How to Always Keep Your Car Clean

How to Always Keep Your Car Clean

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Whether it is a new or old car, if you often drive children and pets, then you know how difficult it is to keep it clean and fresh. As it is impossible to get the car deep cleaned or washed every day, here are some easy and effective tips that you can try yourself so that your car always stays clean. 

Interior or exterior first?

There are many tips on what you should wash first: the exterior or interior of your car. There may not be the most precise answer to this question, but it is usually recommended to wash the wheels first, then the exterior, and then the interior. Of course, you can do the opposite as you may risk entering the car with wet and contaminated shoes from exterior cleaning. If you don't have a routine of your own, take 10 minutes to find tips and tricks for washing your car.

Remove the rubbish 

The first thing when cleaning a car is to remove the garbage. Take a plastic bag and throw out all unnecessary things such as handkerchiefs, papers, drink bottles, apple kernels, chocolate wrappers, etc. If you want your car to always be clean and avoid stains, keep a plastic bag in the car so passengers can throw away papers immediately.

Get the right cleaning equipment

Before you start washing, it is necessary to choose the right equipment. Some basic things you need to make your car shine are:

  • car cleaning chemicals
  • microfiber car wash brush
  • cleaning gel for car detailing 
  • toothbrush 
  • warm water
  • dish soap
  • sponge 
  • disinfectant spray for car
  • baking soda
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What to clean most often 

When it comes to car cleaning, some parts need to be cleaned often, both for cleanliness and hygiene. The parts that should always be clean are a full exterior wash, tires, instrument panel, steering wheel, pads, glass, doors, and so. While you can wash the car’s exterior using warm water and soap, interior cleaning requires more effort. It is necessary to use car cleaning products, sprays, and good vacuum cleaners. You will get the best results if you remove the mats outside the car so you can clean them thoroughly.

Although you can use a regular vacuum to remove the dirt, it is heavy and too bulky for car cleaning. It’s better to get a nice portable cleaner such as the Eufy HomeVac H11 Pure vacuum. Eufy HomeVac H11 Pure vacuum by Anker is a portable and lightweight vacuum cleaner that makes cleaning easier and fits perfectly for even the smallest car. Being the size of a bottle, this gadget can be kept on your counter as it doesn’t take up much space. You can effortlessly clean pet hair, dust, crumbs, but that’s not all. Eufy HomeVac comes with an Ozone purification system that eradicates stubborn odors inside the car. Moreover, you can charge it via USB and use it in other places like home or at the office. Get it in our summer subscription box along with the best gadgets you can try this summer.


Remove unpleasant aroma with car freshener

If you have pets, they can leave unpleasant odors in the car, as well as food. The easiest way to remove unpleasant odors is to buy a car freshener. They are cheap and will make your car always fresh. Still, fresheners are not magical. If a passenger spills drinks on mats, you better wash them soon, no air freshener will extinguish the nasty odor.

Clean seats with a toothbrush

The seats in your car are something that should be washed by professionals. However, you can also clean the seats nicely at home. You can buy cleaning products for cleaning any material in the car, but you can also make the cleaning solution yourself. You can mix dish soap, hot water, and distilled vinegar, or use a toothbrush. With a toothbrush, you can remove any crumbs and scrub the stains. Once you’re done with rubbing, use clean water and a cloth to wipe it away.

Clean out cup holders

Frequent use of takeaway coffee or juices can leave your cup holder sticky or dirty. The best way to avoid dirt is to throw away your drive-thru mug as soon as you get out of the car. Also, you can put a cotton pad or tissue on the cup holder bottom to absorb the liquid. If the cup holder in your car is already messy, you can clean it with soap and water.

Keep surfaces clean

The surfaces inside your car are often very dusty or full of greasy fingerprints. The surfaces you touch most often, like the steering wheel, should be cleaned very often. To clean interior surfaces, you can use pre-moistened auto wipes or auto cleaning spray to clean the dashboard, steering wheel, and other plastic surfaces. This way you can easily remove the dust and grime left from your fingers.

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Clean the Headlights

If the headlights of your car are foggy or yellowish, it’s high time to clean them. If you do not have time to drive the car to a professional, you can do this yourself using the same toothpaste that removes stains from your teeth! Just spread toothpaste on a brush and scrub the wet headlight. You can also mix toothpaste with baking soda for a more shiny effect. Once you’re done, clean the headlights with water and cloth. 

Quick Cleaning  

Every car needs a deep clean but sometimes we just don’t have the time to do it. You can do a quick car clean in just 15 minutes with a spray, microfiber cloth, or wet wipes. 15 minutes is enough to quickly clean your car’s interior. Just spray the cleaning product onto a microfiber cloth and wipe around the surfaces on the inside of the car. You can find various sprays with beautifully fresh, summer, or fruity aromas. If you need an urgent cleaning that takes a few minutes, make sure to always keep a package of baby wipes in the car.


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