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How to shower in 5 minutes

How to shower in 5 minutes

Does your shower usually last as much as bathing? Well, the same goes for millions of Americans. According to Kantar Worldpanel, Brazilians take the longest showers, closely followed by the residents of the U.S. The average American needs about 8.2 minutes for a shower, which can be considered long. Even if you enjoy taking a long shower and splashing your body with warm water, speeding up the time in shower can change your life.

Did you know that a 6-minute shower uses about 40 liters of water? Cutting the time under the water can help you save your environment. If you start taking quicker showers, your family members, roommate, friends, and others won’t complain about you constantly using all of the hot water. Besides, long hot showers can make you sleepy, can make you late for work, and they’re absolutely bad for your skin. Follow our simple tips and find out how to shower in 5 minutes and improve your morning routine!

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Shower in 5 minutes to save the planet 

Perhaps knowing that you can do something great for your environment and planet Earth, can make you change the time you spend in the shower. Let us explain. Did you know that showers are usually the third largest water use after toilets and the washing machine? 

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the average American shower uses 17.2 gallons (65.1 liters) and lasts for 8.2 minutes. On the other hand, an average bath takes up to 70 gallons! United States Environmental Protection Agency says that Americans use 1.2 trillion gallons of water per year showering. 1.2 trillion gallons of water is enough to fill 2.6 million Olympic swimming pools and enough to fulfill the water usage of NYC for 5 years!

Shocked? There’s hope that amount will decline when everyone in the United States contributes to reducing their average shower time. Always remember how many countries such as Africa, suffer from lack of water due to water shortages. We bet no one wants to fight for a bottle of water. Motivate yourself to shower in 5 minutes and save the planet!

Organize the toiletries, towels and water before you take a shower

A good way to speed up the time in the shower is to get organized. Instead of searching for shampoo, your soap, your razor, your brush, and towels as you turn your shower head on, organize everything first, before turning it on and getting in. If you use a lot of products in the shower, prepare the toiletries that you use on a regular basis and keep them near you. Make sure to turn on the shower when you’re about to get in. It usually takes up to 30 seconds for the water to reach a certain temperature, so you can brush your teeth until ready. Be organized and you will certainly shorten your shower time.

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Make a 5-minute playlist

You may not be talented for singing in the shower, but you certainly love to hear a good song in the morning. Using a timer to speed up the time in the shower is efficient, but try to make it more relaxing and fun! A night before, prepare a 5-minute playlist and try to finish showering by the end of playlist. If you don’t have a waterproof speaker, don't worry, you can just place your cellphone in an empty sink bowl to amplify your music. This is a great way to cut your shower time in a low-pressured, less stressful way. One quick tip to suggest, upbeat music is more efficient than sad and slow songs.

Turn the temperature down

Turning the temperature down can really wake you up in the morning and cut the shower time. We all love a hot shower, but warm water only makes us want to stay in the shower longer than we should. Especially when we have plenty of hot water available. If you turn the temperature down and start using colder water, you will finish showering much faster. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should use really cold water and freeze. Instead,  just turn the water from hot to lukewarm. And if you feel like you are still freezing, hurry up and reward yourself with a cup of hot coffee.

Use 2 in 1 Shampoo and conditioner to cut the time 

Using shampoo, conditioner, nourishing masks, soap, peeling gels, bath bombs, and other toiletries are okay to do when you’re taking a bath. But when you are showering, it means just showering, not bathing and spending 30 minutes in the hot water. Taking a shower usually means you need to be quick and efficient. You don’t have much time for all the products you use when bathing. If you want to shower in 5 minutes, use 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner. Such a product can save you time and keep your body and hair fresh clean. 

Unique products, such as The Body Scrubber by Toiletries, can help you reduce your shower time. Unlike the traditional scrubbers, this body scrubber is 100% silicone, keeping it bacteria and microscopic free. Just add your favorite body wash and scrub your body. It’s easy, safe and a time-saver product. You can place it onto any shower wall to keep it near you in the morning. Hurry up and get it in our spring subscription box!

Try an in-shower body lotion

Scrubbing and cleaning your skin is equally important as moisturizing. What you do after the shower is also important for your skin. No one likes dry and patchy skin. But if you are in a hurry, and don’t have enough time to take care of your skin, get some in-shower body lotion. Harsh scrubbing and hot water will make your skin really dry, especially in the winter when air is drier indoors. Nivea offers amazing in-shower body lotions you can use that contribute to being moisturized during and  after a shower.

Shave the night before 

According to statistics, women usually shave their legs in the shower. It can really take too long. Taking a 5-minute shower and shaving your legs? It would be a dream to do that under 5 minutes! Instead of trying, just shave the night before. You will have more time to do it slowly and carefully. Turn on the hot water, apply shaving cream and shave carefully to avoid cuts. Besides, shaving while sitting down can allow you to do a better and more thorough job than you might do while standing in the shower.

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Dare to take a navy shower

If you are brave and like making radical changes, try taking a navy shower. This military type of showering keeps water use to a minimum, by turning off the flow of water in the middle of lathering, then continuing the flow of water after. A navy shower usually takes less than two minutes. But how do you do everything in just two minutes? Use the first thirty seconds to get wet and then turn off the water. Next, lather up with soap and wash your body. When you’re done, turn the water on again to rinse off in a minute or less. Seems pretty simple and easy, but this method is a real challenge.


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