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How to open beer bottle without bottle opener

How to open beer bottle without bottle opener

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Bottle openers regularly disappear just when you need them. Forgetting the opener at home may ruin a special moment, whether you are opening a bottle of wine for a romantic dinner, champagne for a wedding, or beer at a picnic.

Hence, when you don't have a particular bottle opener nearby, use force and leverage to your advantage and try one of these safer methods to get that hard cap off rather than smashing off the top with a rock and praying for the best.
Look for something to help you pry the lid off if you don't have a bottle opener to remove the top of your beverage. You can open your drink using one of our creative and unconventional methods below, and you probably already have at least one of the materials needed on hand.

Remember the oldest trick. 

We may not have all tried it, but we’ve all heard of the oldest bottle-opening trick – using an edge. Perhaps the oldest trick is still efficient, you just need any surface with a defined edge such as a table or a counter.
Rotate the bottle so that the counter edge is directly beneath the cap. Whack the cap downward with your hand or another hard item until it releases. Simply notch the beer cap's edge and then, using the other hand, slam it down. It could take a few tries to get the hang of it, but once you do, it's typically a failsafe method for opening bottles without a bottle opener.

When in a hurry use the keys.

If you are in a hurry, use what is at hand, and these are mostly the keys. You should hold the bottleneck in the same manner as you would a lighter. Key teeth should be slid under the edge of the cap and jammed upward. If the approach isn't working, try repeatedly twisting the bottle back and forth to break the seal.

The finest, sharpest keys yield the best results in this technique, which is the second-best way to open a beer bottle. Continue turning the key upward or turning the bottle once the cap has been loosened. If it works, the cap will just fly off.

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Try a magnetic bottle opener.

If you are tired of ordinary metal openers, opt for a more efficient and modern magnetic opener. No more sweating, nervousness, or damaged bottles. With a magnetic bottle opener, all bottle caps are caught.
This simple design makes it possible to open several bottles without worrying about the caps dropping to the ground. A magnet can hold up to ten bottle caps at once. You can use it on any occasion and wear it in your pocket.

Open a bottle with your ring.

It is not the best idea to open a bottle with a plastic or a ring of poor quality. For the best results use a ring made of titanium or gold. Place your ring finger through the grooves of the cap and place your hand over the bottle to start. Apply pressure on the bottle's top while tilting it 45 degrees, then pull back. Place your ring finger over the bottle cap and work the ring under it. Once ready, use your ring finger to lift the bottle cap.

Find the best bottle opener gadgets.

It may seem impressive to others to know how to use your teeth to pop a glass bottle's metal cap, but doing so is quite risky. There is no safe bottle cap. Use a Decapitator bottle opener to prevent damage! The most user-friendly bottle opener is the Decapitator. Simply place your bottle over the top of this practical device and press down. The cap will adhere to the Decapitator's magnet, making it easy for you to grab and throw away.

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Scissors can help.

It doesn't matter if you can't find a bottle opener because you probably have scissors in the house. Although working with scissors might be dangerous, if used properly, the tool is a perfect alternative for a bottle opener.

To use the scissors as a lever, start by opening them and setting them on the bottle's lips (between the cap and the neck). Lift the scissors until the cap comes off while keeping your hand pressed to the bottom of the cap. Beware - the soberest person in the room should do this task to avoid potential injuries.

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Some people tend to lose stuff, particularly those they don't use frequently, like bottle openers. Because they are so small, bottle openers are simple to lose around the house or drop out of your pocket. The wall-mount is the perfect gift for a husband and fits in any kitchen or refrigerator. You don't need to search for a bottle opener because you can quickly open any beer or beverage bottle with one hand.

When you need to open several bottles for a party, this bottle opener will be your right-hand man. The bottle opener and bottle catcher may be attached to the refrigerator or steel surfaces thanks to the strong magnets that come with them.
It is simple to install on any metal surface thanks to the high magnetic force it possesses.
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