How to use action camera: tips and tricks for beginners

How to use action camera: tips and tricks for beginners

Whether you're an artist, a professional photographer or an Instagram influencer, taking pictures and videos on the Internet became really profitable and exciting job. While most pictures can be taken with a good smartphone camera and editing and filters, action and GoPro cameras are what professionals use. They are the future of the photography industry. With its special effects like the time-lapse and slow motion, you can record your adventures like a pro.

If you are interested in buying this asset, we'll show you a short guide of important things you should know as a beginner. For an extra tip, we'll present you with an amazing Action camera you can get at a special price in our summer lifestyle subscription box!

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Choose the best model!

There are various action cameras on the market, each with its own specifications and effects. Consider what you would like and choose the best model for you. If you're a beginner and you're going to buy an action camera, go for the one that includes Wi-Fi function. With Wi-Fi, you can share your records and shots wherever and with whoever you want. Some models have edit options and integrated editing software. So, you won't have to waste your time and transfer data on your PC or phone to edit footages.

Our favorite is Ekho DV8000 108P Action Camera, representing the best gadget you can get in our lifestyle subscription box this summer. If you want to create professional videos and not worry about breaking your super-expensive smartphone, this action cam is the best gift for you! This action cam has 12mp, a resolution 1080 (1920x1080) and a durable battery. It comes with WI-FI options and applications for filming and downloading videos (photos) to your phone. When it comes to mounting, it has a clear case that protects it from splashes and falling. This case will also protect it from rain and mud puddles.

Action camera

Try out new angles

It's important for beginners to try out new angles and positions not only to capture for the regular usual angles. Use your imagination. The latest models of action cameras have three options for adjusting your field of visualization. In an action camera, the lenses used are of wide angles. Therefore, if you add extra adjusting quality then it will certainly change the looks of the video footage. Because of that, it is always advisable to approach different shooting angles to get the best footages. Try to combine different angles, the lighting factors and also the configurations of the framework. If you want to make your video more interesting, shoot it multiple times from various angles. Mounting your camera at different positions will get you better results.

Fix camera shaking issue

One of the most distracting and annoying issues, when beginners take videos with action cameras, are shaking issues. If you want to avoid those problems, you'll need to invest in a good, adjustable mount for attaching your camera to objects and your records will seem more professional. High speeds and stutters can frequently occur when using action cam. You just need to properly attach your camera to an object so it doesn't shake. Put your cam near to the hold point to avoid vibrating and interlocking brackets are the most suitable for that. You can invest in a good mount or do DIY with providing extra stability with Duct Tape and using durable straps to prevent vibrating.

Purchase mounting equipment

Action cameras are usually pricey and worthy, so you surely don't want to risk and break your own. Instead, invest in mounting equipment and accessories. Check your budget and see what you can afford. But many people are using duct tape as a DIY and less expensive alternative for mounting their camera, although it can never ensure the security of action camera, especially if they're using it while playing. If you're going to buy mounting equipment, just make sure it's compatible with your camera.

Keep Additional Batteries with you

You don’t want to ruin your vacation. Keep in mind that you should take spare batteries with you wherever you go with your action camera. Even if you put new batteries, you never know what could happen and where your batteries decide to betray you. Act like a pro, and keep additional batteries in your pocket. Two additional batteries are not large extra cost and they can save your vacation! Just make sure to keep them away from water and higher temperatures.

Get familiar with your camera

Just because you bought this cool action camera, it doesn’t mean you will take professional videos and pictures. You need to get familiar with your camera. Before you start capturing the real action, you can practice capturing things around your place and with your friends to get to know your camera better. Take some time to explore all the functions and different settings.

There are just two things you should keep in mind – the camera resolution and the frame rate. The camera resolution refers to the pixel quality of the camera, while the frame rate refers to the number of photos your camera can make in one second. The standard playback for video is 24fps, but you can get higher frame rates, too. Get familiar with your new unique gadget and memorize amazing moments.

Be creative!

Before buying an action camera you were surely spending hours looking at amazing footage from other people on Facebook and Instagram. You certainly want to have amazing pictures and videos like those you've seen but don't just imitate the others. Try to create your own style. Take some time to explore the nature and special moments you can capture. Be spontaneous and unique. And there is one hint from the experts. Don't use all the scenes that you've captured. Shorter is better.

Try to put yourself in the position of your audience. What they would like? Which scenes are worth showing? What is popular nowadays to capture? Action cameras are the best gadgets that help you create professional videos even if you're not a professional photographer. But if you take images that fly out of shot you would seem like a beginner despite having this cool pro camera. Time-lapse and slow-motion effects are more suited for GoPro and action camera videos. If you want to capture fast movements in an impressive way, like jumping from high rocks you the sea, use slow-motion effect. If you want to create longer video sequences like sunsets and cloud movements in the sky, use time lapses. Whatever you choose, you can always edit your videos with Video Editing Software and other applications.

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