How to go out and stay safe during a pandemic

With a vaccine, still months or years away, people are wondering how to go out and stay safe during the coronavirus pandemic. Every time we leave the house, we risk getting infected, even if we wear a mask. So, what can we do to protect our health and stay safe when we go out to buy groceries or walk a dog? Here are some steps to follow!

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Wash your hands often

Practicing good hygiene is rule number one. You have already heard it a million times that you should wash your hands often with soap and water. You can easily get infected just by touching a surface that has virus particles and then touching your mouth, nose, or eyes. Hand hygiene is really important when you’re outside, and if water and soap are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Don’t touch your face

This advice is simple and short, but very important: do not touch your face with your hands when you are outside. This is obvious, but believe me, it’s a lot harder than it sounds. It is enough to scratch the nose and transmit the virus. For example, the average person touches their face about 23 times an hour, and about half of the time, they are touching the mucosal surfaces that coronavirus infects: mouth, eyes and nose. So, when you are outside, wear a mask and don’t touch your face.

Take hand sanitizer products with you

If you do not wear gloves when going outside, make sure you put hand sanitizer products in the bag. Such products are small, handy, and can fit even your pocket. Medical gloves fully protect us from viruses, but we are not constantly able to use them.

If we have to use, for example, the public toilet, and soap and water are not available, use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 70% alcohol and rub your hands until they feel dry. You can also use disinfectant wipes to clean your hands or surfaces. Just make sure not to reuse disinfectant wipes because they can transfer germs from the used wipe to other surfaces.

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Wear a mask

The best way to protect yourself when being outside during a pandemic is to wear a mask. After the Covid-19 outbreak, wearing a mask outside became recommended almost everywhere in the world. People are said to wear masks when they go out, a medical mask, surgical, or a cloth one if they have not yet purchased the previous ones.

Scientists claim that masks have played a significant role in containing coronavirus outbreak in South Korea and Japan, where their use is widespread. The primary reason for wearing a mask is to stop transmission from the wearer to others, especially from people who are infected but asymptomatic. Also, when you wear a mask, you don’t touch your face often. Whenever you go to the grocery store or pharmacy, make sure to wear a mask.

Avoid touching public surfaces

You may wash your hands often, but that doesn't mean other people do. Public areas have been touched thousands of times during the day, so they were likely touched by someone infected. When you go out for any reason, avoid touching public surfaces. Handles, slides, benches, tables, ATMs, anything in public that people share may be infected.

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Don’t go out every day

The longer you stay at home, the safer you will be. Of course, leaving the house is inevitable. We have to buy groceries, hygiene products, medicines, someone has to go to work, to walk pets in a park, reasons are many. But to stay safe during the pandemic, make sure to minimize your trips outside. Don’t go out every day. Instead of going to the store every day, go shopping once a week. Buy everything you need for seven days and do not expose yourself to unnecessary risks.

Stay away from crowded places

Whenever you go outside, make sure to keep a physical distance from other people. It’s recommended to keep 6 feet or more away from people outside. When you must go to the bank, a restaurant, grocery store, or pharmacy, stay away from crowds. If you’re going out to the restaurant, a park, or beach, consider skipping if they’re crowded. For those who go to the gym, follow the gym’s guidelines, and stay at least 6 feet away from others. And even if you meet a good friend or relative outside, avoid handshakes, hugs, and kisses.

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Wash the clothes you wore outside

Unfortunately, it has been proven that the virus can stay on our clothes for a few days. This means that you should wash your clothes when you return home. As the virus remains on the fabric, leave the shoes outside for a while, and wash your clothes regularly.

Use mobile payment apps and credit cards instead of cash

Avoid physical contact is the most important thing when it comes to staying safe during coronavirus. Even if we keep a physical distance, touching money that someone infected has touched before, is also a way to get infected. In many European countries, cash use has declined significantly during the pandemic. In Spain, cash volumes have dropped as much as 90 percent, while the daily value of cash withdrawals from ATMs fell 40 percent after the Irish government introduced lockdown measures.

Whenever we use physical cash, we are risking to become infected. Contactless payments are easy to use and may even help lower the risk of getting infected. For example, people in China have adopted mobile payment apps, which are easy to download and set up in a few seconds. This method of payment has reduced the risk of spreading the virus. If possible, use mobile payment apps and credit cards to stay safe outside, or get the number one safety gadget!

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