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Morning habits to start the day right

Morning habits to start the day right

Are you tired of the bloggers’ most effective morning routine ideas that turned out to be useless? The Internet is full of great morning habits that help celebrities and bloggers to organize and start their day beautifully, but the truth is, we are all different, and the perfect morning routine of someone else, is not going to be the perfect morning routine for you, too. That's because we all operate differently, with different biological rhythms, different preferences, and productivity styles. Just remember that your friends like to drink hot coffee in the morning, and your body can’t take it.

Developing healthy morning habits can help you to start the day right. And the first few minutes of your morning are the most important for defining your mood and positivity level. If you start the new day properly, your whole day is going to be amazing. And if you want to create your own morning routine, here are some morning habits and rituals to help you start the day right.
Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

Wake up earlier and stay in bed longer!

Just a five more minute... seems familiar? For many people around the world, waking up early is a real nightmare. The hardest part about waking up is getting out of bed. It’s so cozy and warm, and you feel so sleepy that you just want 5 more minutes and you’ll be able to get up. If you want to have that luxury, make sure to wake up earlier. Set your alarm earlier than usual, and when you wake up, you’ll have 5 more minutes to stay in bed longer! And believe us, you’ll be sooo happy that you treated yourself to 10 minutes more.

Stretch a bit

Stretching your body is a necessary habit for starting the day the right way. Just a small stretch in the morning can improve your posture, reduce chronic back pain, and make you have more energy. Besides, stretching after waking up, will give you time to think some positive thoughts and wake up gently. Hip flexors and chest muscles are the most commonly tight and stiff muscles after sleeping. Make sure to flex them first, but do as much as it feels good for you. There is no need to exercise like you’re at the gym. Less than five minutes is pretty enough to flex your body.

Photo by Scott Broome on Unsplash

Stay hydrated

Did you know that drinking a glass of water with lemon in the morning is the best way to hydrate your body? According to nutritionists, adding lemon to a warm glass of water helps remove toxins from your digestive tract that may have built up overnight, provides a good source of vitamin C, freshens your breath, but also supports weight loss and stimulates metabolism. But if this drink is not your cup of tea, you can drink some quality tea. No matter if it’s green tea, a classic English Breakfast tea of winter spicy apple tea, the habit of drinking a cup of tea in the morning is a great idea. Tea has a healing power for your body and mind, since it fights free-radicals in your bodies to relieve inflammation, prevent diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and decrease your level of stress. 

Play your favorite songs

There’s no better way to stimulate your mind in the morning than by listening to music. Make a morning playlist out of some of your favorite songs, but make sure some happy and funny songs will make your body move and dance, but also make your face smile from the very early morning! Instead of listening some sad love songs on the radio, start a day with positive songs. If you want to get the best gadgets for enjoying music and dancing, check our subscription boxes.

Have a cup of coffee

People tend to drink coffee first thing in the morning. That’s wrong. Your body needs to be hydrated so the best way to start your day is with a glass of water or a cup of tea. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy a cup of coffee later in the morning! Coffee can improve your mood and boost your energy level. Besides, thanks to its high levels of antioxidants and beneficial nutrients, it also seems to be quite healthy. For example, coffee drinkers have a much lower risk of several serious diseases.
Photo by Content Pixie on Unsplash

Don’t skip your breakfast

This should be the most important morning habit to start the day right. But also, a big rule – don’t skip your breakfast! Proteins and vitamins are important for our health and the right way to boost your mood and strength. Make sure to have a small but healthy breakfast, such as egg and avocado toast or oatmeal smoothie. To boost your immune system, fight inflammation, and get more energy, but also nicer skin, eat a piece of fresh fruit in the morning. Consuming fruit will get you the necessary nutrients and antioxidants your body will need that day. You can try eating a piece of apple, orange, pear or make a winter citrus and mango smoothie. Be creative.

Check the news

Are you one of those who immediately check their phone once they are awake in the morning? Most people do that, but instead of wasting half an hour on scrolling unnecessary things on Facebook, take a few minutes to check the important things. For example, check the news and the weather, to inform yourself of the latest changes in your city. You can also check your e-mail or phone to see if there are some important messages. And don’t forget to check our latest spring subscription box and get some unique products!

Keep your face fresh

Well, it’s not smart to skip this morning routine. Just like your body needs some freshness in a shape of hydration and fruits, your face needs it, too. When you wake up, make sure to have your face fresh for a new day. Find some quality face serum full of antioxidants and use it every morning. Antioxidants are important because they fight free radicals which is the core reason for aging or say early aging and other skin issues. This morning habit will make your face fresh and nice, and you’ll be ready to start the day right. A high-quality morning serum can also be the best gift idea for your wife. 

Photo by Muyuan Ma on Unsplash

Keep the blinds open

This morning habit is highly effective when it comes to better waking up in the morning. Keeping the blinds open will let the sunlight in, and sunlight is the best way to naturally wake your body up. This will make the night-to-morning transition a lot easier. Sleeping in a dark room will make your body feels like it’s still night instead of early morning, and you’ll sleep much longer, and wake up tired. And it’s hard to go from black to bright light, so make sure to keep your blinds open.

Hug someone and boost your happiness level

Hugging should be your favorite morning habit. It’s the best way to start your day in a great mood, because hugs boost your oxytocin levels (the love hormone), increases serotonin (elevates mood and creates happiness), strengthens the immune system, boosts self-esteem, lowers blood pressure, balances the nervous system and releases tension! Hug your special someone, or just squeeze and hug your pet. It only takes a few seconds, but it will improve your whole day. And if you want to boost your serotonin level in upcoming months, get the spring subscription box.

Photo by June Liu on Unsplash

Take your dog for a walk

Pets require love, attention and care from the very morning. If you have a dog, a morning walk is very important. It’s also a great way to start your day with some calm and fresh air. Take a slow stroll through the park and listen to some great music, or play and run with your dog instead of exercising at home! Besides, while your pet is playing you can start the morning with some positive thinking. This is a win-win situation, a great way for you and your pet to start a new day.

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