More than ever is important to sanitize your phone with Phone Soap Pro

More than ever is important to sanitize your phone with Phone Soap Pro

Cleanliness and hygiene at the highest possible level were always crucial for our health. Especially now, when we are facing merciless coronavirus that causes a disease called COVID-19. Although one of the simplest prevention measures you can take is proper hand-washing, that won’t be of much help if you are using a dirty smartphone with clean hands. Basically, everything your hands touch, touches your phone too!

Did you know that your phone is 18x dirtier and contains more harmful bacteria than a public toilet!? Now that you know it, do you realize how dirty your phone is? If you take your phone to the bathroom, use it while you’re pushing grocery cart, hold it when you’re opening the door, or do anything while touching your phone, you need to sanitize it with PhoneSoap Pro immediately! So, let's not waste any more time and start with the reasons why is more than ever important to sanitize your phone with PhoneSoap Pro!

Why should I clean my phone with PhoneSoap Pro?

First, let’s start with some simple conclusion: your phone is in your hands almost all day, every day. You touch various surfaces with your hands, but you wash them afterward. And, what about your phone? It stays dirty and full of bacteria. For example, the scientists found that 94.5 percent of the phones were contaminated with some kind of bacteria, many of which were resistant to multiple antibiotics. Surprised? We touch our phone and we touch our face and skin after that, upping our chances to get some infection. Touching face right after touching some smartphone, usually causes acne on it.

Just remember how often you put your phone near your face and talk for hours with your best friend! Besides, it’s not just about your health, it’s about others’, too. Much of the disease-causing bacteria are transferred from person to person through touch, for example, when we shake our hands. To remove all common bacteria, 99% of them, you need to use PhoneSoap Pro. PhoneSoap Pro utilizes UV-C lights which is a short-wave ultraviolet light that is capable of breaking apart virus DNA. While it’s not tested on coronavirus, PhoneSoap Pro does kill influenza.

How can PhoneSoap Pro disinfect my phone?

PhoneSoap Pro is not a real soap, but it acts like one. It is a phone sanitizer invented by cousin duo Wes LaPorte and Dan Barnes, who pitched PhoneSoap on "Shark Tank." This outstanding device, sanitizes smartphones using UV light technology. The principle of operation of this sanitizer is simple: there are 2 UV-C lightbulbs inside the box.

This light is germicidal, which means it breaks down the DNA of common bacteria so it can no longer function or reproduce in just 5 minutes! Its smart interior design – the bulbs on the top and bottom of the device, paired with the reflective interior inside the entire gadget, help achieve 360-degree disinfection. Having in mind the power of this gadget, we must agree that PhoneSoap Pro is the best gift idea for anyone.

Is Phone Soap Pro effective against the Corona virus?

This issue probably bothers most PhoneSoap customers. Since the COVID-19 – is a new and mostly unknown virus type, PhoneSoap hasn’t been tested on it. Mia Lieberman, a clinical veterinarian at Harvard Medical School, said that to eliminate COVID-19 from our smartphones, PhoneSoap would require a much larger UV-C dose, based on the data scientists have on other coronaviruses such as SARS. Yet, it does kill influenza, which COVID-19 is similar to. Still, laboratory tests have shown that PhoneSoap Pro eliminates 99% of common household germs, including bacteria that lead to E. Coli, Salmonella, Staph, Flu, and the common cold! You will agree that this is way better than cleaning your phone with wet wipes.

Choose the best Phone Soap version for you

We present you PhoneSoap Pro versions, so you can choose the best gadgets for disinfecting a phone, according to your preferences.

PhoneSoap Pro – the best gadget for tech obsessed people

The PhoneSoap Pro is the best version of PhoneSoap. This version has twice as many bulbs as the classic PhoneSoap, which means it can zap bacteria twice as fast. With UV-C light, PhoneSoap Pro can clean large phones in just five minutes! Besides, this version has an amazing feature - Acoustic Passthrough, a technology that lets you hear your phone notifications even while it's getting blasted by sanitizing light.

So, if someone is calling you or you get some important notification, you can easily postpone the process and read the message. The sanitizer has nano suction feet on the bottom, so it won’t move or fall wherever you put it. PhoneSoap Pro would be the best corporate gift idea in 2020.

PhoneSoap Pro Design

Although it looks like a bar of soap, Phone Soap Pro is not a real soap. Even if most of the smartphones today are waterproof, we can’t bath them or put them in a laundry. PhoneSoap Pro kind a looks like a small soap. It’s the first and only device to feature vacuum-plated aluminum inner shell, adding additional reflectivity for disinfecting phones. It comes with a simple, yet attractive design. It has a bigger space than previous Phone Soaps, and on the outside of the box, you'll find space for three cables — the power cord, a USB, and a USB-C.

The outside looks nothing luxurious, but very smart and modern. Thanks to the 'Micro-suction feet', PhoneSoap is always stable and anchored to the surface. You may even find it hard to move it on the table. In short, simple and functional design, and both attractive to men and women. 

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Is PhoneSoap Pro easy and safe to use?

Although we quickly get used to gadgets and we’re fast in figuring out how they work, sure some of you are wondering whether it is safe to use this gadget? What if this device breaks down or damages our new phone? NO WORRIES! PhoneSoap Pro can be used in your room, at work or outside. We surely don’t recommend anyone to use PhoneSoap Pro in their bathroom. It’s not a real soap, and it would be dangerous. When it comes to usability, you won’t find it hard.

There is space for three cables — the power cord, a USB, and a USB-C. To set up PhoneSoap Pro, you need to plug the included power cord into the wall and then into the PhoneSoap. And you’re ready to sanitize your phone! Take your smartphone and put it inside the gadget and close it. If you’ve closed it properly, you'll see the lightning bolt power signal turn blue — this means it's charging. The average smartphone will take ten minutes to be sanitized, and the light will turn off. See? Really simple! But that’s not all. If you'd like to charge your phone simultaneously, you have the option to plug in your USB or USB-C cord.

How to simply use PhoneSoap Pro?

As we’ve mentioned above, disinfecting your phone with PhoneSoap Pro is safe and easy. All you have to do is to place your smartphone in the bay, close the lid, and the gadget will start to sanitize your phone automatically. Follow the lightning icon on top of the device and wait up to 10 minutes. Once the cleaning is over, the light will turn off. But you can also pause cleaning if you put your finger on the lightning icon again.

Also, if you want, you can charge your smartphone while it’s being cleaned, because there are also -C and USB out sockets. If your model came with a US mains cable, and you forget it at home, don’t worry. You can easily charge it via USB-C. PhoneSoap automatically turns off when the phone is cleaned, so you don't worry about your phone getting overheated.

How to get the Phone Soap Pro?

Phone Soap Pro is definitely most wanted phone sanitizer nowadays, which explains why it’s almost sold out in the United States. Due to CORVID-19 outbreak, people are trying to keep hygiene at the highest level. This means they usually clean their smartphones. If you’re interested in Phone Soap Pro and such unique products, you can find them in our spring subscription box! Hurry up and get BREO Box before it’s sold out!

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