be happier in 2020, stop acting like a victim. Get up in the morning and say ENOUGH to being a victim. Set up your goals and be your own hero, because only you can change your life.
Stop complaining.
People who complain all the time, slowly but certainly become energy vampires. Energy vampires are the people who drain your energy and feed off your emotions and physic energy. They complain all the time. They will make you feel sad about them and drain your positive energy and leave you exhausted instead of happy. If you’re acting like an energy vampire, you’re not happy, but the people around you aren’t happy, too. Positive thoughts will attract positive things in your life. Instead of complaining all the time, try to remain calm or forgive and move on. You can also try some yoga or zen exercises to help you reduce the amount of anxiety and stress you feel. Learn how to deal with bad things, don’t let them overtake your life.

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Take a break from social media and spend more time on doing things that make you happy.

Most of the time, we’re holding our phone or using a laptop to check our social media profiles and chat with other people. But seeing funny and happy pictures from other users won’t make you happy. What’s more, people usually feel sad and unsatisfied by watching what other people have, and they don’t. Try to take a break from social media and spend more time doing things that make you happy! This is a simple goal to achieve. And, it will definitely improve your life in the New Year. If this year was stressful and not so great, don’t give up. You still have enough time to do the things that make you happy. That doesn’t have to be something big or expensive. Go for long car rides. Learn a new language. Paint, write, dance. Have a picnic with your friends. And don’t forget to make others happy. Find the best gift for the husband or the best gift for wife. Search for unique anniversary gift ideas, or surprise your employees with the best corporate gifts.
Increase the amount of your happiness every month!

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Think as if the Right Time is now.
Remember the famous excuse “I’m waiting for the right time”? Have you ever used this excuse? People generally use this excuse when they have lack of confidence to take an important step. Instead of being brave and even risking, they say it's not the right time. The reality is that there is no such thing as “the right time”. The only time that you have is now. No matter how experienced, old or skilled you are, you can’t be 100% ready for everything in your life. Why miss the chance to get a dream job just because you’re scared and think that tomorrow will be the right time, and not now? It won’t. People who always wait for the right time are stuck in a perpetual limbo of believing that the “right time” will come. But this is real life, not a fairytale. Tell yourself that now is the right time to do something. And even if you fail a couple of times, you still have 100% bigger chances to achieve something, than just sitting and waiting for the “right time”.

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Stop If-Then thinking.
People tend to do If-Then thinking very often. But this activity is not bringing anything good. This can only make you sad. To be happier in 2020, you need to stop insisting that things go a certain way before you can be happy. First of all, living in a past and thinking what if you did or tried something, or what if something happened differently, has no point at all. That’s the past. And the past should stay in the past. Right now, is the moment when things are as they are, and it’s up to you to change them and be happier. If you sit on your sofa and cry because things are not different or you’re thinking whether you’d be happier if you were doing the things differently, nothing will change. Instead of thinking “If I lose weight, then I’ll be happier”, start actually doing something to lose weight. Get rid of junk food. Start exercising. The more you work, and the less you think negatively, the happier you’ll be.

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