How to create memorable Thanksgiving

How to create memorable Thanksgiving

We all share beautiful Thanksgiving memories with our families and friends, but holiday traditions and creating memories mean a lot of different things to every individual. And Thanksgiving is not just about eating roasted turkey and pumpkin pie. It’s about bringing families together.

Thanksgiving represents the time when we appreciate who and what we have in our lives and express how thankful we are. The time we enjoy truly meaningful moments with our loved ones. Think about what’s your favorite Thanksgiving memory and get ready to make new ones! Whether it's the classic American festivities of food, games, and movies, or something unique and a part of your family’s tradition, establishing new meaningful traditions is a great way to make the Thanksgiving holiday memorable for you and your children. Read our tips and find out how to create a memorable Thanksgiving!

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Think about “What makes Thanksgiving memorable to your family?”

Before you start with creating a memorable Thanksgiving, think about what it means to your family. Although Thanksgiving has its known traditions and customs, each family celebrates it in their own way. Think about creative and meaningful ways to spend time with your family. There must be things that your family loves to do. Some like playing Thanksgiving games, while others like watching movies or enjoying handmade chocolates.  Pay attention to the family bond, and write some meaningful messages for all members. You can even be more creative and make a small PowerPoint presentation for your family and display pictures and videos you have from all Thanksgiving parties and celebrations during years.

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Make Thanksgiving food together               

Did you know that through food, you can actually create a memorable Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving is known for its king-like feasts. But that requires lots of cooking. Gather your family members and let them cook, too! Some members can make a pumpkin pie, while others can take care of sweets and drinks. The most experienced ones can make a roasted turkey. And it’s not about easing up the cooking, it’s about sharing experiences, and spending time together. Maybe some family members have discovered new recipes for Thanksgiving feast that you can try together. And imagine how delighted the kids would be if you asked them to make Thanksgiving chocolates and decorate the table!? Keep in mind, the food is only the avenue for the fellowship. Available in sweet shapes, sizes, and different flavors, they can be the best gift for Thanksgiving host. 

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Encourage all family members to get creative

Creativity can help you make a memorable Thanksgiving. Imagine how beautiful things you can make if every family member uses its imagination and creativity. The point here is to get creative and to get the whole family involved. Use various colors for decorating Thanksgiving table: orange, copper, brown and red, and ask kids about making handmade place cards for every person at the table! They will be delighted and pleasantly surprised that they can help and make things for everyone. Adults can use roses, sunflowers, miniature pumpkins, small succulents, and orange-scented candles and decorate the table. You can even engage all family members to create a rewards and Thanksgiving cards for the greatest support of the year, the best sister/brother, or simply write personalized Thanksgiving messages.

Personalize gifts

Giving gifts to dear people is also a way to show how grateful we are to have them in our lives, and how much we appreciate them. But just buying ordinary gifts without any effort won’t help you to create a memorable Thanksgiving. Instead, try to personalize gifts. Something that is personalized is often kept forever. And it doesn’t have to be expensive. Flowers have always been one of the best Thanksgiving gift ideas. Make a personalized Thanksgiving flower basket. Choose the flowers that reflect the colors of the fall. Take cornucopia flowers, seasonal burnt orange, fiery red, yellow and green blooms, lilies, red chrysanthemums, marigolds and add a personalized card.

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Also, a bottle of good wine is always among the best Thanksgiving Day gift ideas your host will love. But make sure to order some nice Thanksgiving wine label and delight that person! You can choose some sweet message with their name, or engrave their name and date to make it more meaningful. If you’re interested in more meaningful gift ideas, check our personalized gift boxes. 

Play Thanksgiving games with your family

Once we finish delicious Thanksgiving meals, what is best to do when the family is gathered? Playing Thanksgiving games! Encourage all family members to play and have the funniest Thanksgiving evening ever! This is a great way to laugh, have fun and create a memorable Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving games are the best way to involve the whole family and share holiday spirit together. There will be jokes and crazy situations and many laughs you’ll remember forever. If you don’t know what to play, we have 2 recommendations:

Ring the pumpkin

The first game you can play for Thanksgiving is called Ring the pumpkin. Line up 3 large pumpkins with stems, to form a ring toss. Then, use embroidery hoops (or if you don’t have it, make hoops with rope and duct tape). Draw a throwing line on the floor and compete with other people in ringing a pumpkin stem. If you have small kids, they can attempt to ring an entire large pumpkin with a hula-hoop. And if you’re looking for some Thanksgiving gift ideas, check our winter subscription box pre-order.

Thankful alphabet game

This is the game you can play while enjoying Thanksgiving dinner. Also, it’s a great way to get everyone talking about what they’re thankful for. Each person needs to share one thing they’re thankful for. But, the catch is, it has to start with the next letter of the alphabet, starting with A. The next player’s response will start with B, and so on). Go around the table until the alphabet's been filled—yes, even X and Z. And if you’re passionate about games, tell that to our subscription gift service and get the best gadgets.

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