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How to wear a watch- The rules you should not break

How to wear a watch- The rules you should not break

What does a watch say about a person? A watch can tell that you’re confident, successful, wealthy, adventurous, a sportsman, a gentleman, lady, geek, fitness-obsessed, trendsetter, and more about your character. But even the most luxurious watch will show your bad sides if you don’t wear it the right way.

Correctly wearing the watch shows other people that you’re not just stylish and elegant, but also a true gentleman, with good manners. Here are some of the rules you should not break if you love to wear watches: 

Know the difference between a man’s watch and a lady’s watch.

One of the basic rules is to know the difference between women's and men's watches. If a watch is not a unisex model, how do we know the difference? Men’s watches are generally distinguished from women’s by size – women’s watches are smaller than men’s. Also, men’s watches usually have more ‘gadgets’ and features such as complications. On the other side, women’s watches have finer features and usually have ornamental or decorative features and shapes.

Can a woman wear a men’s watch?

There are men's, women's, and unisex watches. However, many women wonder if it is okay to wear exclusively men's watches? The answer is: Yes. We can notice a growing trend of women wearing men’s watches. Men’s watches aren’t too flashy and are often quite minimalist in design, unlike women’s shiny and colorful watches. Women who like simplicity and minimalism might find men’s watches more attractive. If you’d like to buy a men’s watch, make sure it complements your wrist.

A watch should be a reflection of who you are.

There is no answer to which watch is the best. The best watch for you is the one that will reflect your personality. If you like minimalism, you will certainly not feel comfortable wearing a diamond watch. Fortunately today, there are watches that suit every style, from adventurous to royal. You can easily find the right one for you.

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Which wrist should you wear your watch on?

Both sides are correct. According to statistics, the majority of people (about 80%) are right-handed, and they often tend to wear their watches on their left hand. You can choose the wrist that is most comfortable for you.

Don’t wear a watch that is too big. 

People generally like to wear large watches, especially men. However, it can often seem funny and unattractive. How do you know what the right dimensions are for you? Men’s watches average between 34mm-50mm, while 34mm-40mm is standard and ideal for both men and women. The general rule says that that the lugs of the watch don’t go beyond the width of your wrist.

Metal or Leather?

What about a bracelet? Metal bracelets are more neutral and match with almost anything. They also look more expensive than leather straps. They are also waterproof and unlikely to break. Unfortunately, fitting them is a little more complex, because you often have to remove links to get them to the optimum length.

On the other side, leather straps are more comfortable than metal but are also more prone to coming undone because of the buckle system and the fact that they’re not waterproof.

Make sure that the style of watch suits the occasion.

Let's look at some basic and simple rules for wearing watches on certain occasions. You should wear formal watches to events that require formal wear such as weddings, opera, formal dinners, or funerals. A formal watch is usually made of silver, gold, or platinum metal, and can be incredibly expensive.

As for sports watches, you can wear them as an everyday watch, or as a functional tool for running or working out. They are usually plastic and durable, as well as water-resistant. Still, remember: never wear a sports watch with a suit! It is considered to be in poor taste. At less formal events, you can wear a dress watch - usually more plain and simple than formal watches.

How to wear a wristwatch for long sleeves?

Many people wonder if it is okay to wear a watch with long sleeves? The answer is: yes. about 85% of your watch should disappear inside the sleeves while your arm is straight. So, your watch should be visible only when you fold your arm. The entire watch on a long sleeve is not stylish. You should wear your watch under your clothing, not above! Also, the watch should be thin enough to slip easily under the sleeves of the shirt or jacket. Follow these rules next time you wear a shirt. 

whristwatchPhoto by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

Don’t check your watch in front of other people.

When it comes to wearing a watch in public, you should know that it is not always polite to check your watch. Even though it is quite normal to look at the phone while talking with others, checking a watch is considered very rude. Therefore, if you’re on a date or a meeting, don’t check your watch visibly in front of other people. That will show that you’re not present and not interested at all.

Can you wear a watch with other jewelry?

Of course, you can wear jewelry with a watch, but only if it is moderate. If you’re wearing a small watch you should not pair it with a bulky bracelet. Also, make sure to avoid wearing gold jewelry with a silver-tone watch. If you wear a very shiny watch (with zircons for example), minimize other jewelry on yourself.

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Wearing a watch to interviews.

We all want to leave a good impression on interviews. According to Mark Horstman, co-founder of Manager Tools, it is recommended to wear a watch to interviews. He makes this recommendation because managing time in an interview is important.

Also, in many European countries, wearing a watch is showing that a person is a serious professional, according to a Forbes article. But don’t wear your diamond watch on such occasions! You don’t want to say “I’m too good for this role”. You want to say that you’re professional. Choose a watch that blends in with the rest of your outfit. You can also match the color and style of your watch to your shoes and bag. 


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