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How to organize your kitchen

How to organize your kitchen

Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash

The kitchen is not only the center of our home, but also the most important room for the family. A well-organized kitchen looks nice and clean, but most importantly, in a kitchen like that, all family members can easily prepare meals or find what they are looking for.

If you organize the kitchen nicely, it will be nicer and cleaner than ever, you will get rid of all unnecessary things, and you will save time for making breakfast and coffee if you are late for work. Here are 14 interesting ways to organize your kitchen with minimum effort!  

1. Get rid of unnecessary packaging and things you haven't used in years. 

Kitchens are usually full of jars, colorful boxes, and utensils that we haven’t used in years. Before you start reorganizing your kitchen, get rid of all those things. Follow a simple rule: If you haven’t used a particular item in over a year, you won’t even use it. But that's not all. Also, get rid of foods that have been open for a long time and those that have expired. Now that you have got rid of everything that is not good in the kitchen, clean it and disinfect it.

2. De-clutter drawer space.

Drawers are usually full of junk. Honestly, it is really hard to keep drawers well-organized. If you’re about to rearrange drawers, clean out the mess and buy some drawer organizers. Drawer organizers are not expensive and for just a few dollars, you can easily keep all spoons, knives, forks, and other tools in the right place.

3. Keep everything in its place.

If you have washed the glasses and plates that have been standing in the corner of the cabinet for months, it is time to put everything back in its place. The kitchen will always be organized if all things are in place. If you often use a glass jar of pasta, do not keep it above the cabinet, because it will be hard to return it to its place. That way, you'll be piling things up where they don't belong. 

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

4. Store utensils and tools you use the nearest.

One of the basic rules of a good organization is to store utensils you are using daily such as spoons, knives and so, near the stove. This way you won’t have to run and search for utensils while cooking. If the most important utensil is close to yours, you will cook more efficiently and faster.

5. Use wall space for a DIY kitchen project.

Organizing shelves in the kitchen does not only mean making a new arrangement of pans and pots in cabinets. Instead, use wall space for a DIY kitchen project! First, use small spaces for adding vertical slide-out shelves. These tiny shelves could be perfect for storing spices, oils, herbs, small jars, and others. Besides, if your space allows it, you can build shelves right into the wall! 

6. Search kitchen organization ideas on Instagram. 

If you have no ideas for organizing a kitchen, simply use the internet. Instagram, for example, is full of various ideas and useful images that you can use when you start decorating your kitchen. Even if you don't have any skills or talent, there are many simple ways to decorate the kitchen that you can try.

7. Store food neatly and safely.

Lots of half-empty boxes, cans, and jars not only make your kitchen disorganized, but also your food unsafe. Make sure to store your food safely, for example, store rice and oatmeal in glass jars, keep fruits in a basket, raw food in sealed or covered containers, sugar in a cold and dry location, or use Airtight Canisters.

Airtight Canisters come in 3 sizes to accommodate your needs and store your food safely. These glass canisters are perfect for easy organization and prevent your food from coming into contact with moisture and oxygen. Made of thin glass with lids not so easy to take off – your food will stay as fresh as day one. Find them along with the coolest gadgets in the best subscription box – BREO BOX.

8. Label jars and containers.

It is always a better idea to buy transparent plastic boxes or jars of glass, so you always know where the specific food is stored. However, if you use metal or cardboard storage boxes, then at least label them. Label boxes with rice, flour, sugar, coffee, pasta, and so on, so you will be easier to organize in your kitchen.

9. Invest in a stylish coffee and tea organizer.

People often keep coffee and teas in metal boxes, drawers, or small cardboard boxes, which makes a real mess. Keep coffee pods and teas organized by storing them in stylish organizers. 

Tea canisters or well-sealed organizers will keep the tea stored properly, making it last longer, and stay fresher. 

10. Install hooks.

Don't have room for new shelves? No problem. Buy hooks. Install hooks on the walls, outside or inside cabinets, under shelves, anywhere you can. Use hooks to hang towels, utensils, plastic bags, and more. 

11. Don’t forget to use the space above the cabinets.

Yes, so many kitchens have wasted space between the upper cabinets and the ceiling. Why not use the free space above the cabinet? Put there not-often-used stuff such as pots, cookbooks, plastic jars, and others.

Photo by Gareth Hubbard on Unsplash

12. Buy a magnetic paper towel holder.

You probably already have a paper towel placed on the counter or at the table, taking up much useful space. If you have a small kitchen, any space savings are important to you. Buy a magnetic paper towel holder and relocate it. The best kitchen gadgets can improve the level of organization in your kitchen. Check subscription boxes and find unique products for your kitchen.

13. Invest in slide-out bin holder.

Garbage cans in the kitchen not only take up useful space but also spread an unpleasant odor. The best solution to both problems is to have a slide out bin holder. You can still reach the bin quickly and your kitchen will look more beautiful.

14. Be organized every day with a dry-erase board.

You certainly have some "note" application on your phone, but the good organization in the kitchen with other household members can be done easily with a dry-erase board. Mount this board on the wall or inside of the pantry door and leave important messages or track groceries in your kitchen easily.


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