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How to choose the right power bank

How to choose the right power bank

Regardless of whether it’s about charging a cell phone, tablet, PC, camera or some other device, power banks became an inevitable part of our trips and vacations, but also everyday lives. They can charge our devices during a flight, while driving a car, enjoying the sun on the beach, or even when you find yourself in remote areas with no access to electricity.

Besides, the power bank can be useful when you run out of electricity at home and you need to use your phone. The benefits are endless. But finding the perfect power bank is not that easy. There are many cheap and unreliable power banks on the market, often with boosted capacity and fake features written on the box. So, if you wonder how to choose the right power bank, follow our tips and avoid being deceived! Good luck!

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1. Capacity

First, and probably the most important feature while choosing the right power bank is the charging capacity. Capacity is that the quantity of power which will be charged and is measured in mAh (milliamp hour). But how’d you know if you have chosen a charger with enough capacity? Simply, before buying a power bank, check the battery size and the charger specifications of your smartphone. You can check it in ‘settings – about phone’ options, or find it printed on the battery and the charger or on the box in which your cell was packed.

So, mAh is used to describe the total amount of energy a battery can store during a certain time. The higher the mAh, the more energy a power bank can store, and the more times it can recharge your device. Some of the most common power banks range anywhere from 5000 mAh to 20000 mAh. Make sure to find the power bank with the capacity that fits your phone’s battery. Just bear this in mind: power banks with high capacity are usually more expensive.

2. Charge time

Power banks are the best gadgets for traveling. But what if you need to charge your phone fast? Charge time is a very important feature while purchasing a power bank. Today, most people are using fast-charging option to charge their devices. Buying a cheap power bank usually means – no fast-charging. The bigger the limit of the battery the more it takes to charge. The voltage and the current are boosted from typical USB rates (5V/0.5A) to produce values up to 100 W of power. During the initial charging phase, also known as the constant current phase, a high current is pumped before the battery reaches its peak voltage. This is why fast charging is more efficient when the battery is below 50% of its total capacity. Yet, the charge controller regulates how much current and voltage a battery can take, and prevent damages. Some of the most common ones are the Qualcomm Quick Charge, and the USB Power Delivery (USB PD), which is the official standard in any device with a USB port. Typical rates are:

  • Ø 5V/ 01 – 3 A

  • Ø 9V/ 1.67 – 3A (+ 27W laptops and other power devices)

  • Ø 15V/ 1.8 – 3A (+ 27W laptops and other power devices)

  • Ø 20V/ 2.25 – 3A (+ 27W laptops and other power devices)

3. Charge cycle

Fast-charging option is great, but have you heard about charging cycle? This relates specifically to the limit and means you can fully charge your devices a few times before charging the power bank again. For example, with a quality power bank, you can get 3 full charges of a cell phone yet just a single charge of a PC. Inform yourself about the charge cycle of a certain power bank and escape purchasing a convenient battery pack, especially if you want to charge both phone and PC while traveling. More battery means you can take hundreds of memorable holiday pictures. A fully charged phone also comes in handy while traveling and even keeping yourself entertained at family get-togethers.

And if you’re interested in getting wireless fast-charging power bank which can charge your phone up to 4 times, check our winter subscription box get this power bank and more unique products!

4. Special features

Basic power banks are much affordable, but those with special features can last longer and bring you more benefits. For example, remember using your power bank on the beach or by the pool? What if it accidentally falls into the water? If you like spending time by water, choose the best waterproof power bank! If you like to spend time outside, or traveling, having a solar power bank would be of great help. Solar power banks are small and portable battery packs connected to a solar panel, all wrapped in a durable, compact shell. They can charge your smartphone two or three times. Although, some solar power banks can charge your phone once or twice while others have large batteries that can charge a smartphone 5 to 7 times. Besides, some power banks have wireless charging support. This allows phones to get charged by simply being placed on top of the power, eliminating the need for using cables! Special features are endless, and it’s up to you to discover them and choose the best power bank. Did you know that some specialized power banks can allow you to jump-start your car? Awesome!

5. Affordability (mAh/$)          

And the last, but not the least important thing when choosing the right power bank is affordability. Although there are plenty of cheap power banks, the one with high-capacity and special features is usually expensive. But what does ‘the affordable power bank’ means? The affordability metric refers to the amount of charging capacity you get per spent dollar. Therefore, the higher the mAh value you get for each invested dollar, the better. The experts say that the average range of this value is around 200-500 mAh/$. 

Looking for an affordable power bank? We recommend Ace of spades PB. Beside guaranteed reliability and convenience, this wireless power bank features Qi compatibility (the gold standard for wireless charging), LED capacity light and it’s wrapped in a beautiful soft-touch finish. With a capacity of 8,000 mAh, this power bank can fully charge the average mobile phone 2-4 times! You can charge the device by placing it on the power bank or plug it into the USB port. Or you can even charge 2 devices at once!

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