How to keep house clean

How to keep house clean

Are you constantly annoyed by the clutter in your home? Piles of dirty clothes, dishes, kids’ toys, pet’s paw trails, dusty surfaces, food traces, all in one – endless clutter. Keeping your home fresh and clean seems like a mission impossible, but it’s actually pretty simple if you know where to start. Having an everyday cleaning routine is one of the best ways to deal with the mess in the right way and avoid stress you feel when you see huge clutter in the house. The average American spends one hour a day cleaning their house, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. And that’s enough time to avoid getting tons of garbage and mess in your house.

Even if you feel lazy to clean, remember that good and detailed cleaning will create a fresh and healthy atmosphere in your home. It’s not just about a clean environment, it’s about removing the dust, moths, spider webs, dirt and everything that can affect our family’s health. Of course, there’s going to be a lot of work, but if you follow our tips, you can establish your personal cleaning routine and face everyday cleaning stress-free, easy and fast!

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1. Make your bed before going to work.

Making your bed every day before going to work is the first and essential thing you need to put on your house cleaning routine list. Why? Most people think – why making bed since I’m gone all day and I won’t be home until evening!? Yes, we’ve all been through that. But if you leave your bed in a mess, imagine what would happen if all your family members or roommates do the same? That would lead to a complete mess. Try making your bed before work challenge for a week. It will take you up to 5 minutes to pull the covers and make the pillows, but you’ll notice the huge difference.

2. Reorganize your closet.

Organizing and cleaning our closets can take days of work and requires a lot of nerve which can spoil our mood. But none of this would happen if you cleaned the closet regularly. Try to reorganize your closet by replacing clothes for the winter with those for the spring, or vice versa. Remove the clothes from shelves and wipe the dust off the shelves and put lavender bags in the corners of the closet to protect clothes from moths. Besides buying new clothes and making a pile in your closet creates a mess. Certain clothes are old and take up space in your closet that you may need. Get rid of clothes that you don’t usually wear or and you’ll have more space. More space means less mess.

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3. Declutter your home.

It’s hard to keep the home clean if you never declutter it. Dusting, vacuuming, and cleaning won’t do much if there is huge clutter in your home. There must be many unnecessary things, books, glasses, clothes, shoes, old New Year decorations, jewelry, toiletries, bottles, food traces and other things that create a mess in your home. Get the sentence „I’ll need it someday“ out of your head! Everything you don’t need because it’s old or broken, pack in the boxes and throw away. Things in good condition can be recycled or you can sell them and earn some extra cash. This way you’ll get rid of piles of rubbish and provide more space in your home for the new thing you need.

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4. Put everything away after use.

It’s really frustrating to see someone leaving a plate and food traces in the living room after dinner. That’s the easiest way to create mess and tons of garbage in a home. Putting everything away after use seems like an obvious tip, but honestly, most people fail at that. Try to create and stick to the habit to put everything away after use. Clothes, shoes, dishes, make sure to put them where they belong. Otherwise, those tiny piles will fast turn into big messes.

5. Clean one room at a time.

When it comes to cleaning, most people are bothered by one question – where to start? Although each person has its preferences and cleaning habits, we must say that the easiest way to keep your home clean is to clean on room at a time. Instead of hurrying up to clean an entire home in just one day and feel exhausted and getting muscle inflammation for the rest of the week, split up the cleaning by room and by day. An hour by day per room will make it easier and more efficient to clean. And just in a few days you’ll have the whole house cleaned to the details. 

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6. Do a load of laundry every day.

Full baskets with dirty clothes can make a big mess in your home. But you can easily avoid that if you do a load of laundry every day. You can do small, more manageable loads every day to keep the mess away. And there’ll be no piles in the corners, tons of clothes getting wrinkled and horrible smell of socks for days. But if you don’t have enough of dirty clothes, wait until a pile is created. This is because a full load is the more energy-efficient option.

7. Wet-clean wooden floors.

Cleaning the floors is something we should do at least twice a week. But when it comes to cleaning wooden floors, we need to be careful. Some types of wood are not sufficiently resistant to moisture. Depending on the wood type, choose hardwood cleaner sprays suitable for it. Then find the soft broom and mop, to avoid the floor scratching. And while moving furniture, put towels or cloths under it to avoid scratches. Wet-cleaning the floors will remove the dirt and dust, and will provide fresh looking environment.

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8. Quick vacuum your home.

Vacuuming is an important part of home cleaning, for many reasons. With daily vacuuming, we are removing the dirt, dust, crumbs, food traces, and other small parts from the carpets and floors in our home. Home experts recommend that carpets and rugs be vacuumed at least two times a week. But, if pets are in the home, daily vacuuming is strongly recommended to remove dirt, hair, and the smaller microscopic allergens. Vacuuming is something you should take seriously since it helps us to eliminate all the microscopic allergens that we can’t see. As spring cleaning time is approaching, to get rid of stress, reward yourself with a spring subscription box.

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9. Cleaning all the windows in your house.

Cleaning all the windows in your home is not easy, but it makes a huge difference once you finish it. Nice and clean windows with freshly washed curtains will make your room look beautiful and brand new. Cleaning the glass is not hard at all. You probably have your favorite glass cleaner. But if you want to save some money, you can male your own DIY cleanser. Just put  2 cups of water, 2 spoons of liquid soap and ¼ cup of white vinegar into a spray bottle. Then simply spray onto the glass and clean it! First, the inside, and then the outside of the glass windows. One more hint, did you know that it’s the best to wash windows on a cloudy day so the sun will not dry the cleanser and leave traces before you fi

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