How to save money and time: Follow these tips

How to save money and time: Follow these tips

No matter how much your salary is, it seems to you that it is never high enough. Prices often rise and it's difficult to fit the budget with that and you work so hard. People also try to save some money during months but there is always something they want to buy so they never manage to save some. If you want to find out easy and interesting ways to save your money we are going to show you some tips you can practice every day and save money!

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Sell stuff online

The best way to get rid of the things you don’t need and earn extra cash is to sell them online! Clutter can make a real mess in your house especially when it comes to wardrobe. Take some time to declutter your home and sell things you don’t need. Old electronics, devices, old books, and clothes are the best way to earn money. Take pictures of them and post them online. There are various websites and online shops where you can sell things. If you own a house, you can organize a garage sale! It’s all up to you.

Brew your own coffee

Imagine spending around $3 or more a day on your favorite coffee when going to work. Then count how much you spend a week, and how much monthly just on coffee! Instead of buying coffee every morning you can brew your own. If you want to save money and make brew your own coffee, choose Oxo cold brew, coffee maker! Oxo cold brew coffee maker will improve your mood every morning before you go to work bringing high quality, strong, sweet and delicious coffee taste. It’s slightly pricey, but you can get it at a lower price with other unique products in our lifestyle subscription box!

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Make shopping lists.

Going to the grocery store without a shopping list means you will buy almost everything you see and spend more money than you’ve planned. If you want to avoid this situation, try to make a shopping list. You can start with meal planning, and write down what you want to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner during the whole week. According to meals, you will see what ingredients you need to buy. And when you arrive at the shop you will stick to the list and you won’t have unplanned purchases. What can be done to lower costs too? You can see online discounts and online brochures from your local stores and see where the prices are lowest. If you need various products and gadgets but on a budget, you can see our boxes to subscribe to and pick the right for you!

Download money-saving applications.

You can find awesome discounts on the Internet if you just Google them. But you can save money from anywhere with money-saving applications. With applications like Lbotta or Checkout 51, you can get coupons and discounts. Applications such as Let Honey or GasBuddy can show you the best prices available on items in your wishlist. You can search for applications from your favorite stores and subscribe for amazing offers. You will be informed about sales and promotions.

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Go Second-hand!

Second-hands are not undervalued anymore. Moreover, they are a fashion trend right now. It’s becoming more and more popular to shop in second-hands. Of course, don’t buy used brushes and tires. But you can buy tools, clothes, video games, books or furniture. Don’t be surprised if you find the best gadgets in shops like this!

Plan more affordable dates.

People often pick fancy dinner at expensive restaurants as the best anniversary presents, but not everyone can afford that. Spending lots of money on dates can be a serious issue for your budget. Instead of going to exclusive places choose going on a picnic with refreshments, popcorn, and cakes. You can go riding bicycles or enjoying the lake with your favorite drink. There are many beautiful places you can enjoy for free.

Work out in your house.

Paying the gym every month can be really expensive. The right outfit and sneakers, membership, personal trainer and others have a big impact on your budget. If you want to save money and burn calories too, you can watch exercise-streaming services and free YouTube videos. There are many exercises you can do at home. Besides, you can ride a bicycle outside or use a free gym in your local park! Training with yoga balls at home is a very popular and affordable thing you can try.

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Quit Smoking

Well, this step refers only to smokers. Even if this looks like mission impossible, there are great ways to quit smoking. Buying cigarettes is the thing we spend a lot of money on a monthly basis. If you still don’t want to quit, even if you know the side effects on your health, you can reduce smoking. Smokeless than you usually do. There is an online quit calculator where you can see how much you’d save a year if you ditched this habit.

Visit the Library

Buying books, especially new releases, can be a very big impact on the budget. Instead of buying tons of books and magazines, you can pay a monthly membership and visit the library! While new books can cost up to $50, you can pay $50 for a monthly membership and read what you want and as many you want! What’s cooler about libraries? Most local libraries also lend out CDs and DVDs, too, so you can watch movies and listen to music. 


Invest in a High-Tech Thermostat to reduce costs.

Winter costs for heating and summer costs for using air conditioning to cool your rooms can cause big costs. You can buy and install a programmable thermostat to cut down energy costs. These thermostats are provided with wireless connection and available through mobile applications so you can easily regulate the temperature all day to make sure you’re using energy efficiently. Why cooling or heating your room when everyone is at work? When you finish your work you can check the application and set a temperature.

Get ready for lunchboxes

Eating fast food every day at work is not good for your health, but it is also not good for your budget as it is too pricey. If you want to take a break from fast food and save some money, try making lunchbox at your home. You can prepare some healthy food and pack more vegetables and fruits. Basically, you can eat everything you want, not only pizza or burgers every day. Lunchbox will bring you 2 benefits: you will be healthy and you will save money.

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