Lost your keys? Here's what to do next: A step-by-step guide

Lost your keys? Here's what to do next: A step-by-step guide

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Everything small is simple to lose, including cards, air pods, and keys! At some point in our life, most people have lost a key. The good news is that most lost keys are soon found and are likely nearby right now. According to lost and found statistics and a recently conducted survey, 60% of Americans have lost a personal item in the past year.

The most commonly lost items are cell phones, followed by keys. On average, people spend 10 minutes a day to look for keys. If you need a little help finding your keys, we have some cool advice for you. Here’s what to do next. Check our step-by-step guide.

Optimism and statistical knowledge first!

According to Lost car keys replacement surveys:

- more than 87% of people who call for services find their keys by themselves

- almost 50% of people lost their keys at home or the office, 23% outdoors, 20% at the gym, and 11% in the car

- at home, people usually find their keys in the bathroom, wardrobe, washer, trash, and in the snow

Invest in the smart key organizer.

As they say, it's better to be safe than sorry. Find out where to look for your house or car keys before you lose them. Purchase a smart key finder or organizer by planning.

We've heard that KeySmart iPro is a game-changer when it comes to managing your keys; it perfectly integrates with the 'Find My' app on your iPhone to make sure you can easily locate any lost keys throughout the house or instantly check their last location on a map. The compact and organized design holds up to 14 keys, providing easy access whenever and wherever you need them. Find it this summer in the BREO subscription box by BREO BOX along with many unique products and the best gadgets you can try at special prices!

Key Features:

  • Apple Find My Network Compatibility: After opening the app, you may use the huge global network of Apple devices to search for your lost keys or play a sound to help you find it nearby.

  • Find Your Missing Items: If your iPro disappears, track it down using a map and switch on "Lost Mode" to make your contact information visible.

  • Never Leave Your Keys Behind: The 'Find My' app alerts your iPhone, AirPods, and CarPlay if you unintentionally leave your keys behind, proactively preventing key loss.

  • Up to 14 of your current keys and your car fob can be organized with this quiet, small, and comfortable device. Fits all key types and doesn't require any tools.

  • Long-Lasting Rechargeable Battery: The iPro is powered by a lithium polymer battery that can last up to 30 days. The 'Find My' app's battery level may be checked, and the provided cable can be used to recharge the device.

*Package includes KeySmart iPro with LED Flashlight, Bottle Opener with Car Fob Loop, USB-A to Micro-USB Charge Cord, and Setup Instructions

Less drama, please. 

Your troubles won't be solved by freaking out. It will make matters worse. You won't be able to focus, which is crucial for performing the next action. This is the first and most crucial step when looking for lost keys. Even though it sounds cliche, it works! People make an awful mistake when they begin to panic. You're probably repeatedly exploring the same area amid that confusion rather than slowly looking for keys.

Ask others for help.

Whether you share a home with family or other people, check to see whether anyone has seen your keys. Even if you can't remember, there are situations when someone else will know exactly where something is. A poster can also be posted on a noticeboard in a public space of your apartment complex or neighborhood. Just be careful to leave out your home address and only post your phone number.

Check your pockets now and yesterday’s clothes.

Depending on the time of year, start by looking in your pants and jackets or coats. We all worry about losing our keys, but they are usually nearby, so it is a good idea to check all your pockets first to ease your anxiety a little. If you did not find the keys in today's jeans, it is possible that they were left in yesterday's outfit, so check.

Check your bag.

If keys are not in one of your pockets, check your backpack. Take a few extra seconds and remove everything from your bag to make sure your keys are not stashed at the bottom or in a smaller pocket. And you might end up saving yourself some extra time if you do discover your keys hiding in your backpack! Just don’t panic, search the bag slowly and thoroughly.  

Search the rooms you stayed in for the previous 24 hours.

Okay, now what? Searched your pockets and bags and your keys aren't there? Start your search from room to room if you unlocked the door and are confident that your key is somewhere within the house. But don't waste time looking for keys in a room you haven't visited. The rooms you spent the last 24 hours in should be carefully searched. Verify your living room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. It frequently occurs for people to carelessly toss the key in the garbage or place it on the shoe rack. 

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Search your car to the detail.

Contrary to popular belief, people frequently leave their car keys inside the vehicle. Even more unpleasant than losing your house keys, losing your car keys can be a hassle. Every automobile is unique. You must be aware of your car's model, production year, make, and VIN. Everything is written on the dashboard, which is on the driver's side and is viewable through the window. Check your insurance policy if you can't find it.

Call the insurance company for help. 

If your home is insured and you truly can't find your keys, you should call your insurance provider right away. Check with the business to see if replacement keys are covered by your insurance. If so, the company will pay the expert to fix the issue. In some circumstances, you can get a new car in addition to a replacement key.

Additionally, there is a possibility that criminals will locate the keys if you truly lost them. As a result, you must exercise caution and make sure the locks are changed.


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