New Year’s Eve list: Fun things to do on NYE

New Year’s Eve list: Fun things to do on NYE

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No matter what part of the world you are in, people always have the same dilemma about what fun things to do for New Year's Eve. Due to restrictions and social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic, people are still worried about where they can celebrate the New Year and what they can do. Whether you're celebrating at home or out, make sure you choose the best party for you or your family.
Have no idea what to do on NYE? We have prepared a list of fun things to do on New Year's Eve. Choose wisely!

It's time for your favorite food.

Don't consider dieting whether you celebrate at home, with friends, or at a restaurant! New Year's Eve is the right time to be happy and eat your favorite food without regrets. Why not include food in the celebration? After all, most social gatherings involve eating.

For New Year's Eve, finger snacks and appetizers are ideal because everyone can assist themselves while engaging in other activities. Before serving, make sure to add some festive table and utensils decorations. For the main dish - pasta, pizza, burrito, burgers, or sandwiches, it’s up to you!

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Make the best cocktails.

Create your new trademark drink as a beautiful alternative to toasting the New Year with some bubbly. You can offer it to all of your house visitors or just enjoy it by yourself. Since it's winter time, instead of a mojito cocktail, you can use an Irish liqueur or a cinnamon liqueur, something that will make your cocktails festive. If cocktails aren't your thing, you may always sip on fine wine or expensive champagne.

Have a family movie night.

Movie nights are probably the most fun activity to do on New Year's Eve. Prepare your favorite food and cocktails, decorate the living room and create a cozy atmosphere. Then pick a funny movie, and don't watch something scary or sad, make sure you have fun. That's all you need to get comfortable and ready for a few hours of laughter with friends and family. Also, popcorn is always a good choice.

Pics or it didn’t happen!

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Write down NY resolutions.

Writing New Year's resolutions will never go out of style. Besides, if you do it in a group, it can be a lot of fun. Many of us may indeed forget what our resolutions were by the end of the year, but it's always so much fun to make a plan for the coming year and plant those goals into our minds.

You can also write some funny resolutions and wishes for the coming year or fun group activities you want to do like a trip or a fun event. You've probably written your resolutions before, but if you're not in a group, try writing New Year's resolutions to your friends and family, it'll be a lot more fun.

Dress up for the holidays.

What's New Year's Eve without a special outfit that you've been planning for months? It's the night when you should look your best, and above all, feel your best. Choosing what to dress in is unquestionably one of the most enjoyable New Year's Eve activities.

Considering that it's one of the biggest nights of the year, it's a good idea to dress to impress. If you haven't decided yet, invite your friends and get dressed together and get ready for a special night. You can come up with a specific dress code or theme like the 80s and make everything a lot more fun.

Sing karaoke.

What could be more fun than karaoke with friends and family? Another enjoyable way to spend New Year's Eve is to sing your heart out to your favorite songs, both by yourself and with your friends. No matter how good your voice is, as long as you are having fun, it doesn't matter! Choose several genres and create a competition.

You can also prepare a small surprise for the winner. Some cool gadgets or a monthly subscription box could be a wonderful choice. The point is for everyone to have a good time and laugh.

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Enjoy a limo party.

Have you ever thought of doing something special for the New Year? Renting a limo for partying with friends is absolutely a wonderful idea. Allow yourself some luxury on New Year's Eve and enjoy the best champagne with your favorite people - you deserve it after a tiring year.

Write a letter to your future self.

New Year's Eve with friends and family is fun, but don't forget to do something for yourself. You must have gone through some good times and some bad times and learned some lessons this year. So, make sure to never forget it – write a letter to your future self. It might be something you want to read or even open for your future self a few years from now on New Year's Eve. Tell about your current situation in life and the kinds of goals and aspirations you have for that future self.
Even though it seems cheesy, it's a wonderful approach to think back on your life and communicates with a younger version of yourself. It might even serve as a fantastic reminder to resume working on the aspirations you dared to have when you were younger. Besides, don’t forget to surprise yourself, not just the others. Check out the newest subscription box by BREO BOX and get the chance to enjoy the best products this winter.

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