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How to throw a great party at home

How to throw a great party at home

Remember the feeling when you just can’t wait to go to the party, and when you arrive you realize how bad it is. Honestly, it sucks. No one likes to attend bad parties, and what's more, no one wants to host a bad party. We all like to have fun and experience new things. So, if you’re planning a party this weekend, you’ll need to think about every detail. If you want to be the greatest host ever and make an amazing party you need to be unique. Don’t hire organizers and professionals! There are tips and tricks you can use and delight your guests! Check our tips and throw a great party at home but also a night to remember.

Photo by Kelsey Chance on Unsplash

Choose a party theme

Don’t just make an ordinary party. Choose a theme. This way, the party will immediately become more attractive to your guests! You can pick some historical costume party, playboy late-night party, an under-the-sea party, or an ’80s dance party! The possibilities are endless! Once you choose a theme, let your decorations, food, and drinks be related to that theme. Choose personalized subscription boxes and delight your guests!

Play good music

Good music is always related to great parties. If you’re playing some boring music or something that just you can listen to, your guests will be bored. Think about creating a playlist that anyone can enjoy and dance. Consider getting the best gadgets for playing music and dancing. And if you’re not good with playing songs and Djing, hire a professional DJ! The guests will be blown away.

Photo by Steijn Leijzer on Unsplash

Do something unique for your guests

If you want to make a party to remember, choose to do something unique for your guests. That can be some activity or an element of surprise. Just providing great food and music doesn’t mean you’ll guest will enjoy and have fun at your party. The guests like to be entertained. Think about something that will make them remember your party for years. You can make an outdoor movie experience, watching movies under the stars! Or you can invite some good DJ and dancers over to make an outstanding night. Besides, you can make a pajama party, pool party, costumed party or prepare some gifts for your guests. Just be creative!

Design your food menu

Of course, food is one of the most important things at parties. Sometimes, the most important thing. This is something you should organize and choose carefully. You need to prepare delicious meals for everyone. Think about having a great barbecue, Chinese food, sushi, but also food for vegans and vegetarians. Choose some amazing and delicious dishes such as pasta, bruschetta, cheese crackers, fruit salads, tortillas, sushi, mini sandwiches but also muffins, cookies, and sweet desserts. To be a great host, you should have various delicious food that anyone can enjoy.

Photo by Herson Rodriguez on Unsplash

Make a great cocktail

Honestly, we all like drinking crazy cocktails at parties. For many people, alcohol is a necessary element of a fun party. And not because of drinking too much. But because alcohol helps them to relax and enjoy more, especially if they’re attending a party with people they don’t know. Make sure to have various cocktails at the party. You can start with basics such as margaritas, mojitos or a punch bowl of sangria.

Photo by John Fornander on Unsplash

And we’ll help you to shake and mix the best cocktails! Subscribe and be the first to get winter subscription box Steel Press & Pour Cocktail Shaker! Made of stainless steel, this shaker can help you to shake up cocktails without spraying them all over the room, as our patented 360-degree LiquiSeal top features three silicone seals to prevent spills. Simply press the button and pour it through anywhere on the 360 openings with a built-in strainer. Fully integrated for easy one-handed shaking and pouring. But pay attention to providing other drinks for people that don’t like cocktails. Bring some wine and beer, too. 

Take outstanding group selfies and videos using a drone 

Forget about ordinary group selfies with fake posing and saying CHEEEESE. Do something extraordinary! Make a unique photo shooting at your party using a drone with a camera! Today, drones are affordable, and you don’t have to be a professional drone flyer to use it and have fun! Just remember all those perfect Instagram photos and selfies captured from a great height and different angles. With a drone’s high-resolution camera, you can make amazing photos. You don’t have to hold a long selfie stick or ask someone to find the angle you want for taking a picture. Use a drone and you’ll get the ideal angle easy and move your camera anywhere. The drone is the best gift idea for special occasions and capturing cool events with family and friends. 

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Think about your first impression

You don’t want your guests to feel awkward when they enter the party. Think about doing something to improve your first impression. First, the way you look, sound and express yourself in those first few seconds of meeting people. Then, give them a warm welcome and offer to take their coats while some of your friends give them drunk gummy bears (gummy bears injected with vodka). Let them party hard once they enter the party!

Make personalized invitations

First, think about whom to invite to your event. In addition to guests, think about inviting DJs, exhibitors, bartenders, guests of honor, speakers, dancers, and others. And forget about sending e-mails and online invitations. Make it more personal. Design personalized invitation cards for everyone! The cards should include their name, some cool message, but also event details, such as the date, time, location, dress code, RSVP date, and information, whether invitees can bring guests or not. As for design, choose some nice shape, size, and color. Pick nice thick calligraphy and add a small picture or art. This way your guests will feel more special and delighted. Moreover, they’ll be so excited to come to your party.

Photo by Annie Gray on Unsplash

Provide the best decoration

The decoration is also a part of a good party. Think about what type of decorations you need for your event. Choose to get some balloons, flowers, ribbons, sculptures, piñatas, confetti, artwork and others based on a party theme you have chosen. Consider decorating guests' chairs, tablecloths, and dishes. Just use your imagination and take enough time to get and put all the decorations. Consider getting some unique products.

Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash

Be the perfect host for the perfect party

Honestly, you can’t have a great party if you’re not a great host. You can prepare the best decoration, the most delicious food and drinks, invite VIPs and guests can feel awkward and bored. Show your guests that you appreciate their presence and that you care how they feel. Make sure they are having fun and ask them if they need something. You can also introduce your guests and be a friendly host. Connect people and be the person to lift the atmosphere! Think about giving some cool gifts to your guests. Pick a subscription box!

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